Denali 3.6V Lithium-Ion Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Wall-Mountable Charger

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Denali 3.6-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver Kit with Wall-Mountable Charger


Don't be fooled by its compact size, the Denali 3.6-volt lithium ion cordless screwdriver is a powerful tool for serious do-it-yourselfers. The ergonomically designed pistol-grip tool fits into the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 13 ounces. At its heart is a high-tech lithium-ion rechargeable battery that delivers 20 percent more torque—that is, turning power—than comparable nickel-cadmium batteries.

And if you're tried of battery-powered tools that are always dead when you need them, you're going to love this Denali screwdriver: its lithium-ion battery will hold a charge for over 18 months! Leave it in your desk, under the kitchen sink, or on your workbench, and this little powerhouse will always be ready when you are. It takes about 10 hours to fully charge the battery the very first time, but after that, recharging takes between five and seven hours. The tool has a series of three battery indicator lights that lets you know when recharging is required.

The Denali 3.6-volt Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver is ideal for all light- to medium-duty screw-driving and hole-drilling chores, including hanging curtain rods, drilling pilot holes for nails or screws, assembling furniture and toys, installing window shades, attaching cabinet hinges and door pulls, and countless other home repair and improvement projects. It's even equipped with an LED work light that makes it easy to work in dark spaces. The tool comes in a convenient zippered nylon case, along with the plug-in charger, and a 20-piece accessory kit (five titanium-coated drill bits, and 15 assorted screw-driving tips). -- Joseph Truini

What's In The Box: Denali 3.6-volt lithium-ion cordless screwdriver, zippered storage case, plug-in charger, 20-piece accessory kit, wall mountable charger

About Denali

Named after the tallest mountain range in North America, Denali tools stand above the rest in providing an exceptional blend of quality craftsmanship, professional-grade features, and customer value. All homeowners, hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, and price-conscious contractors will appreciate Denali's design and functionality. Denali products compliment one another and will be an indispensable and long-lasting addition to any home or workshop. Our products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure high performance standards. Denali tools are available exclusively on  


Compact/lightweight design makes working in tight spaces easier
Nose mounted LED light provides added light source
Equipped with battery level indicator lights and a comfortable cushion grip handle
Lithium ion battery technology provides 20-Percent more torque and holds a charge for up to 1-1/2 ye
Includes durable carrying/storage case featuring a built in 20-Piece accessory set and wall mountabl
Package Height
6 inches
Package Width
7.4 inches
Package Length
7.8 inches
Package Weight
2.75 pounds


Simply not enough power
I'm surprised the other critical reviews didn't mention this, but I guess that might be the difference between "light duty" and using it for a serious job. Not having a lot of experience/knowledge perhaps I should know what to expect with a 3.6v unit. Here are the circumstances under which I used it so you can be the judge:

I charged it up overnight, took it off the charger in the morning and used it late that day to install a chin-up bar which requires 5 screws on each side. I drilled the 5 holes (through the stud) on the first side with the unit which worked, but it was getting tough toward the end of each drill but they did go through, and then I tried to fasten the bracket on with the screws - the unit will not drive the screws in all the way. I had to finish the job using a manual screwdriver.

Incidentally, I got this for $30 as part of a goldbox deal, I see the REGULAR price has since DROPPED to $25 - so it looks like they're really trying to move these.

Some may say it is a good light-duty unit, good for what it is and the amount of power it has. I suppose in the end it depends on the application, but I just don't see the point of even having an electric screwdriver if there's just not that much power to it, thus the two star rating. I suppose in a situation where you just don't need a lot of power but a lot of repitition, perhaps repeatedly assembling manufactured furniture at a store or something. Otherwise I don't see it saving you much time over using a manual screwdriver.
Does not have enough power.
It looks very good and the carrying case is well made. It would be a nice tool if the screwdriver has adequate power. First, even when the battery is fully charged you still can not use it for light-duty screw-driving or hole-drilling chores. Second, if you try any drill bit from the accessory kit, you'll find that it is not straight (so it is very difficult to make a hole at the exact spot you want). Also the battery definitely won't hold for over 18 months! Not even 18 days in my case. I ordered this kit 18 months ago and just put it in my garage after using it a couple of times. It is almost useless.
Cordless screwdriver
Very nice item. It is very easy to use. There is nothing complicated about this cordless screwdriver. Since receiving this item, my husband and I have used it several times. Really great and handy to have.
No Longer Charges
We bought this in July of 2008, and it no longer will accept a charge. I will say before this, it was the perfect size for me, and worked exceptionally well for the size.

Just what I have been looking for!
Just what I have been wanting. Small, compact, rechargeable and very handy to have in my "house kit" without having to go out to hubby's shop and get a big drill for my small projects.
Excellent Performance
This unit really works well. I particularly like the size and the ease of using it. Because of the design, you can put good pressure on the screw and not strip the head which can happen easily with other electric screwdrivers. Stongly recommended.
Cheap in everything
Got one of them a year ago. I haven't used too much but when I needed it, the unit wouldn't charge anymore. When connected to the power supply all the three LED was blinking fast... (a condition not described in the manual).

So I contacted Amazon about the problem, they sent me a replacement unit for a good price (discounted, since they could not replace it for free anymore).
The new unit arrived and, although it is supposed to be the same, I have found some important differences:

- they removed the power supply connector from the unit: now if you want to recharge it you can only do it through the base (in the previous one you have the option to connect the power supply directly to the unit or through the base).
- the contacts between the base and the unit did not work very well... so charging now is a problem: I have to push the unit down to the base several times to charge it (eventually I have to put a book on top of it to push it down). This is unfortunate problem because without the old connector I cannot charge the unit like before!

Other problems:
- The small magnet that is supposed to hold the heads came off after few hours... now when I remove the heads the magnet stays attached to the head... very annoying: to insert the new head I have the move the magnet in the new head and force it down (not easy to insert at this point). The alternative? remove the magnet, but then the head will fall continuously...
- Not powerful: as soon as it feel some resistance, it stops... useless. It also makes some very bad noise when torque is applied... I don't remember this sound in the older unit. So far I've been using only to drill small holes in drywall, or when I have a lot of (long) screws to put in, but at the end I had to tight everything with a manual screwdriver as the unit can't tight them well enough.

I regret I haven't kept the older unit, it would have been better to replace the battery and use the older screwdrivers probably... but is this the kind of trouble you want to go through ?

Conclusion: get something else. You basically get what you paid for...
Loved it till it broke
The front half snapped off under very light pressure when I used it to pry an outlet cover. Unrepairable. I liked it until then, light and decent torque. Oh well, it was a good week we had together.
I finally got my drill!
I was so happy to see this drill in the daily deal section because I have been wanting a power drill for a long time so I snapped it up. My friend was skeptical about it's size and appearance when he first looked at it but when he tried it out he said it was a very good drill. It was inexpensive to begin with but the daily deal made it practically a steal!
Nice Aid for Lazy Handymen and Women
This will be a quick review. Bought this on sale for $20 here on Amazon. Liked the idea it has a Lithium Ion battery instead of NiMH or NiCad. It comes with more than a dozen bits, and a nice case. Small, easy to handle, and comfortable to hold, it's perfect for light duty jobs. Don't expect it to replace a drill or sink long screws into hardwood, but if you need to hang stuff, save time turning those long machine screws, or just be lazy instead of using a screwdriver, this guy does the trick. A tad more power would be nice, but this driver is far from useless.

Maybe it's time to toss my 30 year old Black & Decker, that long since lost its ability to hold a charge.

I am very pleased with this purchase
This is just plain cool!
I don't do a ton of household repairs but often enough I have to tighten a screw or drill a small hole and this handy tool is just so easy to use. I have a more powerful drill if I have to fix a fence but for just a loose screw or something, this is perfect.

Best part? It has a little light that shines on the screw head!
Great Gift for the Money
I purchased this as a gift and my son loves it. He says it is perfect for his apartment living. It is good quality for the money.
Great drill -wall mountable
I love this drill. Best deal for a lithium ion small drill. period
Not bad,......... not bad at all
This little unit actually surprised the hell out of me. It works well for small quick jobs and you can get into tight spots easily. My 19 volt, though powerful, is overkill not to mention LARGE. The little day to day jobs is what this is made for and it does it well.
ok for small lighter projects
had it for a little less than a year... upon removing 4 heavy screws from a datacenter rack, the head snapped off. it was an occasional use light duty screwdriver, and was moderatly good considering the cost, although it lasting longer would have given it 4 stars, and a bit more power (just more torque, or another cell) would give a 5 star for a rating. the battery life is acceptible considering the size and lack of weight (light weight, hence broke). the lithium is a must, as you charge it and 3 months later it is still charged (for the most part). i will never get a ni-cad again, if lithium rechargable is avail. my $3.50
Not bad for little jobs...
This product is pretty decent for little things, like adding handles in the kitchen or putting together desks. if you want to use it for putting screws into wood, don't bother, it not powerful enough.
bought two for gift's and my dad and father inlaw both love them and I use mine all the time what A great buy!!!!
Great price to quality ratio. Definitely worth the price for small jobs.
Compact, light, portable with decent power for its size. Has a small assortment of bits and a mounting bracket/charger and case. Great gift for a college student or someone who will do small jobs around the house.
Nice for the price
OUTSTANDING!!! I had purchased this product for a birthday present for my dad but after all the praise he gave to tool I ended up getting one for myself. Awesome little item for around the casa and unbeatable for the price. Add the low prices $19.99 accessory kit and your good to go...Recommended! Recommended! Recommended!
Love it!
It's perfect - I find myself using it everytime I need a screwdriver now - no need at all for the old ones!!!
A great little tool
I really thought about buying the Denali cordless screwdriver a long time before actually doing it. There were quite a number of negative reviews for this tool and the price was so low I figured it might be a piece of junk.

However, the complaints about the Denali were mostly from people who expected the tool to be some sort of miniature cordless drill with the capacity to drive deck screws or drill holes in hardwood boards all day. To me, that seemed to be a matter of unreal expectations for a small 3.6V battery powered tool. The majority of reviews were positive and they described the Denali cordless screwdriver as an excellent tool for small `around the house' jobs. I finally went ahead and purchased the thing.


1. It was smaller than my aging Black and Decker cordless screwdriver.
2. The Denali had a light in the nose, useful for finding screw heads in dark places.
3. The screwdriver had a long life (always ready) Li-Ion battery. Many others did not.
4. It is actually a cordless screwdriver kit, complete with charger, driver and drill bits in a nice Cordura carrying/storage bag.
5. There is a three light charge indicator on the tool so you know how much power is left in the battery.
6. The forward/reverse switch can be controlled while holding the driver in one hand.
7. The fit and finish is excellent.
8. The price was a bargain for such a high-quality tool.
9. The complaining reviews were usually unwarranted except in a few cases where the tool was defective.

If you need a cordless screwdriver, the Denali is for you. If you need a hefty cordless drill, buy a DeWalt 18V unit and build a house with it. Otherwise get a Denali, charge it up and keep it in that kitchen junk drawer in case a cupboard hinge needs tightening or a toaster needs fixed.
Exelent Product
I enjoy The ease of use of the Denali so much that I just ordered the companion products for the driver.
Sort of OK for... I don't know what.
Not really a very useful tool! Slow turning with little torque and poor quality accessories.
Purchased this tool to install electrical outlets and faceplates. Much lighter than my 18V. Holds charge well. I would recommend this tool for this type of use.
Nice screwdriver, but......
I have purchased this item for my work. I do alarm/security work and need something small like this item to screw in small security equipment. Screwdriver did the job, but it lacks some power. Takes a bit longer to screw screw into wall.If Denali could add more power to this screwdriver it would be great and awesome product.
Great Buy!
Got this on Today's Deals and what a great buy.
It's a great tool to have around for assembling small items.
It's nice to have a small cordless tool for hard to reach places and the light is a pretty nice feature. Power is perfect for what I'm using it for.
Bought this product due to size ane accessories.First one I got did not work at all and Amazon 2 day replacement GREAT, The second unit has a very short battery life while painting and removing light and receptacle covers the batter last less tha a hour. Not very use full . With such a shor hattery life.
Feisty Little Drill, A Little Too Ambitious
This feisty little drill comes in a great package - with a lot of bits for driving bolts and screws, but the drilling comes off a bit short with the few included bits. You'll drill wood without a doubt, but with a lot of effort.

It's a feisty drill with a higher than normal RPM for its size, but that doesn't help in terms of getting the job done, especially when drilling. Getting those IKEA furniture pieces built is a snap with a tool like this, which has a whole host of bits. If you have small home projects, this is the item.

Great for smaller apartments and those who don't want/need the power of a 18v drill.
great value, limited features
This tool is a great value but is missing features you may decide you need: variable speed, a latching chuck, and an adjustable clutch. Buy it if these features aren't critical for your application or if you're looking for a particularly small light weight tool for simple tasks.
It's kept up it's end of the bargin so far...
was tired of buying the "B" n decker stuff and looked at other 'reasonable' options, just a household user, enjoy the convenience of these. Came across the Denali, read some reviews, liked the overall look, package and additional goodies, bought two, one for home, one for the cabin. Have used them both since then, again, just usual things. Partner complained while trying to turn 2" screws into a 4x4, I said it's not built for that. I guess you have to know where to draw the line between using this or breaking out the power drill. Will prob. pick up a couple for holiday gifts this year.
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