Forrest DH101007100 Duraline HI-A/T 10" 100 Tooth 5/8" Arbor .100" Kerf Melimine & Plywood Cutting Circular Saw Blade

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Forrest DH101007100 Duraline HI-A/T 10-Inch 100 Tooth 5/8-Inch Arbor .100-Inch Kerf Melimine & Plywood Cutting Circular Saw Blade

Forrest DH101007100 description

Forrest's blades offer a superior cut that leaves a rip-cut saw edge that is as smooth as if it had been sanded, and a cross-cut edge that is almost mark-free. The blades run very quietly, and backside tearout in plywood is negligible. Each blade is virtually hand-made. The plate is hand-tensioned (up to 15 minutes per blade), superior C-4 carbide teeth are hand-brazed to the plate, and the blade is straightened and restraightened multiple times throughout the process. Think of a Forrest blade as a tool in your shop, not an accessory. Forrest stands behind it's blades by offering a sharpening service that bring blades back to the exact tolerances offered in a new blade. And this same exacting service is available for other manufacturer's blades as well, so they should come back better than new. Forrest Woodworker 1 Saw Blade For Radial and Table Saws. These trim and cross-cut ALL PURPOSE blades give scratch-free POLISHED cuts on wood, RIP or CROSSCUT, up to 2" thick. They have a 30° Alternate Top Bevel with a 5° Face Hook on 10" diameters and smaller.  

Forrest DH101007100 specifications

Circular Saw Blades
Package Height
1.1 inches
Package Width
11 inches
Package Length
11.3 inches
Package Weight
2.1 pounds

Forrest DH101007100 reviews

If you need a fine cut, this is your blade
Melimine has to be one of the hardest types of material to cut without chipping. I purchased this blase for the task and it works great. No tape, no scoring, just cut. Nice a clean both sides and not chips. Also works great on fine veneer and plywood. It is worth every penny just to avoid the exta work and aggravation.
Very consistant quality
You get what you pay for. This is a very good quality blade that will produce cut after cut of clean edges. I wouldn't say that it is perfection but it comes very close. My first run with it was 26 sheets of double sided melamine. You can't be at a dead run with material but if you keep the feed rate reasonable you can expect 98% quality. I would buy another one.
Best melamine blade so far.
I use mostly Forrest blades in my cabinet shop. Woodworker 2's 10" for ripping wood on table saws and chopmaster 12" for my miter saws. This 100 tooth melamine blade is absolutely the cleanest cutting melamine blade that I have ever used! I am a little slow and would not couph for the blade for years and will not cut any one else's blades down. I bought a 100 tooth and an 80 tooth blade and haven't cut with the 80 tooth yet because the 100 tooth has not dulled yet. Thanks Forrest for another fime product.
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