Skil 2887-05 18-Volt Cordless 2-Speed 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver w/Bit Index, 2 Batteries, Charger, and Case

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Skil 2887-05 18-Volt 2-Speed 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit

SKIL 2887-05 description

Skil 2887-05 - 3/8-inch drill/driver sports a high performance motor that delivers 300 inch-pounds of torque at variable speeds of 0-400/1,250 rpm. A slide on battery pack ensures easy power change, and a power gauge indicator shows how much energy remains. An on-tool bit index means handy bit storage and quick access. The Skil 2887-05 drill also Features a 3/8-inch single sleeve chuck, and a 25-position clutch to match the tool speed to almost any application.  

SKIL 2887-05 specifications

300 inch/pounds of torque for heavier household fastening applications
0-400/1,250 rpm for controlled starts and fast drilling
3/8" Keyless chuck for quick bit changes
On-tool bit index for easy-access storage
Fuel gauge indicator for optimal power usage
Package Height
4.5 inches
Package Width
13.8 inches
Package Length
15.3 inches
Package Weight
11.05 pounds

SKIL 2887-05 reviews

awsome tool for the price
helpful for 18 of 20 people
very strong great features and is made by major manufacturer under skil name a real good buy. I use it at work and home and beats the yellow brand which I use to swear by ...
This Skil drill has the Torque for the Price
helpful for 7 of 12 people
I originally purchased a Skil 2887-05 a few years ago because I needed a portable with enough torque. The batteries have died and the 2 replacement batteries are the same price as another drill.
This Drill is a Star!
helpful for 7 of 7 people
I have never owed a Skill product, although I have owned several Black and Decker and Dewalt and no name cordless drills over the past 10 years. They have preformed well but my biggest complaints have been the operation of the keyless chuck and the lack of a second battery (except for big buck models). The chuck invariably (even Jacobs chucks) slips under load ruining the bit or the project. This drill seems to have a no name chuck but it offers a split chuck which allows you to twist one end of the chuck tightly against the other end fully securing the bit. In terms of torque, it has plenty to spare for tough (drilling into green wood) projects and has excellent balance and 'feel/touch' allowing very positive control of speed for spinning screws. Further, the compact size makes it fit into spaces my 19.1 volt could not fit into. I would say, with a charger and second battery and the overall 'feel' of the tool, that this should be a legitimate 150 dollar product. Well done indeed!
Great performance, amazing value
helpful for 5 of 5 people
I bought the Skill 2887-03 as part of a combo set including the drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw and jigsaw. Needless to say, I've been extremely pleased.

I put hardwood flooring on three floors (2000+ square feet) and used the set extensively. From cutting plywood for the subfloor and underlayment with the circular saw to making curved cuts in the hardwood with the jigsaw. The drill/driver was used to screw in over a thousand screws to secure the underlayment, drill numerous holes, stir paint, mix mortar for the tile, etc. And with two batteries, you'll be able to have one charging always ready to go. The only corded tools I used for this project were my compound miter and jamb saw. Everything else was done with the cordless Skil combo set.

I was so pleased with the tools, I bought two more sets, one for myself and one for my dad for father's day.

Highly recommended.
tremendous power and long battery life
the skil tool is as expected. very well built and very durable. most drill for the money. i wish they mad it in 1/2" capacity.
Complete piece of junk!!!!!
Looks good two batteries and charger included. Good deal? NO_NO_NO- the clutch in this thing is made of cheese. It started slipping on the 2nd job I did with it. Left me out in the field twiddling my thumbs.
I don't know what possessed me to pick this one, but it was sure a waste of my money and my time!!!!
My DeWalt outperforms this in every way
I should have known better to buy a Skil brand tool. The first year it did pretty well but never had enough torque for my tastes. The batteries are complete crap. They won't keep a charge for anything. Its heavier than it should be. My DeWalt 18-volt is so much better. Just spend a little more money and get a better product.
Nice Drill
I love this drill. With variable sspeed and torque controls, and the power of 18v for a low price. I can't believe they even include an extra batterey. I had a 14v drill previously that I paid the same amount for that only came with 1 battery
Great Drill......Two Batteries
I found this drill was the best deal around considering it came with two batteries. Its well built, and with 18 volts its powerful enough for just about any job asked of it. I have owned one now for some 7 years and it is still going strong. Highly recommended....
A Fantastic Buy and Product
This Skil 2887-05 18-volt cordless 2 speed 3/8 inch drill is an amazing buy. What a bargain, 2 batteries, battery charger, case, and then the drill. It is an absolutely wonderful product, especially with the power it has. I would reccomend this item to anyone!!
great buy for the price...
So far so good - I bought this for my husband for his bday and he says it holds up to the best. He loves it, especially for the price. Would highly recommend this as a great buy!!!
china RULES
This is an ok tool , the chuck is kind of crappy and it's doubtful it will last .if the rest holds up replace it with a Jacobs key type [$32.00]I would use this drill for small jobs around the house,not on the job . But it's cheap enough .I can remember paying $185.00 for a 1/4" B&D drill when they were made in Maryland , 30 years later it still works fine ,just had to replace the cord.I'm sure the current crop of tools will have a short useful life.
Paul in Huntsville
I have purchased more than a few reconditioned tools and have yet to be disappointed. The tool was in excellent condition and shipped in a very timely fashion. The few cosmetic blemishes that you will find upon close examination is more than made up for by the price reduction.
Love my new drill
What a deal. we love this drill. It holds a charge very well and it was a great deal.
Best drill in this price range by far
I repeat: Best drill in this price range by far

I've done a lot of construction and have had the "luxury" I guess you could say, of using high-end, expensive tools. This one runs as well as any of them. Run it and run it, no burn smells, no kick backs, doesn't lose power; the feel is as sturdy as they come and the operation is flawless. You want this drill!
this is a good purchase
Since I have purchased this gun, I have built several projects in my shop and around the house. I would reccomend this product to any home owner or craftsman. It is well balanced, and the battery life is very good, also you can't beat the price
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