DeWALT DC925KA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit

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DeWALT DC925KA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch  Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit
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DeWalt DC925KA description

The DeWalt hammer drill/driver has a high-efficiency DeWalt-built motor that's capable of delivering 510 unit watts of maximum power for superior performance. And to keep it all running at top-capacity, this drill/driver is powered by an 18-volt XRP extended run-time battery that's designed for steady, reliable use and long life that won't waver mid-task.

The DC925 comes ready to get down to business, with a patented 3-speed, all-metal transmission that lets you easily match the tool's speed to any application. It also features a heavy-duty 1/2-inch, self-tightening chuck that tightens while you work, for impressive bit-gripping torque that never slips or fails. No matter the project, this hammer drill's superior ergonomics are styled to optimize balance, size, and weight -- so it's easy to hold and simple to handle, giving you unparalleled precision on the job. And because it sets a priority on convenience, the DC925KA is built to store standard nut drivers and a variety of screwdriving bit tips right on-board.

This hammer drill/driver boasts three speed settings: 0-450 rpm, 0-1,500 rpm, and 0-2,000 rpm; and it allows for three blow speed settings, too: 0-7,650 bpm, 0-25,500 bpm, and 0-34,000 bpm. It also offers 22 clutch settings and a 1/2-inch, self-tightening chuck. DC925KA weighs only 6.1 pounds and includes a 1-hour charger, two 18-volt XRP batteries, a 360-degree side handle, and a heavy-duty kit box.

What's in the Box: DeWalt 18-volt hammer drill/driver, two 18-volt XRP batteries, 360-degree side handle, heavy-duty kit box.  

DeWalt DC925KA specifications

Hammer Drills
Cordless Kit
DEWALT-built motor delivers 510 unit watts out of power; high-capacity XRP battery offer 40% more ru
Patented 3-speed, all-metal transmission offers three drilling speeds (0-450 rpm, 0-1,500 rpm, 0-2,0
22 clutch settings; heavy-duty self-tightening chuck helps prevent bit slippage and provides better
Includes 2 18-volt XRP batteries, 360-degree side handle, kit box
Drill/driver weighs only 6.1 pounds; 3-year limited warranty
5.25 inches
16 inches
14.25 inches
0 pounds
Package Height
5.6 inches
Package Width
14.6 inches
Package Length
16 inches
Package Weight
14.2 pounds

DeWalt DC925KA reviews

great drill lousy ad!
helpful for 1 of 9 people
the ad said an extra battery came with it. no its does not!
never again
Drill Didn't last for Me
I've owned this drill for 2 and 1/2 years. I used it a good bit to do around the house chores. It worked great for me and has power to do just about anything that I wanted it to do. Unfortunatly, it completely failed on me last week. It didn't show any signs of wear until, while I was doing a really small project the battery started to smoke and catch fire. The whole drill locked up and now it's completely useless. The product support department said it sounded like a short in the trigger.

I paid $270 for this drill hoping that it would be a drill that would last for several years and to my disappointment I don't think I made a good investment.

I am going to send it back to Dewalt for repair because it has a conditional 3 year warranty, but they informed me that they will decide if it was a defect was due to a faulty product or not.

Sadly, I would not recommend this drill to friends or family.
Homeowner Grade Tools
I had this drill for a year and it didn't run true right out of the box. Than the chuck went, installed a new one, than the switch went and after seeing the price of that I just tossed it out. I'm a contractor so my tools get heavy use and after using Dewalt for many years I'm finally tossing them aside. They just don't hold up to real use.

Dewalt does have decent power and that's about all I can say for them anymore.
Great tool for a great price
I wanted to try a cordless hammer drill and like all DeWalt tools they are a bargain that you can't pass up. Most of my tools are 18 volt DeWalt and worth every penny I have spent on them.
The dinosaur has been replaced
Makita makes the BHP451 18 volt hammerdrill which weighs over a pound less than the Dewalt monster and comes with the newer, longer lasting Lithium-ion 3 amp/hour batteries and has more torque. And you can get the Makita at Ebay delivered for about $60 less. Why pay more for more weight, less battery, and less power? I've been a DeWalt cabinet maker for many years, but the time has come to change.
Too much drill - Not enough driver
I used my old DW955 for all-around construction. That drill had only 2 speeds slow for setting screws and faster for drilling. It started to intermittently quit on me after several years usage.
I bought a new DC925KA as a replacement. I won't use the hammer drill function everyday but for a few bucks more it was worth the "insurance" if and when I needed it.
This unit on slow speed HAS NO CLUTCH. Almost useless as a driver.
The other 2 speeds (which for my money are insignificantly different) both offer the clutch.
Lots a power for drilling though.
If your main usage for this tool is 50% drilling and 50% setting screws your wasting your money.
Also when shifting from 1 speed to another be prepared to get it into the next gear with a small amount of power. Almost like double clutching for you old stick shift guys.
I'm getting my DW955 repaired and you may find my DC925 on eBay.
Drill on steriods
I also have a regular Dewalt 18v cordless drill. The 925 is like my other one on steriods. The "heavy duty" notation is correct. This one is a beast. I love it.
My drill took a little swim
One day at the job site, a coworker informed me that he owed me a new drill. Curious, I asked "Why"? He told me that he had accidentally dropped my Dewalt drill/driver into a water filled catch basin and it was still in there.

I ran over to where the catch basin was, saw my drill down in the murky depths, and went in head first to retrieve it. Retrieving the drill was easy enough, but extracting myself from the deep and narrow catch basin, with one hand on my drill, my feet in the air and my head pointing towards China, was proving to be a bit more difficult. Fortunately for me, the fellow who dropped the drill in the catch basin in the first place, Big John, happened to be a 6'6" giant and was able to pull me out by my ankles.

After taking a moment to remind myself to always have an exit strategy in any future power tool rescue attempts (lest there be no around to yank on my ankles) I took my waterlogged drill and ran over to my car. I disconnected the battery from the drill, put both pieces on top of the defrost vents on my dash board, and cranked the defrost on full blast for about half an hour (I had the temperature set on low so that the battery wouldn't explode).

Well, as you may have guessed from my 5-star rating, the Dewalt worked perfectly after that episode, and still works perfectly today, three years later. The water episode, in and of itself, isn't enough to rate 5 stars; it is all the use, abuse, and neglect that the drill endures that really impresses me. I use larger spade and auger bits than it is rated for when there are no corded drills around. I have mixed drywall mud with it, drilled lots of holes in concrete (again with larger bits than what it is rated for), drilled holes in steel and stainless steel, and driven lag bolts. It typically lives on the job site floor several days out of the week. I would say that Dewalt hit the nail on the head when they designed this product, but that doesn't seem a fitting metaphor for a drill, does it?

There are several companies that make a great hammer drill/driver, and I can't say which is really the best. What I can say is that I never feel regret at buying this Dewalt, or look at another company's 18 volt drill and wish that I had bought that brand instead. I am completely satisfied with this product.

power house
The dewalt dc925ka is an arm breaking powerhouse,This drill can power thru just about anythinjg you can throw at it.the self tighting chuck works almost too well, (I drilled out a lock with 1/2 in bit and almost could'nt get the bit out) Just a little on the heavy side
Power and then some
Pro's - Unbelievable torque! Make sure your work is secure and that you have a good grip; if a bit locks into your work (especially steel), you're in for a ride. Good adjustments for different work. I don't use the hammer feature often so I can't speak on that.

Con's - A bulldog (heavy). Not the best for working overhead or arms out horizontal for long periods of time. I have lighter drills if I need them but they don't drive or drill nearly as well.

Overview: I have several different brand 18V drills, some are very good but I dedicated myself to Dewalt 18V tools. I currently have 11 different Dewalt tools (and I don't have them all) that operate off the same battery other manufacture offers that.
Powerful but a bit confusing
I bought this drill to replace my 15 year old trusty Makita 12volt cordless. For outright raw power I think it's great. If you're out there driving a single size screw or drilling through just about anything, it will do a good job. With adjustments for clutch, speed, and (confusing) a feature for screwing or drilling or hamerdrilling, it is versatile, no doubt. However, that's where my praises end. First, it is heavy....not a big thing if you're drilling or screwing straight down. My job, as a garage cabinet installer, calls for veried angles, however, and it can be cumbersome. The other gripe I have is that I have to make sure I have all three adjustments correct if I switch from a 3" screw to a 3/8" drill bit. Personally, I'd buy the Makita again if I had it to do all over again.
dewalt 18 volt hammerdrill and driver
so far i'm very happy with the drill. i own a lot of dewalt tools and this was a very good price.
Great Drill
I have owned many cheaper drills in my life and non of them even come close to the Dewalt XRP. This drill is worth every penny.
DeWALT Hammerdrill DC925KA
This is an excellent tool. It is well made, has plenty of power and was well thought out by DeWALT. It makes fast and enjoyable work out of long and big jobs. It is well worth the money.
Very impressed
This was my first DeWALT purchase and it won't be my last. Easy to use although a bit heavy. It really does the job. This tool has taught me the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

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