Freud TK301 Avanti 6-1/2" 40 Tooth ATB 5/8" Arbor Thin Kerf Finishing Circular Saw Blade

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Freud TK301 Avanti 6-1/2" 40 Tooth ATB 5/8" Arbor Thin Kerf Finishing Circular Saw Blade
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Freud TK301 description

The advanced thin kerf design, using a specially designed hardened blade, runs truer under load than many other saw blades running freely. Combined with razor sharp carbide teeth, this blade cuts plywood and chipboard practically splinter-free as well as crosscutting and ripping hardwood and softwood. The PermaShield coating on the TKR300 blades makes them resistant to friction and heat build-up. Coated blades last up to 50% longer than conventional blades before needing sharpening. Application: General Purpose For Cutting Natural & manmade Materials  

Freud TK301 specifications

Circular Saw Blades
Freud Tico Hi-Density Crosscutting Blend Carbide for Maximum Performance.
The Silver ICE Coating , an industry first protective coating, shields the blade from extreme heat,
Extra sharp ATB tooth design gives an exceptionally long cutting life
Heat expansion slots help the blade from expanding during friction causing operations.
Freud's Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Package Height
0.1 inches
Package Width
7 inches
Package Length
7.7 inches
Package Weight
0.5 pounds

Freud TK301 reviews

A must for your DeWalt 18v saw.
I am a woodworker, not a carpenter. I use my DeWalt for downsizing hardwood plywood from time to time. The 16 tooth blade that came with the saw would make a horible cut. This blade, when set to the propper depth of cut, does a great job. My first cut was too deep, the blad was all the way extended. The cut was bad. I set it to barely protrude the wood and the cut was great. As a bonus, I don't think you could get a prettier blade.
Great saw blade
This blade responds to my evry wish and use for it. I purchased it for my B&D finishing saw and it as performed beyond my expectations.
Good enough
The blade cuts good in wood and plywood. It does some chipping on crosscutting plywood.
Watch out!
I couldn't understand why there was so much smoke when I first tried this blade! Turns out that the blade's label was on the wrong side and I had it on backwards. I've had about a dozen circular saw blades and the label always goes facing out. The picture here shows it on the usual side.

When I turned it around it cut fine. I'm taking it back to Lowes anyway because I'm worried that the teeth have been overheated.