DeWalt DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP 2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Pod Style Battery, 2 Pack

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DEWALT DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP 2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Pod Style Battery, 2 Pack

DeWalt DC9096-2 description

Includes two 18V XRP batteries. Features 3-stage charging technology and extended run times. 2-year limited warranty.  

DeWalt DC9096-2 specifications

18 Volt Battery
9.38 inches
3.5 inches
10.5 inches
5.16 pounds
Package Height
3.6 inches
Package Width
9.2 inches
Package Length
10 inches
Package Weight
4.75 pounds

DeWalt DC9096-2 reviews

Dewalt 18 Volt Battery
What can I say. I use my Dewalt tools everyday. I am still amazed by the power of these rechargeable battery-operated tools. The batteries last effectively between 1-3 years before I wear them out. I number and date the batteries and I rotate their usage to get the most out of them. They charge (after the first time) in a half hour. They are expensive but worth it.
Dewalt 18v XRP battery pack
The product arrived in excelant condition, in 1/2 the time advertised, and has worked well since I received it. I am considering the purchase of a similar pack for my Dewalt screw gun, and will start my search here.

Works well enough, but time they moved on
These work well enough, for ten years ago they work fine, but technology has moved on and this branch of Black and Decker hasn't. They need to get with the plan and provide a more modern battery technology like other premium priced manufacturers.
Poor service life
My experience with these 18 volt DeWalt 18 volt batteries has been poor to say the least.Spent close to $300.00 for the original drill and battery set and the original batteries stroked out in a very short period of time. just long enough for the battery warranty to have expired.The battery charger worked just fine and was not the fault of the charger. I have had a Skill battery power drill with the original batteries that lasted close to 6 years and cost a fraction of the Dewalt setup. The cost of replacement batteries is outrageous in my opinion. So here is the choice you get faced with either spend another $100 bucks on new batteries or chunk the drill and go to another brand.DeWalt is a big name brand but the quality of the product i bought was very poor.I am sure there are thousands of very satisfied customers out there at a heavy price tag but I am sure there are those of who feel they have gotten their shorts burned off.
De Walt Battery
This battery didn't quit meet my Husbands standards for the DeWalt name. Didn't hold a charge like the other batteries he has used. He rated this as a 2 1/2 star item.
Fantastic experience
I wish all my experiences with buying on-line had been this good. This one was tops and the delivery time was actually shorter than what I was told. This experience was fantastic.
As expected
The batteries arrived from Amazon days before the estimated delivery date. I ordered the two-pack direct from Amazon (my preferred choice) and the batteries came in a plastic packaged two pack, not taken from another kit as others have expressed. They took a charge and have been working fine for over a week. I have never had a Dewalt battery fail out of the box and anticipate these will live up to their advertised life span.

Additionally, I read several reviews complaining about the price of the battery; agreed, I would love to get these batteries for the price of oh...say Ryobi batteries, but then I could only expect the performance of the tools they drive to be as good as the Ryobi. There is a reason Dewalt tools are tough and put out so much torque. It has a lot to do with the battery. More often than not, you get what you pay for.
Grear Batteries
I needed replacement batteries for my dewalt tools. I received two batteries for what I could buy them in the local retail store for one.
Not thrilled with this product
I don't know what it is with DeWalt but their batteries are very lackluster. I have a charger with tuneup mode and even so, come about a year later they don't hold a charge. I don't feel good about these things being so "disposable" so to speak so I changed cordless brands and ditched all my dewalt 18v cordless for mostly hitachi. Some things, after years of use I decided were just never going to be that great in a cordless version so I am back to using corded saws for many apps. This battery was very disappointing and for the cost of it, i couldn't in good conscience recommend this battery to anyone.
Great Batteries
If you use your drill often, you have to replace the battery packs periodically. So far, these seem to be of the quality I would expect from DeWalt.
Good Value
These batteries are a good value. They are indeed heavier than the new Li-Ion but they are also about half the price. In addition, since I have the Ni-Cad tools these fit perfectly in my tools where the new Lithium batteries don't. I had both Li and Ni-Cad in my cart and went with these. I am pleaed that I did.
XRP replacing standard- impressed!
I got these XRPs to replace the original standard batteries that came with my 4 piece kit (hammerdrill, reciprocating saw, circular saw and light) and I have to say I am very happy that I've upgraded to the XRPs. Even though the standard batteries lasted almost 10 years, so far I am more impressed with these from the noticeable difference in power and length of use per charge compared to the others (from when they were new). I know this because I tested ripping some similar boards with the circular saw (which I did when I first bought the kit) and could tell that they lasted longer and cut faster than the circular saw ever had before. Now hopefully they last at least 10 years as well!
Cheap and easy
I am very pleased with my purchase of 18-volt XRPs, they were cheap and easy to buy and the best part is the free shipping. Being a carpenter for a living I need cheap and easy accsess to tools.
Big Mistake Purchasing from this Seller!
Delivery date was almost a month from date of purchase and product was still late (my credit card was charged when purchased). After multiple requests for a tracking #, the seller responded. However, the tracking # wasn't activated for almost 2 weeks after his response. During this time, I asked him to cancel my order and refund my $$. I did not receive a response, but several days later the product FINALLY shipped. When the product arrived, it was wrapped in a plastic bag, rolling around in a box with absolutely no packing material or padding. This was by far the worst service I have EVER received from an Amazon seller. I would caution anyone else from buying from this person.

I rated the item a 4, but only because it seems to be in good working order. However, I would have rated the service a 0.
Replacement Batteries
Everything was as expected and timely. My neighbor, who has the same drill and battery combination, decided to get his batteries from a local battery exchange/re-builder. I've already received mine and have used them for weeks...and he hasn't even gotten by to battery store which is only open M-F to save a couple of bucks for batteries that will most likely be substandard.
Good price and service. I only wish Dewalt Batteries had a better use life. I get about two years out of them and then they get weak. Outside of that which has nothing to do with this purchase, I am well pleased and will be back.
Crane Creek
Product is just what it claims to be. Good price, don't have to pay for a lot of extra packaging or thrown in items you don't need.
18 volt battery
DeWalt DC9096 XRP 18-Volt 2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Pod Style BatteryI ordered and received in a timly manner and as always they worked perfectly
Usually ships in 24 hours

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