DEWALT DC9PAKRA Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit

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DEWALT DC9PAKRA Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit with Hammer Drill/Driver, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Right-Angle Drill, Cut-Off Tool, Jig Saw, High-Torque Impact Wrench, Cut-Out Too
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DeWalt DC9PAKRA description

Dewalt Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit with Hammer Drill/Driver, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Right-Angle Drill, Cut-Off Tool, Jig Saw, High-Torque Impact Wrench, Cut-Out Tool, Flexible Floodlight, 2 Batteries, Charger, and 2 Bags. 9 tools to meet almost all of the tools you need for everything from basic remodeling to heavy construction. 18-volt XRP is DeWALTs most popular cordless tool platform. Includes: Hammerdrill/Driver, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Right-Angle Drill, Cut-Off Tool, Jig Saw, High Torque Impact Wrench, Cut-Out Tool, and Flexible Floodlight. Value-add accessories include: 2 heavy-duty 18-volt XRP batteries, 1-hour charger, 2 heavy-duty contractor bags, carbide-tipped circular saw blade, circular saw rip fence.  

DeWalt DC9PAKRA specifications

Jig Saws
Circular Saws
67.5 pounds
Package Height
10.1 inches
Package Width
20.5 inches
Package Length
24.5 inches
Package Weight
55.6 pounds

DeWalt DC9PAKRA reviews

helpful for 5 of 5 people
well worth the large amount of money. Very powerful and so nice to not always have to worry about a cord. Also nice that you have most of any tool u would need in 2 bags. I waited 3-4 years, and am so glad i went ahead and took the plunge. If you look at the tools individually $900(price I paid) is actually a great deal.Its about 75 per tool. I would definitely buy it all over way to go in my opinion. Dewalt really got it right on this set.
helpful for 5 of 5 people
I have had this now for a couple of months. This has been a dream come true.
And my wife is VERY happy as well with my purchase on DeWalt, been getting thing's done now that I have been dragging due to not having the right tools for the job.

Overall I am a HAPPY BUYER with my DeWalt 9 tool kit.

Great Kit!
as a homeowner/weekend warrior who can't bring himself to buy a house that's already been remodeled, a good set of cordless power tools is a must. i bought this set right as we were finishing up our previous house to put it on the market and buying a new old house. so far these tools have been flawless. i've used every one of them so far fairly extensively (except for the grinder) and other than little design issues that could have been done a bit better, i couldn't be happier with this kit.

as a SET of tools it's really unrivaled. after years of buying lousy tools for less money i'm glad i finally took the plunge on this set because i'll probably use them for a long long time. the fit and finish of all of the tools is exceptional. i particularly love the sawzall. it's cut through kitchen cabinets, trees and lumber so far. my neighbor's fence just blew down in a storm so i think it'll get a work out again this weekend. haha.
Lots of tools, not all useful for me
I bought this set specifically to get the right angle drill as part of my first serious cordless set. Overall these tools all have performed well, however buying the full set is not necessarily as cost-effective as may seem at first. Overall battery life for the less demanding applications seems good. I have not used some of the more demanding tools extensively so cannot comment on the battery life for those.

The hammer drill/driver is heavy (as are all the tools once the battery is attached) and the "hammer" mode does not seem to work all that well. I used it to drill a few holes in some cement and it has not seemed to be a tremendous improvement over a normal drill. While I was using a bit intended for masonry, I am not 100% sure it was specifically designed to be used with a hammer drill.

The circular saw is OK - I'm not sure what battery life is like, but it is convenient on occassion. It has good power for short usage at least with a fully charged battery.

The reciprocating saw is very handy - have used it in a couple places where running a cord would have been very difficult. Again it has good power for short usage at least with a fully charged battery but I am not sure what battery life would be like for extended use.

The right angle drill suffers a bit from being too big. I used it with success in a couple tight spots, but still have found myself occassionally needing to use a hand powered right-angle screwdriver as you definitely need 3-4 inches of clearance to use this drill, and even more if the area is far recessed (as the battery orientation increases the clearance needed if you need to reach in far to some opening).

The cut-out tool is perhaps the biggest diappointment. It really is a cut-out tool, with no variable speed adjustment. I had hoped this would be a cordless replacement for my (corded) dremel tool, however the lack of speed adjustment really limits its usefulness.

The impact wrench I have little use for, and only realized after the purchase that most normal sockets are not rated for impact use. I will not likely spring for an impact rated socket set, so if anyone wants to buy a brand-new cordless impact wrench please let me know ;_)

The cut-off tool works OK for door jambs, haven't used it for anything else.

The jig saw is great. The convenience of not having to negotiate around a cord when making involved cuts is very helpful. Power is good and battery life seems good too. The blade locking mechanism is quick and easy, but can be a little fiddling around to get the blade properly seated. Not to worry though as it requires no tools and is quite secure once properly seated.

The light is handy, and one case where the heavy battery is an advantage - it is easy to twist the lens/light in various directions and still have it sit rather securely on the floor.

I consider two batteries the minimum needed for this many tools, and two bags is nice, but realistically I seldom go to a job where I will need all 8 tools at once!
Highly recommended
Have had the 9 piece set for about 4 weeks now and its so far met all my expectations. The only tool I haven't used yet is the cut-out tool but this will probably save the day on some project eventually.
As a woman one thing I really like is the shape of the battery; it is easy to get your hand around to release it from the charger one-handed. My last Bosch battery was so wide I couldn't do that and it was very awkard.
On the down side the hammer drill/driver is a bit heavy compared to the Bosch, not so heavy that I can't use it but heavy enough to make my thumb ache after a day screwing down siding! Its a great tool though. 3 speeds plus the hammer feature.
The circular saw is awesome, lightweight and lightening fast, cuts through stuff like butter. Storage bags are very practical, much better than hard cases. Even the flashlight that I didn't think I'd use is great, powerful light and no more crapped out batteries.
Battery life seems good though I haven't owned the set long enough to see any problems.
All in all a great set for a great price. Once you've got it you'll wonder what you did without it.
Subset review
I don't have this kit. I have the hammer drill and recip saw that I bought in 1996. I use them several times a week in my work as a self employed handyman.

The tools are phenomenal. The drill can break your wrist if you hit something that stops the bit. You'll find more uses for a recip saw than you thought possible once you no longer need to plug it in. They run and run and run. After 10 years I had them refurbished at the Dewalt shop for about $90 each and they're like new tools.

The downgrade is for the batteries. The NiCads supplied don't have all that much capacity and succumb to the reduced charging effect even if the full discharge feature of the charger is used conscientiously. I went to 3rd party NiMH batteries. However, given the money you save with this package discount you can buy 3 or 4 DeWalt Lion batteries and a charger and still come out ahead.
Don't Leave Home without it
I bought this set about 3 years ago and I don't leave home for a job without putting those 2 bags in my truck. I am not a professional, but do a great deal of home improvement and repairs on the side. I have used all of the tools in the set to some extent. Of course the hammer drill and saws get the most work, followed by the angle grinder. The Dewalt tools have held up well to use well above that of a home owner and an occasional clumsy moment of being dropped. I have gone now into my third set of 2 batteries and still am happy with the set. For the price this set is a great value. If you want a smaller set that is a bit lighter you may want to consider some of teh lithium ion tool sets.
Incredible Value
Enough wasting money on less expensive, lesser quality cordless tools!
I finally bit the bullet and went for the 9-tool Dewalt combo and could not be happier.
Don't get scared by the price tag. Add up the individual piece prices, the dependable Dewalt quality and name and it's a no brainer.
Step up!
Great set of battery power tools
I have used this set of battery power tools now for 1 year and all prove to be everything one needs. I have also used the 1/2 drive impact to change tires along the highway.
Lots of great DeWALT Cordless Tools
As usually had the best selection and the BEST price for the DEWALT DC9PAKRA Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Cordless 9-Tool Kit I was looking to purchase. I received them in record time, everything was just as ordered. If you very want to have the most powerful and the greatest number of DeWALT power tools this is the set to get. It has everything and is great to use!! There was a slight problem with the Circular Saw installing the battery, had to knock it on in place very hard, maybe a slight defect in the housing. But was VERY helpful, offering me several options to resolve the issue. They bent over back-wards to please me and they did!! I am very pleased and highly recommend the DeWALT Tool Kit and especially

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