Bosch 101AO 3-Inch 20-Tooth Jig Saw Blades, 5-Pack

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Bosch 101AO 3-Inch 20-Tooth Jig Saw Blades, 5-Pack

Bosch T101AO description

Pointed teeth for fine, splinter-free cuts on both sides of the workpiece. Work without orbiting action. Teeth pointed and ground.WOOD/PLASTIC CUTTING: Curve cutting in plywood, plastics, laminated particleboard, hard and soft wood 5/64" - 3/4".  

Bosch T101AO specifications

Jig Saw Blades
5-pack of jig saw blades from Bosch
T-shank design eliminates the set-screw mounting hole for longer life and better durability
3 inches long; 20 TPI
For fine finish, veneers, and laminates
5 per package; weighs 2.4 ounces shipped
0.28 pounds
Package Height
0.4 inches
Package Width
3 inches
Package Length
6.7 inches
Package Weight
0.15 pounds

Bosch T101AO reviews

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helpful for 15 of 15 people
These are the only blades smooth enough for any kind of finish carpentry. The straight teeth make all the difference in the world. From coping crown to the most extreme scrolling cuts, these blades are perfect! I haven't bought any different blade than these for years. If I can't find them in stock I'll do without rather than buying anything less than the best. If thinking about purchasing jigsaw blades, buy these. The only thing I would like to see from Bosch is the same blade a 1/2" longer. But you can't have your cake and eat it too!
Simply the best
helpful for 11 of 11 people
I have a couple of jigsaws (including a Bosch barrel grip) and these blades are the best I have used. I prefer the Bosch blade style anyway, and this particular Bosch blade in particular. I have used this blade on many different woods and plywoods and I find the performance to be excellent in every material. The cuts are usually splinter free and the thin blade design allows for accurate curve cutting and scrollsaw-like precision. Though the blade is thin, it is surprisingly sturdy (they don't break too easily).

I highly recommend these blades to all finish carpenters and woodworkers. They are top notch and this is a very good price!
value product
I think this is a great blade for the money. They are sharp and last long - I usually wind up breaking them before they dull.
Ok, but new style blade is better for hardwoods
I bought a pack of both these blades as well as a newer style of Bosch blade labeled "Xtra clean for wood" ( The Xtra clean blades cut much more quickly and very cleanly in red oak. I highly recommend this other style of blade for use in hardwoods.
Smooth cutting. Sawdust stays off your line.
I'm even cutting curves confidently with these Bosch blades in my saw. I made a couple of small arched shelves recently and could not believe how smoothly I cut the curve. It hardly even needed sanding. I run my saw about mid speed with these. Once they start biting, it's silky smooth. Make sure you have good pressure when getting started in hard wood or the saw will try to walk. Sometimes I take a small handsaw and cut a starting groove to prevent that. I'm now zipping through wood with these Bosch blades. The handsaw stays in the closet much more. With the blades I used to "try" to use, the cutting line was always covered in sawdust. Impossible to work that way. These Bosch blades put the sawdust on the floor and let you cut nonstop through your line, the way its supposed to be.
Great product, but price is odd
I bought these blades in December, 2006, and have used them on hardwood and pressure treated decking. They give a smooth cut with little or no tear-out, but they do deflect a little. I would definitely recommend them though, as the cut is really clean. I can't figure out why amazon raised their price to above what the retail big-box stores carry these for, makes no sense to me. Amazon's price went to double what I paid just 6 months ago at amazon, yet the Marketplace sellers still have it at half the price. The India-based customer service reps were of no help when I asked about the price change.
Splinter free cutting.
I bought these blades to cut do some scrollwork in some marine grade plywood and there was almost zero tearout. Very smooth cuts. The best blades I've ever used.
Usually ships in 24 hours

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