Senco 1R0004N DS200-AC Duraspin 3,000 RPM Collated Screwdriver

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Senco 1R0004N DS200-AC Duraspin 3,300 RPM Collated Screwdriver

Senco 1R0004N description

1" To 2" Corded Collated Screwgun, 3300 RPM With High Torque Motor, Perfect For The Professional Who Needs Corded Power & Speed For Both Drywall & Wood To Wood Applications, 1 Year Warranty.  

Senco 1R0004N specifications

Screw Guns
Corded power for the demanding need of professional remodelers and contractors
Trigger lock with reverse for continuous work
Drives 1-inch to 2-inch screws ,even-inch hard woods
Each kit comes complete with tool, two spare drive bits, drywall and wood nose -pieces and rugged ca
Built-inch belt hook ,comfort grip, adjustable depth of drive for flush drive or countersink
10 pounds
Package Height
4.3 inches
Package Width
16.9 inches
Package Length
18.2 inches
Package Weight
9.8 pounds

Senco 1R0004N reviews

Excellent time saver!!
What a wonderful tool! Hung a new ceiling with this tool and a jack by myself - much easier to have the screw gun loaded and ready to go when your other hand is holding the drywall up.
Also speeds up the hanging process ten-fold. You can easily hang a 4X8 sheet in under a minute - I'd never come close to that with my old drywall screw gun.
I was looking at a new makita gun for $79, and for the extra $20 it was well worth having the autofeed.
I would recommend this tool to anyone doing decking, drywall, strapping, etc. work.
I have owned this tool for over a year now and have driven at least 1000 screws with it with ZERO problems. I am an avid DIY'er and am remodeling our house and when it comes time to hang drywall, this tool is an asset! The depth control works very well and just sinks the screws below the surface of the drywall and the head of the plunger leaves just the right dimple to fill with compound. I have used this tool while remodeling 3 rooms of our home and for installing sheets of drywall in a garage addition and all I can say is I LOVE THIS TOOL! If you are going to be installing drywall and are considering this product to speed things up, GO FOR IT! you won't be dissapointed! I have not tried this product for screws longer than 1-1/4 but if I need to build a quick frame for something, I doubt i'll be dissapointed.
Bought this gun for a do it yourself basement finishing. Used the 1 1/4 screws on most of the drywall and it worked great. Saved me a bunch of time and frustration by not having to load all the screws by hand. It actually made drywall a little bit fun! Used 1 5/8 screws on the ceiling and it did jam a few times, but nothing major. I would stick with the 1 1/4 if I was to do it again. I decided against the battery models because of the cost of replacement batteries (seventy dollars plus). This corded model had more power and did the job fantastically for a weekend warrior like myself.
Time Saver!!
I have been using this to hang drywall and HardiPanel on my home's lower level. It takes about a minute to screw down a sheet once it is in place. When I think of time I would have spent nailing or using a non-collated gun, this tool is worth it. Even on the small job I used it for, it saved me at least an hour of time. I will update this review after rebuilding my lower deck.
Hit and miss
When I first purchased this gun, the reviews were positive. Seems, lately, these guns are becoming more inferior. How fortunate for those that were able to receive one that works properly. Initially, my gun worked great, sinking screws at the speed of light making for a quick drywall job. After about 6 sheets, the screws would become stuck in the plastic strip and would have to be removed manually. This problem continued to worsen until no screws would eject through the strip. The screw strips were the recommended Senco strips. Amazon's retailer (Noble) agreed to immediately replace the gun with a new one. The second gun produced similar results. This time after about 8 sheets, the slide would not retract at all while the motor was activated which would not allow the screw to be inserted even a short distance into the drywall. It appeared that the slide was in need of lubrication, yet, the manual specifically states not to lubricate it. Oddly, the slide would retract easily as long as the trigger was not engaged. Noble has agreed to accept the second faulty gun and will issue a full refund. Currently, they are no longer stocking this item.
Didn't really work for me.
This just didn't work well for me. Maybe I got a lemon or maybe I simply didn't use it correctly. Maybe it works better on walls then ceilings. Nonetheless I went back to my old drywall gun instead Milwaukee 6742-20 6.5 Amp Drywall Screwdriver that just works all the time...
The only reason I rate it 4 stars instead of 5 is that there are times the screws get hung up in the head. I'm building a deck around my pool and did the first 20 feet by hand (drill and individual screws). Even with the occasional jams, this has made the job go 100% faster... and should something happen to it, I'd purchase the same gun again.
Great Drywall Gun
Senco definitely got this one right. I hung drywall on my ceiling in the basement by myself using a drywall jack. I didn't have any problems. I would probably spend a little bit more and invest in the cordless model. Hanging the dry wall by myself meant the constant use of both hands to position it correctly. The couple of times the cord came undone made me realize I would not have had that problem with the cordless model. I gave this product a 4 because there were a few times where the chuck did not disengage properly resulting in underdriven screws which I had to go back and seat manually.
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