Bosch JA1003 Circular and Parallel Cutting Guide for Bosch Jigsaws

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Bosch JA1003 Circular and Parallel Cutting Guide for Bosch Jig Saws

Bosch JA1003 description

Includes Circular & Parallel Cutting Guide - JA1003.  

Bosch JA1003 specifications

Jig Saws
Adds circular cuts
Makes parallel cuts easy
Works with jig saws
1 pounds
Package Height
4.5 inches
Package Width
9.1 inches
Package Length
12.5 inches
Package Weight
0.8 pounds

Bosch JA1003 reviews

Cuts circles with you jig saw?
helpful for 11 of 11 people
As others have said, it's plastic and metal. Although it works ok as a rip fence, I can't figure out how to get this thing to lie flat when trying to use it to cut circles with my Bosch 1587 jig saw. This is the only reason I purchased it...and it doesn't work.
Good attachment for Bosch Jig Saw
helpful for 5 of 6 people
I do not understand the complaints that some other people have about this item. Sure it is not completely made of steel, but it is solidly made.
Do not purchase "Made in China" products
helpful for 0 of 5 people
Was going to get it since it is Bosch's product. Glad that I read the reviews. I rather spend more to get things "Made in USA" or Germany than bring home useless junk "Made in China".
An Embarrassment to Bosch
I did get this thing to work, but barely.
1) The centering pin is too short, so that only the tip reaches the workpiece. This means that if you drill the recommended size pilot hole, you get a very sloppy fit. Even with a smaller hole, you have to hold down the point quite firmly, bending the metal arm. I'll be using a 3/32 or smaller hole, rather than the recommended 13/64.
2) The scale doesn't make sense. Cutting a 140mm hole, the 170mm mark was centered on the blade. The 140mm mark wasn't aligned with anything in particular.
3) It just doesn't have the solid quality of the Bosch power tools I have bought recently.

Tip: Cut very slowly, and you can get a good circle. The manual mentions cutting slowly, but the required speed is slower than I would have guessed. It works fine once you find the right pace, but practice on a scrap!
I ignored the previous reviews and ordered this anyway. What a mistake. I didn't pay much for it, but whatever I did pay was a waste! The plastic broke within seconds (literally) of opening the package. I haven't even used it yet. If you have a few extra dollars lying around, they would be better utilized by giving them to a panhandler than buying this "product". It isn't even worth returning- do your self a favor and skip this one.
cutting guide
Found it to work as advertized. I really have nothing to compare it too but Iam satisfied with it for now
Bosch jigsaw guide..great accessory!
After using this the first time I knew this is what I needed to aid in perfect edge guiding & cutting perfect circles. Easy to attach but the clamp & setscrew to set the distance is of plastic and it easily falls off the guide when guide is removed from saw. I would rather have a set screw that sets right on the saw itself. I would reccommend this attachment as an asset to the great jigsaw that my Bosch 1590EVS is.
See Bosch Jigsaw Manual for Instruction
For some reason, package of the cutting guide does not show how to use it. It is shown in the Bosch jigsaw manual. The guide works very well both for parallel cutting and circular cutting. As other reviewers pointed out, the scale could be better. The engraving is hard to see and is only in metric.(Amazon does not allow me to change the star rating but I would like to subtract one star for the poor quality of the scale).
Typical Made In China Quality (or lack thereof)
Not the worst item on the market but far from the best. Can do the job with care, patience and and an even temper. Basically, a mediocre accessory as is the norm for a Chinese product, in my experience. Expected better from Bosch but apparently quality is no longer a priority with them.
Decent Jig for Circles - Max 16"
The quality is not the best, but it does the job for circles up to 16". Check with your jigsaw's manual for directions on how to use it. Basically, you have to drill a pilot hole and insert the peg that is connected to the guide.

Like others, I wish this was made from all metal. I already broke one of the plastic pins that hold the peg.
Different origins
After reading these reviews, it seems as if these are made from different sources and if you are lucky you will get a better made one. Good luck hope you get the better made one
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