Black and Decker XD1200K 12-Volt Ni-Cad 1/4-Inch Hex Cordless 5-Position Drill/Driver Kit

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Black & Decker XD1200K 12-Volt Ni-Cad 1/4-Inch Hex Cordless 5-Position Drill/Driver Kit

Black & Decker XD1200K description

12V, Extender Drill Kit With Quick Connect Bit Change System, 24 Position Clutch With Screw Icons, 3 Finger Trigger For Comfort & Control In All Positions, Includes Battery, Charger, 15 Accessories & Kit Box.

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Black & Decker XD1200K specifications

Black & Decker
Five-position swiveling head lets you get into even the hardest-to-reach places
Fast and easy seven-bit changing system; 24-position clutch for optimum control
Spring-loaded batteries for quick insertion and removal
Dimensions: 14.3 x 4.5 x 12.4 inches (WxHxD); weighs 6.6 pounds; 2-year warranty
Includes six drill bits, four screwdriving bits, five nut drivers, keyless chuck, one 12-volt batter
Black & Decker
12.38 inches
4.5 inches
14.3 inches
6.6 pounds
Package Height
3.8 inches
Package Width
9.6 inches
Package Length
13.3 inches
Package Weight
5.15 pounds

Black & Decker XD1200K reviews

Cordless Drill
Black and Decker XD1200K 12-Volt Ni-Cad 1/4-Inch Hex Cordless 5-Position Drill/Driver Kit
I really can't say how good this product is since I bought as a gift. I would say for the price it was a good choice. The manufacturer has a good reputation for making reliable products was a major reason for purchasing this product.
Best of the best
In fact the product is very good but purchasing via amazon is the best of the best, very smooth, convenient and very satisfactory.
Great around the house tool!!
This cordless drill/screwdriver is well worth it's cost. It comes with some drill bits and screwdriver tips and is great for hanging curtain rods and other light duty tasks around the home. You should know that it doesn't have a standard drill chuck so none of your drill bits will work. Also I found the standard 2" screw bits included too short for many tasks due to the fatness of the drill. I went to Lowe's and picked up a small set of extension bits for around $12 that makes all the difference.
Great price point...
and so far, works very well. lots of bits included and a great storage case. Buy It now!!!
This is a very handy cordless drill and it gets into tight spots. You can also use it for a screwdriver.
Good product
This Drill/Driver is great for any projects. Its easy to use. Its a little bulky though. Other then that it's ok. I would recommand it. Price is not too expensive. I bought mind at a great discount.
Powerful, very handy, great price!
I adore my little power drill! I just moved into my new apartment and it's been perfect for setting up furniture. It's so versatile, I really like that you can position the head in different ways, it makes drilling in tight spaces much easier.

The design is so comprehensive, there are lots of different power settings, it has the right trigger sensitivity for good control, and there are way too many screw icons for me to use.

I've been using it all day, setting up various pieces of furniture (bed frame, desk, boards, etc.) and it hasn't shown signs of dying at all. It deserves 5 stars for what I'm using it for!
Durable, powerful, versitile necessity!
I've owned this Black and Decker drill/driver model for around 7 or 8 years. It's been a lifesaver to say the least. I also own a 'real' corded drill that I use for jobs that require serious torque, but in the 8 years I've owned that, I've only used it three or four times.

This Black and Decker cordless drill/driver on the other hand is by far my favorite tool that I own. I've done everything from installing blinds to assembling a wooden swingset with this drill (the battery did not last through the entire swingset, but it did last for several hours). One reviewer commented he could not find a replacement battery, but honestly, in 8 years I haven't needed one. I whole heartedly recommend this tool as an all purpose household drill/driver. Have realistic expectations - If you plan do more than just household maintenance and repair tasks or small projects, you will need to invest in another drill.

1. The 5 position head - a nice feature that comes in handy once in a while.
2. "Quick Connect Bit Change System" - it's so easy to drill a pilot hole, switch to a screwdriver bit, and finish the job in a matter of seconds.
3. Accessories - it comes with an assortment of drill and driver bits, but other hex sets work interchangeably with this driver.
4. The Battery - charges quickly, holds a charge for a long time, and lasts through several jobs, even with long periods of non-use.
5. Lefty approved! - drills usually aren't an issue left handed users, but just in case you were wondering, this tool is ergonimically ambidextrous and therefore does not discrimate against us :)

Cons: After just 8 years, the drill is finally starting to show some wear.
12 Volt cordless drillW/ adjustable head
Great product. Whoever came up with the concept of the adjustable head with a pretty powerfuldrill got it right. Criticisim:Probably a more versatile carrying case to hold B&D quick connect drill & accessory kit.
Black Hard Plastic CASE?
This product is great. Be warned: I DID NOT receive the pictured and DESCRIBED hard plastic case with handle. My drill came packed with a cloth 'duffle' bag. VERY awkward and absolutely unsafe to hold the included drill bits.
West Los Angeles
Handy tool to have around the house
This Black & Decker is one of my most useful Amazon purchases in years. It's handsome, compact, and useful for around the house and garden. I use it mainly for light drilling, electronics, and household repair tasks. I've used it to drill holes in plastic and ceramic flower pots, and recently put together a 2x4basics AnySize Chair or Bench, Green, 09210 with it. It's powerful enough to drive a screw clean through solid pine with no effort.

- solid build quality and excellent manufacturing standards
- long-lasting battery pack. I charged it months ago and it's still going on the same charge
- perfectly balanced in right-angle mode (upside-down L shape) and easy to hold
- powerful motor; suitable for everything I've needed it for around the house and backyard
- handy, protective hard plastic carrying case that keeps all parts and accessories neatly organized
- carrying case has compartment for keeping all drill bits in one place
- chuck is secure and easy to change out (push in the "nose" and hold, with other hand, remove the bit)
- can use drill bits and attachments from my other screwdriver/tool sets because the hole is standard

- Not sure how long charge time is. I left it plugged in for 8+ hours and the light was still red.
- very bottom heavy because of battery pack. If you set it to vertical mode, the center of gravity changes to below the grip handle, making it very awkward to hold. Because of this, I never angle it past the 2nd position.
- head should be narrower and longer. If you need to reach a lot of tight spots, this unit may not be your best choice. I had trouble assembling my bench because of the angles.

Overall, a very sturdy and solid feeling product. It's attractive and useful, but consider the battery weight, neck size and shape before buying. I like this product a lot, despite the caveats.
Drill, baby, drill!
Can't add much to what's already been said about this fabulous little drill, but I'm a clueless middle aged female, and this little drill is a piece of cake to use. I grab it two or three times a week for one task or another. The articulating head --which I didn't think I needed -- has been a godsend. So far it is holding up well and holding a charge nicely. Lightweight and easy to hold. I honestly don't know how I lived without it.
Love this product
I gave this tool to my 87 year old father and he was like a child in a toy store. He loved the many ways it changed position and all the different tools he could create. This was his favorite gift in years.
A good value.
This is a good value for the price. I wish it had a better chuck.
looks and feels like a toy
this one really does look and feel like a toy..they work great...havent had much use of them yet...but they are good so far...
the best drill\screwdriver
i am so in love with this screwdriver and i got it for 30.00. this is one of my christmas gift. i love you pete
Great price, power, & value
Bought this for like $45.00 -

It's over exceeded what I had planned for it. I just purchased a new home and I've been using this baby everywhere. It comes with around 12 bits which is great considering most bits are usually sold seperately. I've used it to drill and screw multiple items and it's pretty powerful at 12 voltz. Good torque. The battery lasts a long time and I've yet to have it slow down.

Overall, I give this a 5 out of 5.
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