Bosch 1587AVSK Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit

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Bosch 1587AVSK 5 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit

Bosch 1587AVSK description

Bosch invented the jig saw, and, with its top-handle models, it's getting close to perfecting it. The 1587AVSK has a nicely shaped handle, tapered where other saws are not, and a nice rubber grip that lets users (of all hand sizes) steer the tool firmly in hand. (Some toolmakers ignore ergonomics, but not Bosch--and we appreciate it.) The safety mechanism works well with the trigger, and the cut is super smooth. We like the variable-speed dial, the light weight, and the foot plate's plastic cover, which ensures that surfaces won't get scratched as they can by saws with metal plates. The blade-change system--if a little tricky at first--works great. No question about it, this jig saw keeps up Bosch's reputation as one of the prime movers in the power tool industry. --Michael Shilling  

Bosch 1587AVSK specifications

Jig Saws
Powerful 5 Amp motor, 500-3100 SPM
Tool-free blade change system - For fast and easy blade changes
Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp mechanism - For superior blade hold
Low-vibration design - Ensures extremely smooth operation
4-Stage orbital action adjusts blade motion - To match workpiece and cutting task
0 pounds
Package Height
5.3 inches
Package Width
13.3 inches
Package Length
14.9 inches
Package Weight
9.2 pounds

Bosch 1587AVSK reviews

Nice saw
I won't repeat what the previous reviews and this saw is replacing a Dewalt that I've had for years. The yellow saw was a quality machine but the Bosch makes it feel like a Black & Decker. The balance and quality of cut is excellent and the easy, tool free blade change is just icing on the cake.
Good, maybe not great
I haven't used this tool much yet. It replaces a top handled Bosch that served me very well for twenty years or so. What finally gave out on the old saw was the blade changing mechanism, and really that was my fault. The new saw is made in China, but that is not necessarily bad. However it might be something to look into before assuming that this Bosch will be as good as the old tools were.
Ten Years
I had an equipment rental business for ten years. This is the jigsaw I rented. The same one for ten years, no breakdowns, no problems. After all that time and abuse it still cut perfectly. I sold the business and as far as I know that same jigsaw is still being rented out.
Great saw
This is a great, comfortable saw. It cuts very price, smooth, and turns well. The power is controllable and grip is great.
blade change nightmare
this saw worked well,cut well,quiet,smooth, but the blade change is real bad. the cheap plastic turn lever broke the second time i used it,a very poor design. for that reason i would never recommend this saw
an essential tool
I bought mine back in 98. I have used it frequently and still works like new. I prefer this model over the long skinny screw driver model because I know I would have lost that screw driver ten years ago. Anyone getting into any type of carpentry or fabrication should buy this as there 1st saw and they will be very please with it for years to come.
Bosch 1587AVSK Jig Saw
This jig saw is top of the line. Very good product, with the quality you would expect from Bosch! You won't be disappointed!
Sold Out
bought my first bosch jigsaw in 2002, still in perfect running order. Could not pass up the good deal found online, however dissapointed my newly purchased saw was made in china. Seems everything these days is made there.
Wonderful Piece of Machinery
It takes a while and repeated reading to understand how to change the blades, but once learned, it is quick, easy, safe, and blades lock securely. That aside, the saw is a well made piece of smooth machinery which runs flawlessly and allows precise cuts. There is no wobble or vibration. The heft of this piece of equipment makes its operation smooth, although the size may make sharp zig zags more cumbersome than what may be enjoyed with a smaller unit. This was my first Bosch purchase, and it made me a Bosch fan.
Forget about this one, buy the 1590EVSK.
The $50 extra is well worth it. The 1590EVSK has a much better blade-change system, substantially more power, a better shoe tilt mechanism, a shorter shoe projection in front (you can cut closer), and FEELS a lot more high-quality!
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