Skil HD5510 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

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Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

SKIL HD5510 description

We'd wager that about 95 percent of the instances you use a circular saw, this little dynamo would be your saw of choice. Stacked up next to the 7-1/4-inch saws, some of which weigh twice as much as this one, it sacrifices nothing in power or performance, but it's so much easier to use that the bigger boys in your toolbox would be gathering some dust.

It's an amazingly light 6-1/2 pounds, and quite honestly, it feels like a toy when you first pick it up. But don't be fooled by its petite dimensions. It plows across a 2-by-8 like nobody's business, and if you're used to a bigger, heavier circular saw, you can't help but be delighted by how beautifully it handles. Taking it through a ¾-inch sheet is a joyride.

The left-side blade is perfect for right-handers, offering a nice clear sightline, and all the adjustments are convenient and easy to use. The bevel lever is up front, and the action is smooth and easy to set precisely. Depth of cut adjusts from the back, and that, too, is done easily.

If there are any caveats, we think it would be only that your capacity is slightly less with this little Skil as opposed to a bigger model, in that you can't cut a 45-degree bevel on 2-by stock with this, and you're at your max depth of cut at 90 degrees on a 2-by.

For everything else, this is an absolute beauty of a saw that will never tax your back, your shoulder or your arm. Contractors who find themselves climbing ladders or working on scaffolds will especially love this saw, as well as homeowners who don't feel confident taking on a beefy saw but still want to get the job done. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste

What's in the Box
Saw, blade wrench, combination blade


SKIL HD5510 specifications

Circular Saws
5-1/2-inch circular saw with left side blade for greater visibility; precision cut helical gears for
Ball bearing construction; high torque motor for extra power
2-year limited warranty on equipment
Zero adjust foot plate; 6.5 amps power; 1-3/4-inch cutting depth at 90-degrees and 1-5/16-inch at 45
Portable and easy to use at 6.5-pounds overall weight
8.5 pounds
Package Height
8 inches
Package Width
9.5 inches
Package Length
12 inches
Package Weight
8.2 pounds

SKIL HD5510 reviews

workhorse tool
I am very pleased with the combination of power and light weight with this saw.
This is now my cutting tool of choice, and I use my 7-1/4 inch saw only for thicker stock.
I have never in my life used a skil saw and let me say this, the ease of use was simply amazing, I am a lefty who have no prob with this really light saw what-so-ever. I have never been happier with a tool then i am with this one...
At first I was very happy with this purchase, but the depth adjustment bar got bent and tweaked everything else out of alignment. It is ok for occasional use, but if you intend to use it a lot I would go with the 7-1/4" porter cable.
Good but not Great Saw
A little smaller and a little lighter is a positive. Lack of a second handhold is a negative. The bugger is tough to hang on to with one hand in awkard positions. THIS SAW HAS A 1/2 INCH ARBOR. None of the literature mentions this and many, including me, order the wrong blade. Overall a usefull saw.
Best Saw I ever used...
This is the best saw for your money. It's light in weight, and has the power of a big saw. I have cut lumber for hours on end, and It don't make your arm feel tired. It's got power to burn, and it's light weight. Ron
Handy size, adequate power for 1-1/2" deep cuts
I read all the reviews before buying. Wound up getting this one to replace my older 13A Makita 7-1/4" saw. The Makita had unstoppable power, but that is not what I need. I'm a woodworker, and I use this to break down sheet goods and cut hardwood to rough size. It is working pretty hard to rip 5/4 Ash, but it gets 'er done. For 3/4" plywood, it is no effort at all.

If you don't cut through materials thicker than 1-1/2", this is a great saw. It weighs probably half of what my Makita did, and that was with the aluminum shoe. The steel shoe of this saw follows aluminum edge guides without binding. (aluminum to aluminum always binds up) The left blade design is great for righties.

As for the blade selection, I admit that it isn't extensive. It is only really extensive for the 7-1/4" saws. However, I have what I need. The included blade is not carbide tipped and is pretty much a throw-away. I bought the Skil brand carbide ripping blade. I also found a higher tooth count carbide tipped blade at a local tool store. The key to getting clean cuts in sheet goods with this (or any) circular saw is to make a zero clearance shoe that goes over the stock shoe.

If you need to cut 4x4s, this isn't the saw for you. But if you need it to break down sheet goods and cut stuff up to 1-1/2" thick, this one is really handy. So far, I haven't missed my 7-1/4" Makita at all.
Great Small Job Saw
Bought this because I wanted a smaller corded circular saw with the blade on the left, like my ridgid cordless circular saw. I was tired of the batteries being dead all the time. I like the blade on the left because I am right handed and like to see what I am cutting when I am cutting it. I think this is a perfect saw for small jobs. It is very lightweight and small unlike the bohemoth 7 1/2 inch circular saws. The only possible problem is you can pretty much only cut through 2" stock with the 5 1/2 inch blade. This is however not a problem to me. It has great power and feels very sturdy. If I dropped it I know it would be a problem because it would bend out of alignment, but any circular saw would. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for a light duty compact circular saw.
This saw will make an expert out of you
This is my go to saw when I have a lot of sheet stock cutting to do. My barn burned down recently, and unfortunately it had 30 sheets of ½" O.S.B. in it that I was going to put on the roof of my house. It was stacked on its long edge on the cement floor leaning against the outside wall. Several of the outer sheets were gone completely and all the others were charred on both ends and the long top edge to some degree.
Even though O.S.B. is cheaper than dirt at the moment it is against my nature to throw away something that might be used in the future, so I set up a couple of saw horses and proceeded to remove the charred edges of the remaining sheets. I think I can use this material to rebuild my old chicken coup. I used a straight edge and marked my cut lines and went to town with this little saw. It is very easy to cut long straight lines due to the total lack of vibration and the great sight line for a right handed user. It cuts almost as good as a table saw with a little practice.

I trimmed about 25 of the remaining sheets of O.S.B. for use on future projects cutting about 16 foot on each sheet, 4 foot on both ends and the 8 foot long top edge. This saw gave me great results. It also does a great job on 2x lumber for cross cutting and ripping. It is small and light weight and it will make a professional out of the average user in a hurry.

It is so much better than the average 7 ¼" consumer saw that I can't even find the words to describe it.

Due to its low power draw it can be used with smaller extension cords and smaller generators if being used where power is not available. It has a long flexible power cord, a great sight line, no vibration. The only thing I could think of that could be improved is it could use a more aggressive blower to blow the cut line clear. But I suppose that if had a higher output blower on it someone might complain that it blew sawdust in their eyes. As it is it doesn't do that but I find myself blowing the cut line clear on long cuts. Cross cuts on 2x material aren't long enough to cause a problem but ripping 8 foot long sheets will cause the cut line to become obscure without some kind of help.

I love this tool.
A true classic of a saw. You won't regret buying this saw!
I've owned one of these for over 20 years. I love the left sided blade, it's light weight, very easy to handle and will perform about 90% of what a bigger heavier circular saw will do. I'm almost temped to buy a second one as a backup but my saw shows no signs of failing me.
Terrific saw
This is my "go-to" saw. It is much lighter and more maneuverable then my worm drive Skilsaw. It is very heavy duty, but small and light. I like its steel ball bearing construction so I know it will last longer then me. I'd buy this saw again in a heartbeat.
My wormdrive is collecting dust
I really like this saw. I was able to find blades at Home Depot. The power is more than adequate, far more powerful and comfortable than a battery saw. That said, I wouldn't use this tool to cut 2 X 12s all day. I think that would stress it. But I've been using it on 1X, plywood (where it really excels, and 2x. It has no trouble plowing through a 2 X 4. I just used it yesterday to cut slots for 2 x 4s into a 4X post that was in the ground. I used to do this with my 18 pound skilsaw. With this little guy, its a breeze.

I've seen people complain that it won't cut a 2X at 45 degrees. Most of my 2X cuts are 90 degrees and if I need to cut 45 degrees, I'll dust off my worm drive.

Bottom line: I am very pleased with this saw.
Great product
After reading reviews about this saw, I chose to give it a try. My 61/2 inch saw that I am replacing quit on me so I needed to replace it. This saw is well balanced and very powerful. It cuts deep enough for most jobs and I see little use for my 71/2 inch saw.
There was a part missing (the clamp tightner for bevel adjustment) but Amazon sent me another saw and paid the shipping back to them. Great service!
Usually ships in 24 hours

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