DeWalt DW511 Heavy-Duty 6.7 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

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DEWALT DW511 Heavy-Duty 7.8 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

DeWalt DW511 description

Cordless: No, Rated RPM: 0 - 2,700, Amps: 6.7, Variable Speed: Yes, Hammering Modes: Rotation Only, Hammering with Rotation, Blows Per Minute (BMP): 0 - 46,000, Chuck Size (in.): 1/2  

DeWalt DW511 specifications

Hammer Drills
High-performance 7.8 Amp motor with overload protection for dependable performance
Variable speed for precision work in wood, metal, and masonry
Rubber grip and ergonomic, two-finger trigger for user comfort
Weighs 4.3 pounds for easy handling
Includes 360-degree side handle, depth rod, chuck key with holder, and limited 3-year warranty
3 inches
10.25 inches
12 inches
5.3 pounds
Package Height
3.1 inches
Package Width
10.3 inches
Package Length
12.4 inches
Package Weight
5.4 pounds

DeWalt DW511 reviews

1/2 inch hammer drill is fast and strong.
helpful for 13 of 14 people
I used to carry a 3/8th inch drill because it was light and fast, and a 1/2 inch hammer drill because it was slow (for large drill bits) and powerful (for drilling concrete, up to 1 inch diameter holes). This DeWalt is twice as fast as my 3/8th inch drill, twice as powerful as the hammer drill that I wore out, and the variable speed trigger works well, too. That means I no longer have to carry 2 drills in order to always have the right tool for the job.

My shopping expeditions generally found imported junk that felt like it would break in about a week, or big, heavy, 22 inch long, "professional" drills, with 2 speed transmissions, for way more than I wanted to spend. I have seen a battery operated hammer drill do the kind of work I do, so knew I didn't need the expensive drills, but I don't like the price of batteries which fail in a year or two. This drill is right in the middle and exactly what I need; simple, corded, slow, fast, light, and powerful.
Dewalt makes a real hammer
The DeWalt DW 511 met all of my needs and without any hickups. I needed to install electrical boxes as well as hanger bracket on 52 Ft of foundation wall that was 14 Ft high. In addition, the ceiling was also cement and it required numerous lighting fixtures to be instaled from the under side. The work was hard but by using the DW511 instead of my Mikita hammer drill that kept overheating, I cut the time in half and with ease. I'd recommend this drill for this type of work any day.
dewalt dw511 hammer drill
I bought the dewalt dw511 hammer drill.It worked well for about a
week and now the hammer won't stay engaged,now iam on my third drill,and
just using it today and guess what,same old problem.
I would give the drill 1 star!!!!
D. Berry,
Great Drill for Home Projects
We purchased this drill to hang some metal shelving and a metal closet kit in the unfinished part of our basement. It really did the job and I'm very pleased w/it! Was powerful easy to handle and drilled nice neat holes very quickly. It's definitely the best tool for the job of drilling small holes in concrete. I really like the fact it doubles as a regular drill so didn't end up being one of those tools you use only once. If my cordless drill battery dies or I need more juice I can use this drill instead (ok, so I use it regardless now). Be sure to use the right bit size though! I used a bit that was a little too small (and yes, it was on the drill setting) and ended up stripping screws in one trigger pull LOL. Only complaint I have is it did not come w/a case. Funny reading some other brand reviews as folks complain about the flimsy cases, hey, at least you got one!
DeWalt DW511 , Great Drill
I'm writing this review for those who have a hard time trying to decide on a drill as I did. People sometimes write reviews only because they either love the product or absolutely hate it. Well here's my opinion of the DeWalt DW511 hammer drill.
For what it's worth , I searched and researched for about two weeks before I listed my priorities and decided on this drill. I needed it to strap my basement walls for insulation. I knew that after this job it would become my corded general purpose drill to use when I needed the power. The major factor on chooseing this drill was it's amps and mostly the weight. I have used it and to my amazement I drilled a 3/16 X 2 1/2 inch hole in poured concrete w/rocks in about 10 seconds. This seems to be a great drill and is light in weight , less than four pounds, I wouldn't want a big heavy drill for general work around the house. Now that I have my major project done I wouldn't have much use for a hammer drill other than an occasional hole in concrete but I can also use this for a general purpose drill when I need more power than my cordless gives me as this drill provides two options , hammer drill or with the flip of a switch , regular drill. The price is good and the warranty is longer than most. I think I made a good choice for my needs.
Dewalt disappointed me
I've always sworn by the Dewalt brand, until now. I needed to drill ten holes in my floor. Bought this hammer drill specifically for the job. I managed to get eight and a half holes drilled and then the drill died. The motor worked but chuck didn't turn. I had to drive twenty miles to the tool rental place to rent a hammer drill to finish the job. Oh ya, did I mention this happened on Friday at 4:30 PM? Hopefully this is a fluke and the replacement Amazon is sending will be OK. If so, I'll amend my review.
versatile performer
similarly as with another reviewer, i was looking for one drill. not just a high-torque, low-rpm concrete punching machine or a low-torque, high-rpm driver, polisher, etc. and this fits the bill quite well. i picked this up as a refurb for just a little over 50 clams, but i can't seem to tell the difference between new. this is my first refurb experience with dewalt and i'm quite pleased. now, onto the drill itself. first off, it's lightweight. you can easily control it with one hand for simpler jobs. throw on the side grip for tougher jobs and you're set. the vsr is more responsive than i expected. casing is a good thick plastic and wiring is thick; both seem plenty durable. has a nice metal chuck that can be secured with a key for tougher jobs or without for quick rips through wood. for fun, i started punching holes with a 1/4" bit through concrete and i was able to drive it through 2" in a cautious 30 seconds. the hammer action adds a nice little punch; if you're looking for some serious hammering and hole punching, this might prove to be a little on the weak side, but it's more than enough to drive through concrete and sheet metal. i drilled through both today like a hot knife through buttah. next week, i take on some steel rivets on the ball joints on my car, so maybe i'll update. gripes? this goes with all the major brands on the market. the trigger is fine but the switches (hammer on/off control + forward/reverse controls) seem a bit flimsy to me. end: this is a good drill for a good range of tasks, too pricey for just driving screws and holes through wood and maybe a little bit too weak for punching holes through concrete every day. but if you're like me and take on fairly big home/car/hobby projects, this is a good choice. when shopping, also take a look at what milwaukee offers. they're a legend in the drilling world.
Comfortable in your hand, smooth and powerful drilling
This was my first corded drill purchase in many years. The drilling experience was excellent - it hammers a hole through rock and concrete with ease. Just plug it in and get it done. DeWalt builds a superior product. If you're in the market for a combination standard drill and a hammer drill, look no further - just flip the lever and go from standard to hammer function. Highly recommended.
Good job Dewalt!
I bought this for $50 bucks refurbished, just thinking it would last one project(cheaper then renting). I have had this drill for 3 years now. I use it all the time and it is still going strong!

Good job Dewalt!
Excelente para el hogar y talleres pequeños
Excelente balance entre poder y manejo. Para uso de moderado a pesado. Good tool, excellent balance between power and handle.
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