Porter Cable 48083 Protractor Gauge for All Circular Saws

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Porter Cable 48083 Protractor Gauge for All Circular Saws
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Porter-Cable 48083 description

Porter Cable 48083 This protractor gauge cut angles accurately when used with your circular saw. Featuring angle adjustments up to 75 degrees, right or left, this gauge guides the saw for consistent, repeatable cuts. It's great for either straight cut-off  

Porter-Cable 48083 specifications

Circular Saws
2 inches
9 inches
24 inches
1.85 pounds
Package Height
2 inches
Package Width
9 inches
Package Length
24 inches
Package Weight
1.8 pounds

Porter-Cable 48083 reviews

Handy for Framing Jobs
helpful for 12 of 12 people
I use mine only occasionally - when I am cutting other than 90 degree angles. I used to use it for 90's before I bought my Swanson Speed Square (see that review), but it does tend to slip out of adjustment if it is bumped around. The fixed 90 on the Swanson is always there.

This guide does have plenty of good uses if you are careful with it. I always use a "pattern" piece when laying out rafters. I check the angle of this jig on the pattern from time to time to make sure it is still set correctly. The wing nut will keep it adjusted pretty well, but it is tightened against smooth surfaces, which are necessary for infinite adjustment. The "pointer" is adjustable with a small screw and will stay put pretty well. It has a protractor style degree scale. I check it with my Swanson occasionally.

I may Modify mine someday by putting on a larger, jig-style wingnut that will allow greater tightening force, making it less necessary to check the setup repeatedly. I might also try gluing some sandpaper to one side to provide more friction in the screw area.

Circular Saw Companion
helpful for 8 of 8 people
I bought this guide to go with my PorterCable 447K, 7 1/4 inch circular saw and found it to be a handy accessory. Its a good layout tool and saw guide. Its accuracy is easy to check and it helps produce straight, neat cuts. I've learned to trust it. The only drawback is that you must clamp it to the work piece with a plastic hand grip type or "C" clamp. For clearance, it must be on the blade side of the saw, which means that you must hold the cut off piece instead of letting it fall with the guide attached to it. Also, don't leave the guide on the floor to step on since that can bend it.
Super price
Porter Cable 48083 Protractor Gauge for All Circular SawsThis was an excellant buy and shipping was really fast too I was real happy with the service and product

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