DeWalt DW9116 7.2-Volt to 18-Volt Pod Style 1 Hour Battery Charger

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DEWALT DW9116 7.2-Volt to 18-Volt Pod Style 1 Hour Battery Charger

DeWalt DWTDW9116 description

This is an amazing little charger that literally breathes new life into your failing DeWalt batteries. It revitalizes everything from 9.6 volts through the big 18-volters, but what's so great about this charger is that not only can it be used as a standard quick charger, but if you leave a worn-down battery in for four to 10 hours, the charger conditions the battery with a tune-up mode, and at completion, it automatically converts to trickle charge, so you'll never damage a battery by leaving it in the charger too long.

Diagnostics with LED indicators give you the battery status at a glance: charged, charging, power line problem, replace pack, and battery too hot or too cold. It's got a small footprint, which is always a plus, and the price is look-twice-and-rub-your-eyes cheap.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste  

DeWalt DWTDW9116 specifications

7.45 inches
3.69 inches
8.06 inches
1.1 pounds
Package Height
4 inches
Package Width
8.5 inches
Package Length
9 inches
Package Weight
1.05 pounds

DeWalt DWTDW9116 reviews

DeWalt DW9116 7.2-Volt to 18-Volt Pod Style 1 Hour Battery Charger
Great product. Please note that they recalled an earlier model due to fire hazard. Maybe that's why my old one burned up. This model seems to be working well.
Excellent charger for my Black & Decker batteries!
I have a B&D Firestorm 14.4V drill with two rechargeable batteries. I had used my drill quite a bit in the past, but only used one of the two batteries regularly. A few weeks ago, I went to charge up both batteries with the stock B&D charger. The one I regularly used charged up OK, but could tell it had lost some of its "oomph" over time. I went to charge up the second (less used) battery and it completely killed my charger! Turns out this is a regular problem with the B&D charger. That's when I picked up this DeWalt charger. It couldn't revive my dead battery, but it certainly breathed new life into my other battery. It now holds a longer charge and seems to provide more power to my drill. I recommend you get this charger if you have the older pod-style tool batteries!
Saved two drills from being thrown away
The chargers that came with the power drills were useless, burned out in a week.
This charger save me from throwing the drills away. One caveat, though -- don't wait too long -- one of the batteries had been without a charge for a year, and won't charge up anymore. Really good investment.
Very Satisfied
This charger works very, very well. Charges the battery in 1 hour or less and tells you the condition of the battery at the same time. Works like a charm.
Nice charger! Great price...
I bought the sawzall kit at a garage sale. It didn't work at all. I used to be a service manager for Makita so I thought I'd give this a try. I brought it home and found out that the charger was bad. I rebuilt the saw and ordered this charger. The shipping was quick and I'm happy with the charger. Now I have another cordless sawzall. I'm happy! Thanks...
Firestorm 12 Volt Recharge.
I bought this charger for my 12 volt Firestorm. I have 4 batteries and the charger quickly charges all of them to 8 volts and thats it. Takes about 3 minutes. I don't know how other folks on this site get it to function with Firestorm batteries. I would assume that there should be a key in the battery that makes the charger recognize the battery as a 12 volt on Dewalt batteries. Anyway, it didn't work for me.
Great product
I purchased a lesser-quality battery charger before this one. It quickly fried itself on a bad battery. This one detected that bad battery without committing suicide. If you're looking for a Black & Decker charger, you should buy this one.
This product was just what I needed....I plugged the unit in as soon as I unpacked it....put the drill battery in the charger and within 1 hour the battery was fully charged...this charger works great. I would not hesitate to purchase from this supplier again...excellent product and service.
DeWalt 9116 charger great for B&D Firestorm 18V drill battery
The DeWalt 9116 charger is compatible with Firestorm 18V rechargeable drill battery. It works great. I only charged the Firestorm 18V pod style battery for an hour and the battery is fully charged. Fast delivery too. Great buy.
Works for FireStorm
I purchased this charger to replace the low-quality PS180 that came with my FireStorm 14.4 volt cordless drill. As others have said, it works with 14.4 volt FireStorm battery packs. I now have two perfectly good packs again.
Works for 18v Black & Decker Firestorm too!
I can verify that this charger will bring back to life the 18v version of a Black & Decker Firestorm battery too! It brought mine back to live after needlessly buying a new battery.

This is really significant for us 18v owners because Black & Decker does make a "kill proof" charger that reconditions batteries but it is not available for the 18v version! So this is your only prayer of giving your batteries new life. That's certainly better than messing up the environment by (1) throwing away a battery that can be rejuvenated and (b) causing someone in the world to have to manufacture a replacement.

My dead battery was manufactured in 2000, so it was old but not ancient. I only use it once a month, so I would guess there is more life in it!
So far so good
Thanks to the bad reviews of others I did not buy the Black & Decker model charger I was replacing. Instead, I purchased the DeWalt DW9116 for use with both the Black & Decker and some older DeWalt battery packs. It is working just great.
battery charger
Finally a charger that will work and keep your batteries charged when you need them.
Great product.
Excellent replacement!
I used this to replace my black and decker 14.4V charger. No regrets what-so-ever. The first time I used the "super charge" (or whatever it's called) I got extra life and power out of my batteries. It's also great to have a 1hour quick charge as well.
Usually ships in 3-4 business days

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