Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

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Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

Milwaukee 0234-6 description

"MAGNUM" 1/2" DRILL *5.5 amps *0-850 RPM *1/2" keyed chuck *Trigger speed control with reversing *8 ft. 3-wire "Quik-Lok" cord with easy detachment for storage and service *Exclusive brush cartridge system changes brushes in less than one minute *Includes: side handle and chuck key with holder  

Milwaukee 0234-6 specifications

Pistol-Grip Drills
Powerful 0-850 rpm drill with trigger speed control reversing and removable brush cartridge
Features new, long and super flexible Quick-Lok cord
Has plastic body, aluminum/magnesium alloy gear case, soft glass-reinforced nylon handle
Designed with detachable cord and side handle
Kit includes 234-1 Magnum Drill, Quik-Lok Cord, Rubber Flex Key Holder, Side Handle, Chuck and Chuck
7 inches
11.5 inches
3.5 inches
6.5 pounds
Package Height
4 inches
Package Width
7.1 inches
Package Length
11.7 inches
Package Weight
6 pounds

Milwaukee 0234-6 reviews

Best in class
It seems like some manufacturers have cornered the market on certain things and have the "Best in Class". Milwaukee has certainly done that with the 0234-6. What sold me was the metal gears, nice feel, good trigger, obvious to the point of "art" quality, and of course power.

This drill will last decades for the average user and the quality of the drill will bring a smile to your face everytime you use it.

It has been a long habit of mine to lock down the bits while holding the chuck on my cordless drills. Don't try this with the 0234-6 (or be very careful). The power can rip the skin off your hands. And you do want the keyed chuck for the gripping power.

The quality of the 234-6 is like art, it is built like the tight finely tuned incredibly strong machine it is.
I had high expectations using this drill! I put it to the test, drilling a 1/2 inch hole through two plates of four hundred series stainless steel 3/8 inch plate in my steel work bench for mounting my vise. That drill hogged right through, without lugging down at all. I ended up really impressed. Glad i bought it from AMAZON.COM.
Powerful Drill
If you're looking for a well built drill at a good price, this is it. It's made to work.
Milwaukee #0234-1 Heavy Duty 1/2" Drill
Considering the state of our economy it is gratifying to be able to purchase a fine piece of American engineering that is actually manufactured here. This drill is superior to others manufactured with the Milwaukee name plate only, in terms of power (though only 5.5 amp.) and control. The variable speed trigger operates smoothly and the drill overall gives the impression of longevity common to products that have historically carried the Milwaukee nameplate since the days when it was a private company and not owned by a multinational.
Follow-up on previous 1 star rating regarding not the same drill I ordered
I e-mailed Milwaukee Tools regarding the receipt of a model 0234-1 corded drill rather than the one adventised at Amazon...model 0234-6. It seems that Milwaukee Tools considers them both to be the same 1/2 inch drills, WITH DIFFERENT MODEL NUMBERS! Milwaukee said the drill I returned was manufactured in Nov. 2007 and that if it were refurbished, it would be marked on the tool as such. Guess Milwaukee's got their own way of doing things but it's confusing for the customer. So I have revoked my 1 star rating and gave this a 4 star. The confusion is really Milwaukee Tool's fault more than Amazon's.
Best hand power drill I've ever used.
I'm a senior citizen who worked in factories for 45 years and a do-it-yourselfer and this the best power drill I have ever used. Not high RPM but smooth, steady and just keeps on tickin'. I can understand using battery power when you're nowhere near an outlet but for around the house, give me this motor, an extension cord and a chuck key!!
The best drill I have ever used
This is the best drill I have ever used. It is incredibly powerful and will drive large bits and hole saws with ease (Be sure to use the side handle and hold on tight or it can twist your arm if the bit binds). It will drive an auger bit through a 12 inch barn beam often in one try. Also great for driving long screws. The limited speed compared to many other drill makes it work better and makes it easier to control. Great for everything except drilling in concrete or masonry (you need a hammer drill for this). Highly reccomended
plan on having this for a long time...
So far, the two Milwaukee tools I have purchased (the 12v compact driver as well as this drill) have impressed me. The things that have impressed me most of all have been the trigger control, although the power and solid feel are right up there.

I really value a drill/driver that I can fine-tune the controls to the point that I can use it as a ratchet with the trigger. The magnum does that very well, with plenty of power to spare on tap if I just squeeze.

The magnum is quite heavy, but it has an all-metal gear housing as well as a very solid 1/2" chuck...I don't mind it because it isn't a cordless tool and cordless are the only tools I really care about being really light.
Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill
Havent used this drill yet but am looking forward to putting it to work. I bought it because I only had cordless drills, aside from a great, rugged Milwaukee Hammer drill, was also confident because of great reviews from others, It is very solid and I like the quick change cord. I expect to have this drill for years
Exactly what I needed
Was looking for a corded 1/2" drill to support my cordless drill. This drill is perfect in a LOW cost HIGH value package. Always liked the Milwaukee brand and this drill is built very well and definitely lives up to the reputation! Would highly recommend this product to others looking for a good 1/2" drill for their toolbox!
Quality features, quality craftsmanship
When I went looking for a 1/2 inch drill to mix thin-set mortar I mistakenly bought a mikita and was stuck with a one speed drill. So many mixes require a slow speed mix that i had to look for a variable speed drill. The Milwaukee fit the bill. Its rugged construction and durability allow it to slow speed mixes without burning up brushes and stands up to the rigors of the jobsite.
the butter knife
I don't think I ever smiled the first time I used a power tool prior to the Magnum. WOW. It sliced through 1/8 inches of steel with a 1/2 inch bit in about three minutes. If the longevity is as good as what other reviews have reported I will have this wonderful tool for a lifetime.
Well Built
For a 5.5 amp drill, this unit offers lots of power. The build quality is nothing short of what we expect from Milwaukee. Everything from the professional grade 1/2" chuck to the heavy duty detachable cord shows Milwaukee's committment to reliability and longevity. I ordered this through Amazon and received the 75th Anniversary unit and it came with a steel case. Wasn't expecting the additional amenities, but you get lucky sometimes, I guess.
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