Bosch 1591EVSK 6.4 Amp Barrel Grip Jig Saw

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Bosch 1591EVSK 6.4 Amp Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Bosch 1591EVSK description

Top Handle Jigsaw With 6.5A, 4 Stage Orbital Action, 3 Way Blade Clamping System Firmly Grasps T-Shank Blades, Lever Activated Blade Change System With Ejector, Variable Speed Control Dial, Adjustable Dust Blower & Tool-Less Foot Adjustment.  

Bosch 1591EVSK specifications

Jig Saws
6.4 amp barrel grip jigsaw; four-position stroke control; integrated, adjustable blower
Variable speed trigger (500-2,800 strokes per minute); one-touch blade change
Durable hard plastic body; soft grip
Includes saw, 3 blades, anti-splitter insert, no-mar overshoe, carrying case
10.8 pounds; 1-year warranty
14.6 inches
4.9 inches
15.7 inches
11 pounds
Package Height
4.9 inches
Package Width
14.6 inches
Package Length
15.8 inches
Package Weight
10.8 pounds

Bosch 1591EVSK reviews

Its worth it
After a horrible jigsaw, this jigsaw made everything easy----straight cuts, curved cuts, changing blades, etc .... Its totally worth it after the aggravation of a cheap tool.
i cant even imagine a finer made tool.
i cant even imagine a finer made tool. in fact,ill stick with Bosch provided they have a version of my next power tool.wont even give it a second thought.

im a guy that for the most part is not one single bit "brand loyal" . i study as many reviews as i can find for any given product. the brand or company name means nothing to me. with luck,after a purchase,i usually have no regrets.
i must say,id defiantly give Bosch the first look for my next power tool purchase, simply based on the quality of this saw.

i have only used mine for a half way done, small, pull around kitchen island (19.5"X24",counter top height) with cutting board top,2 doors,one shelf and a vertical slot along one of the face frame sides,aside the central door for a removable 2nd cutting board.(i hope she likes it)

much of the saw cutting was done with this Bosch 1591EVS (mine dosent say the K after the EVS) jig saw. whats the K stand for?

i got tear out but it may have been the wrong choice in blade or the speed,i dunno....... but i intended to skim coat it with bondo anyhow,then sand,primer and paint using colors my daughter picked out,as its for her.
this may be the best quality tool i have ever first real woodworking project as well.
i cant imagine better quality in a power tool.
bosch tools
Finally got a tool that lives up to its billing. No more cheap tools.
This thing is hefty, smooth operation, easy blade change and glides thru most wood products.
Bosch 1591EVSK is the finest.
I am a woodworker and this 1591 is the finest jig saw that i have ever used. It is powerful and it is accurate. The blade guides are very similar to what you would find on a band saw making it possible to split a pencil line and have a true 90 degree cut.

With the correct blade, I believe you can cut just about anything in any shape that you want to.

I chose the 1591 over the 1590 because I find the barrel grip suites me better for the majority of my tasks.
Surprised how good it is...
I needed more horsepower in a jigsaw than the small Makita I have had for years. I was really questioning the barrel grip, but because of the good ratings, I ordered this one over the the one with the standard handle. When it came out of the box, it felt too heavy/ackward in my hand, and I was afraid I had made a mistake. But as soon as I tried it out, I was extremely impressed. It felt good in my hand (I have small hands). The control was excellent, and I like the blower that blows the dust out of the way, although you may want to sometimes wear goggles. The quality of control and cut is excellent. I know it is a lot of $$, but if you do much jig sawing or need high quality cuts, it is worth it.
This is the hot knife, and everything else is butter.
I needed a new scroll saw, and I decided to take the plunge on a barrel grip design. I'll admit the grip feels a little weird the first couple of times you use it, but once you do, you'll never want to go back. I found it very comfortable and accurate. After awhile, you'll begin to realize that it is a much more natural grip that offers far better control than the traditional grips. And let's face it: if you're breaking out the scroll saw, you're usually doing it because you need to make a precise, controlled cut. In that department, this saw excels.

I was also pleased with the blade-changing feature. It is far simpler than changing the blade on my old hand-me-down saw. To remove a blade, simply slide the switch on the front. To insert a blade, simply press it in. How much simpler could it be?

The saw comes with a case, and 3 blades (metal, speed wood, precision wood). The only quibble I have is the location of the power button. If you're right handed, the switch is below your thumb on the left side of the device. That means while the saw is running, you'll have to turn it off with your left hand which can be awkward.
Great jigsaw
This is the best jigsaw that I have ever owned. The barrel grip is much more controllable that the handle on top style. The blade loading and extraction is as easy as it could be - simply slip the blade in and it locks - slide the blade release lever and the blade drops out of the saw. The saw operation is smooth with little vibration and plenty of power. A great jigsaw!
The best
I like this item very much. It works good and all the time I order by Amazon, my items come on time, I really recommend this item .

If it were a watch... it would be a Rolex
A fitting title since a Rolex and the Bosch jigsaw are both made in Switzerland.

To call the Bosch 1591EVSK merely a tool would be an injustice. Is Michelangelo just another painter? The craftsmanship and engineering put into this instrument is truly amazing. I bought mine from Amazon about 9 months ago for $142.00. For such a high quality product I don't know how in the hell Bosch can sell it for that and make a profit. The barrel grip is beautiful. It feels substantial and good in your hand. The machine in operation is like an extension of my thought process.

Other jigsaw blades snap like toothpicks. Try bending, let alone breaking a Bosch blade! The fit and finish are superb. Smooth as silk in operation. For the money, hands down this is the best jigsaw made. My only regret is Amazon will only allow me to give it 5 stars. I would have given it 10.
Absolutely an excellent tool. I do not like to use any other similar saw anymore.
Great tool!
I have this jigsaw. While it is a fine looking tool, in action it is the best! I was required to make a modification of the plexi light columns in the Neiman-Marcus Christmas window display, cutting MDF, plexi, steel and other materials, the saw was a wonder. I got mine!
Better than advertized
I am particularly happy with this model. I especially like the barrel grip/low center of gravity. It operates very smoothly. I had a very old Craftsman before this one. The new features (i.e., quick blade change, blower, and blade clamping system) make this tool a dream to use.
Powerful, precise
I'd used a Bosch 1584 for a year or so in an open sculpture studio, so when I decided to buy, I got the 1591, which is similar. The 1591 has a simplified blade change mechanism that is handy when switching rapidly from steel to wood and back.

The saw is comfortable to use, much more powerful than entry-level offerings, and well-designed for accurate cutting of sheet steel (usually 16 gauge for my projects). The 1591 cuts pine boards smoothly and the angle setting holds (not always true for cheaper jig saws). One can work very rapidly with this power tool; in addition, the carrying case has handy extra space for different blades, guides, etc.

Highly recommended.
Worth Every Penny. Don't settle for the D-handle
I came to this jigsaw from an older B&D Professional. That was not a bad saw, but the lateral blade support was not in the same caliber as this one's.

The smoothness is also unrivalled, as is the blade change mechanism. I never realized how sweet the electronic speed control would be until I'd used it. One simply sets the right speed, switches the saw on, and goes to work. It simply doesn't slow down under load due to the beefy 6.4 A motor.

The only time I'd recommend against the barrel grip version is if you do a lot of vertical cutting. In that position, this saw is harder to hold onto, because the motor is so big in diameter. When working flat, it is not na issue.

The dust blower works great too; no more huffing and puffing trying to keep the cut line clear. The cord is a high grade rubber one that doesn't get all stiff when it is cold. This may just be my last jigsaw. (and I'm only 31)
I can't believe how good this tool is!
This barrel grip jig saw has replaced my old trusty, (but clumsy) Craftsman top handle saw and I can't believe how much I LOVE this tool. First it just feels good in the hand. Heavy enough to keep it steady and on track, it doesn't jump around like my old Sears one did. No matter where you grip this thing you have complete control going around circles in either direction. It's built like a tank and, of course, the instant blade changing just makes me smile every time I need to do it. It's actually fun to use a tool that works this good. I've only used it on plywood so far but it flies through it like butter with the course blades. Leaves a nice smooth cut but with the big tooth blades there was some chip out which can be eliminated by changing the orbit setting. A great tool that would satisfy all who love tools. Highly recommended.
Yup, it's a good one
Very impressed. After experience with the previous Bosch model barrel grip, this is definitely a step ahead.

I just scribed an irregular panel to an opening and was able to stay EXACTLY on my scribed line. The panel fit could not have been better.

A saw this accurate becomes much more versatile than a typical jigsaw. The other reviews are dead-on and this one is worth the money. They helped me make the decision to buy this after trying a DeWalt that had very poor blade support.

The precision blade guide system is indeed extraordinarily effective and with the right blade keeps the blade from wandering. I did not think it was possible for a jigsaw to be this precise.

The case is in my opinion completely adequate (unlike another review)

Lastly, the saw is actually made in Switzerland. When was the last time you saw a power tool made in Switzerland?

Basically, this saw makes this cynical woodworker sound like a shill for Bosch. If you new me, you'd know that that says a lot :)

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