DeWalt DW235G Heavy-Duty 7.8 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

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DEWALT DW235G Heavy-Duty 7.8 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

DeWalt DW235G description

,7.8 Amps ,Helical-cut steel, heat-treated gears for increased durability and long gear life ,Two finter, rubber trigger for increased comfort ,360 degrees side handle for greater control ,Weighs 4.2 lbs.  

DeWalt DW235G specifications

Pistol-Grip Drills
Helical-cut steel construction and heat-treated gears for increased durability and long gear life
Metal gear housing is included for jobsite durability and increased reliability; 2-finger trigger fo
Heavy-duty 7.8 Amp motor with variable speeds of 0-to-850 RPM
Weighs 4.2 pounds; backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty
Included with drill: chuck key with holder and 360-degree side handle
3.19 inches
12.25 inches
10.19 inches
5.3 pounds
Package Height
2.9 inches
Package Width
10.1 inches
Package Length
12.2 inches
Package Weight
5.8 pounds

DeWalt DW235G reviews

DeWalt drill
helpful for 1 of 5 people
Not a bad drill for the price. One downside is lack of adjutment to not drive screw thru sheet rock.
Lacking Features
Did not come with a standard DeWalt carry case.
Old style chuck. This must be an older model soon to be discontinued model.
To bad Amazon's description was more detailed.
Great Value with Some Limitations
I bought this drill for mixing thin-set. It is not really the right tool for the job, but it works, and it is a lot cheaper than a real mud mixer. I have mixed dozens of batches with it. I am pretty sure that I will finish my tiling before this tool blows up, but it may be a close race. The motor gets pretty hot when lugged along at low r's. I hope this drill holds up so I can use it when I rewire my house. It is an excellent drill for wood boring with auger bits. I have also used it with Forstner bits, and it behaves quite well.
Just Great
This drill is exactly what I wanted. Preforms well and has great power.. all AAAA's...
DeWalt Heavy -Duty Drill
This item was purchased to be used at my work site, it was purchased because of the chuck size and also it was 110v just what I needed in my line of work.The Dewalt DW235G 1/2-inch drill I recommend to any trade person who is looking for a new drill with that extra torque for that special job.
Beastly Drill
I bought this drill about a year ago in anticipation of a yearly construction project I do for a student group. During this project, my drill got banged up, had paint poured on it, and was abused and dropped from scaffolding, without ever quitting. Its major job was the (seemingly endless) drilling of 1" holes using old, blunt, overused spade bits. Despite the poor condition of the bits attached, my drill never slowed down, and the handle let me power through studs. Where others were getting wrist pain with their cordless drills, and having to change batteries, or re-tighten their keyless chucks, i just kept going. The chuck is SOLID, and lets you really clamp down on bits, and the metal housing for the drill's gearbox makes this thing practically indestructible. I even used this thing to drive several 3" deck screws and it wasnt that hard to maneuver, (though I dont think i'd want to be working overhead with this drill unless i was really in a pinch)

as a side note: my dad actually has this same exact drill, but with a keyless chuck, and though the keyless chuck is also made of metal and well designed, i've found that the keyed chuck simply provides better performance, and is worth the hassle of carrying a key around
Buy it, you'll like it.
I have used one of these for five or six years now. It is very strong and very tuff; I can not tell you how often this thing has bounced off a concrete floor and it still works like a champ.
Cordless drills are great, I use two of them constantly, but sometimes you just want a solid corded drill and this one fits the bill, strong but not too heavy or bulky; in fact I think that it is lighter than my 18v cordless.

I use it primarily for drilling pocket holes for building cabinets and such, when the batteries would have already drained on the cordless drills this one is still going strong.

chuck loosens with any vibration
I found that it was necessary to keep retightening the chuck if the operation involved any amount of vibration, like using a hole saw in plywood. I have a DeWalt drill with a keyless chuck and it stays tight in the same circumstances.

For some reason DeWalt includes a cheap plastic storage case with some drills but not with others. The cases are made of very flimsy material with crude fasteners. Buying one for a drill that comes only with its cardboard box involves spending nearly $40. Milwaukee and Makita provide sturdy plastic cases with their drills so I don't know why DeWalt does not do the same.
DEWALT drill
This is a very good drill which I bought to replace another 1/2-inch drill which kept overheating after a short period of use preventing me from finishing jobs. The rpm on this drill is somewhat slower but it definitely provides plenty of needed power. Not sure how it would work out in the workplace on an everyday basis but for my occasional needs it works just fine.
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