DeWALT DW960 18v Cordless Driver Right Angle Drill NEW

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Bare-Tool DEWALT DW960B 18-Volt Cordless Heavy Duty 3/8 Right-Angle Drill/Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)
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The DeWalt DW960 is a 18V 3/8 inch Right Angle Drill. It features a durable, right angle transmission with sealed ball bearing construction for longer tool life along with two speed ranges for flexibility. The right angle drill has a multi-grip trigger which provides comfort and convenience by allowing to get into tight spaces while still having access to the trigger.  


Right-Angle Drills


Good drill
I got this specifically to drill holes in framing to run electrical for a renovation on my house. It worked very well. I have also found other good uses for other parts of the renovation where there were some tight spots.

Works better as a drill than a screw driver, but it you watch the speed it can work for that.

I am satisfied with my purchase. Did exactly what I wanted.
Good tool for what it is designed
I wanted one of these for a while to get into those tight spaces my drill driver wont go. It works great for that purpose. It wont be my most used tool for drilling or driving because the reverse button is harder to get to than my drill driver. That was the only thing that slowed me down. I also had a little trouble putting as much pressure on the screws. The bit poped out of the screw head very easy. This is a super strong tool and does the job like the 18v drill driver. Another good tool by Dewalt.
DeWalt Right-Angle Cordless Drill
This is an exellent product. It is now discontinued for a more expensive unit. Unless you want the latest or need a more powerful unit, this will serve the purpose and should last a long time if taken care of.
saved me money
you can't buy drill w/o batteries in store and thats the way i needed it considering i already own 4 batteries
Defective out of the box.
I will be attempting to exchange mine as the high speed gear seems to be stripped out. Didn't even get to use it. I am glad I didn't need it for a project.I am starting to regret this online purchase as I now have the pleasure of sending E-mails and having to deal with shipping the defective tool back, and waiting for a replacement to arrive. Had I bought it from the local Home Depot, I could have exchanged it same day. Will see how TOOLKING handles the situation and will update acccordingly.
Good tool for the money
A little on the heavy side and the reverse switch location is kind of awkward, but it has 2 speeds and its powerful enough.
Usefull in tight places
If you need to work in tight places and already use the Dewalt 18 volt cordless tool system, this is the first 'extra' to get. When a regular drill/driver is too long this will get you in tight and has plenty of power is easy for one hand operation, including reversing direction.
Real nice tool to have in the toolbox
I love my Dewalt collection of cordless tools, and this drill is no exception. I've had no problems with it whatsoever. (Come to think of it, I've never had a problem with anything Dewalt, except one of my 8 batteries doesn't seem to hold a charge as long as the others.) I couldn't have built my entryway shoe cabinet without it. Plenty of power and it's fairly ergonomic. The only possible thing I can think of to complain about is that the reverse switch is a little awkward to get to. If you come up against tight spaces in your drilling or screwing jobs, you'll love what this drill can do for you. I don't see anyone being disappointed with this purchase.
A good tool to complement the 18 volt cordless suite, now with lithium batteries. The short 90 degree head allows it to drill in tight places, such as between the joists.

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