Bosch 1584AVSK Barrel Grip Jig Saw with Case

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Bosch 1584AVSK Barrel Grip Jig Saw with Case
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Bosch 1584AVSK description

This is the barrel-grip version of Bosch's bestselling top-handle 1587 model. Many woodworkers prefer the barrel grip on this model, however, arguing that it's easier to cut scrolls and curves when the saw is pushed forward (as opposed to down). Aside from the difference in grip, this saw is much like its top-handle counterpart: the balance is superb, the 5 amp motor packs plenty of power, the foot plate tilts left and right (up to 45 degrees), and the base retracts for flush cutting. The tool-free blade-changing system also works well. Simply put, this a compact, powerful, well-designed saw--a perfect buy for users who prefer barrel grips. --Jon Groebner  

Bosch 1584AVSK specifications

Jig Saws
Adjustable die-cast aluminum footplate
Powerful 5 Amp motor, 500-3100 SPM
Tool-free blade change system - For fast and easy blade changes
Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp mechanism - For superior blade hold
Variable speed dial - Match speed to work-piece and task
5.50 pounds
Package Height
4.4 inches
Package Width
13.5 inches
Package Length
15.4 inches
Package Weight
9.45 pounds

Bosch 1584AVSK reviews

Un freakin believable
Same as everybody else's review - - this thing is amazing. How many times can we write "hot knife through butter" ? How many times can reviewers repeat that the saw is stable and quiet, and makes satiny smooth cuts, that tool changes and adjustments are easy?

I think I read some comments that the barrel grip has a bit of a learning curve. I don't know why - - I just grabbed it and got to work.
The best !!!
I've gone through 3 other jig saws in my woodworking career and now that I'm doing it commercially, this is the only one that can handle the work. From custom cabinets to framing, this is the saw I needed all the while.
This is the best Jig Saw I've ever owned, and I've had Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt and Craftsman / B&D. This is the best balanced of them all for doing any kind of crown molding installs. It's small body with a coping foot attached is by far the best time saver any trim installer could own.

It does get hot when used for long periods of time, so watch your hands....Ouch!
best jig saw
I have been in the carpentry field for over 30 years, this is the best jig saw I have ever used.
Nice Jig Saw
Bought this for coping crown molding with the collins coping foot. It's nice. The only thing for me, because I am using this upside down to cut the molding, is that the metal housing gets a little hot when I've got it cutting for a while. Not a bad thing because I am holding it in a way not directly the way it was designed for use.

I like it.

GREAT Saw, can be used in lieu of a circular saw and can cut through anything ! But the blades take practice changing !
GREAT Saw, can be used in lieu of a circular saw and can cut through anything ! But the blades take practice changing !

The secret is the blades and Bosch now makes the blades available for different manufacturer jig and saber saws.

Let me say there has never been any piece of wood or board this thing hasn't been able to rip through, I've even cut down mid size tree and the stump with the rough wood blade.

The variable speed trigger is smooth so you can use this saw for fine craft work too.

Just like every other reviewer, I have to reiterate the blades are tedious to change, it is a tool less system that has to be finessed. TIP: When it arrives and you've made a few cuts, practice removing and replacing the blades until you have the routine down. This is important because the blade will warble if it isn't tight, this happened to us but no one was injured.

If you already have a nice jigsaw and want the same cutting power, see if Bosch is offering their blades for your model, the bi-opposition teeth design is the real secret.
Bosch Barrel Grip Jigsaw
This is the second barrel grip jigsaw I've owned by Bosch. I really like this style. I was surprised to still be able to find these available. I can remember using these back in the 90's and on the job we didn't want to touch another jig. In fact my friend cared for this tool like it was a child always boxing it up when finished. On a construction site most tools just get plopped in the tool box.

I was always surprised no one else really copied this style. I think Makita makes a similar design but apples to apples they don't compare in my opinion. I seem to remember the Makita being much heavier and expensive. Bosch really did right when they designed these. My old one still worked fine,..the only thing I had done on it was the old on the job cord replacement. That's when you chop an extension cord and give your tool a new lease on life the fast way.

The only jig currently on the market for me!
The Rolls Royce of jigsaws
I previously had a small, low cost B&D jigsaw. I decided it was time I switch to something more stable, more powerful. And this one does that and much more! It feels so stable with no blade deflection, you can make clean cuts even on the top face and with a coarse blade. Of course you will get better results with more precautions, but that shows the difference in quality. This is definitely one of my top tools.
Wonderful, but a bit big
I bought this saw and have used it a lot in refurbishing an old house. It is a powerful and excellent saw and it cuts exceptionally true even through very thick stock. The only problem some people might have with it is that it is quite large and heavy. I have large hands so this is not a serious problem but thank God I did not buy the even larger Bosch model which is REALLY huge! Also, changing blades is a pain if you do not do it all the time since the procedure is overly complicated. No wonder they put it on the barrel of the saw!
I have to admit I was shocked how much easier it was to control this saw with the barrel grip. There is only one thing I would change, although minor, it would be nice if the variable speed control was located on the front of the saw. Overall I would highly recommend this product to both the weekend warrior and the profesional contactor / master carpenter. You will not be dissapointed.

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