Porter-Cable 9977 14.4-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

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Porter-Cable 9977 14.4-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Porter-Cable 9977 description

The Porter-Cable 14.4 Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill and Driver Kit offers up to 420 inch-pounds of torque with a 20-position clutch. Additionally, the two-speed gearbox allows for drill speed ranges between 0-450 RPM and 0-1,400 RPM. It features a 1/2-inch ratcheting keyless chuck, and the interchangeable Grip-to-Fit handle inserts are comfortable enough for all-day professional use. The kit comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
Drill, two batteries, charger, storage case, user's manual, and bit.  

Porter-Cable 9977 specifications

Hammer Drills
Cordless Kit
Compact 14.4-volt cordless hammer drill with 20-position torque control up to 420 in./lbs.
Dual speed settings: Low speed, 0-450 RPM; High speed, 0-1,400 RPM
1/2-inch keyless chuck for quick bit changes
Interchangeable Grip-to-Fit handle inserts give a custom feel to the grip
Includes two battery packs, diagnostic charger, storage case, bit, and operating manual
Package Height
4.5 inches
Package Width
14 inches
Package Length
18.6 inches
Package Weight
15.6 pounds

Porter-Cable 9977 reviews

Great Hammer Drill/Driver
I have used this thing for five years and it is wonderful. I use it for concrete and masonry drilling as well as wood. It also works very well as a driver. The variable speed trigger and the torque setting make it a breeze to use. Batteries are easily changed and the included charger is very quick. An hour or less. Came with two batteries so while using one the other is charging. Never wanted an upgrade to more powerful drivers and this does everything I ask of it. Porter Cable did it right with this tool.

Porter-Cable is Quality
You can't go wrong with Porter-Cable tools. Always reliable, and great value for an honest price. You can pay more for "Ultra-Power DesignerPro" brands, and they work well too. But not "better". Buy ***American Made*** Porter-Cable, and you will have money left for more tools, and the pride of supporting USA!
Porter Cable Has Done It Again!
I've used many cordless drills in my time and Porter Cable has been my favorite brand of all. This drill is replacing my old 12 volt Porter Cable drill that has given me many years of great service.

This drill features a "Hammer Drill" feature that is great for masonry work. It is also a regular drill and bit driver. There is torque to spare and a handle brace that screws into the side for extra support when the torque gets overwhelming or just for extra steadiness.

The grip comes with different size inserts for different size hands. A very nice extra!

You won't be sorry with this drill. The trigger is very smooth and it's easy to control the speed of the drill. I think it also looks better than the other bizzare coloring and designs some of the other manufacturers use. This looks, feels, and acts like a professional tool.
Great Dependable Cordless Drill
This is the first cordless drill that I purchased and I am quite amazed at the power this drill has for its size. Just select the torque and this drill just goes through anything you put in front of it. Additionally, this drill has a hammer drill mode, select this mode and drilling a hole in concrete, brick or stone is just an after thought. This is a sturdy drill, it stood up to drops and continual use at the jobsite. It handles auger bits and goes through a 4x4 post like a hot knife through butter. This drill comes with a carrying case with a compartment to store drill and driver bits. Comes with a battery charger and extra battery to keep you drilling til you get tired. The chargers takes about an hour to fully charge a battery. If you need a drill that can handle the biggest to the smallest jobs this drill is the one for you.
Major Improvement
I purchased a 12V porter cable drill 8 years ago, and only last year did the brake and batteries go bad. I bought this one and I am glad I did. The construction is solid with the front half metal, a much stronger metal chuck, and I feel a great deal more torque in this model. My old drill could not bore large holes, but this one can easily. I had and still chose to buy the product with 2 amp-hour batteries. The battery release is also much improved from the old model and some current dewalt drills.
Great Drill
I would recommend this drill to anyone - from the homeowner for occasional use, to the professional who needs an everyday drill. I owned this drill for years until both of the batteries finally lost their charge (Because they are so expensive to replace, I opted for an "upgrade"...). Before this drill I owned the non-hammerdrill 14.4v version, and both were great workhorses. When the PC batteries died, I sold the drill on craigslist and decided to upgrade to the Hitachi 18v hammerdrill. What a disappointment. The PC had nearly the same power (torque) but was much lighter to carry around. As a home remodeler, I lug my drill around all day every day and I now appreciate the lighter weight of the old PC. (see my review on the Hitachi for it's many other faults). The PC is well balanced in your hand, the grip-to-fit is nice, although I just stayed with the Medium fitting that it came with, and the battery life seems average. I lent this drill to a, a-hem, friend, once and it was returned with stripped gears. Being under warranty, the service shop was able to replace the broken parts for free and the drill rocked for many moons to follow. Again, highly recommended.
Made to last
Baught my first 14.4 about 10-12 yrs ago and still going.Bought my 2nd about 5 yrs ago w/hammerdrill used and love it.I have done everything and made everything with these two drills and have satisfied every time.Used them in the rain to New England summers in august outside.The batteries last longer w/fresh charge than w/a pre-charge as needed but are ready in an hour or by the time you need one.I am buying a third over an impact cause you need a third drill for more uses than you need a impact for all of your driving needs.Hey whats wrong with a pilot hole to help drive long screws easier.I have always put the driver in low gear and have not had many problems.As far as lags go i have recently tried drivind 3" lags and the driver put them in up till 1"left wich i had to use a hand ratchet.Oh well nothing is perfect,but the 14.4 holds its own.I am a very satisfied customer and buying a third one i think says something.Very dependable,takes a beating/rough use,great price.
Patrick Kyees R.I.
PC HammerDrill
Great tool! This is my second in more than 10 years.
The old one is still working, btw!
I hope they don't stop making them!
Needed new batteries, had to buy new drill
I've had this drill for a few years and it has been reliable. Both of my batteries no longer hold a charge so I went online for new batteries and 2 batteries cost the same as a whole new drill with two batteries. What is up with that? I guess I'll buy a new one and have two drills and two batteries.
Replacement battery
Gave this a low rating after having to replace the battery that came with it would not hold a charge after less than a year and very limited use. Great drill with functioning battery.
Usually ships in 24 hours

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