Panasonic EY6450GQKW 18-volt NiMH 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

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Panasonic EY6450GQKW 18-volt NiMH 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Panasonic EY6450GQKW description


This Panasonic EY6450GQKW is tough. This 18V drill/driver features a newly developed motor and gear system that delivers high durability and high performance. The all-metal gear system offers high durability during high torque, 18V applications. The motor is highly ventilated by its built-in cooling fan to stay cool even under the toughest conditions.

Longer Runtime

Our new 18V 3.5Ah Ni-MH battery pack offers longer runtime for extended work periods. This combination of high voltage and high battery capacity yields more work per charge to keep you on the job as long as you need to be.

Comfortable to Use

The ergonomic balance of this drill/driver offers comfortable operation for extended periods of time with less fatigue. The Sure Grip support handle gives you comfort, balance, and best fit positioning for high torque applications. The soft grip on the tool handle helps reduce fatigue for fingers while the low-profile battery pack allows you to easily attach and detach the battery pack from the tool. The forward/reverse switch is conveniently located on the body of the drill and easily within the reach of your trigger hand. This makes changing bits substantially easier.

Less Time Spent Waiting and More Time Spent Working

The 3.5Ah Ni-MH battery can be fully charged in 55 minutes1 (using the EY0110B charger), which means less time spent waiting and more time spent working. Even when there isn't time for a full charge, the inverter charger features a 5-minute "Emergency Charge" that charges the pack to 15% of its capacity.

The Panasonic Cordless Power Tool Difference

To meet the needs of professional tradesmen around the globe, all Panasonic Cordless Power Tools are carefully constructed based on four primary principles: cordless capability, power, lightweight, and ergonomic design. Since our tools are all cordless, they can be used almost anywhere the professional requires. Our inverter charger technology used in our Ni-MH battery charging system allows for long battery pack life and quick re-charging time. Plus, there's no compromise in power-our tools provide more than enough punch using motors with high-power magnets, heat resistant brushes and built-in cooling fans. For your comfort, the advanced ergonomic design of our tools means they're compact, well-balanced and easy to operate for extended periods of time without fatigue. Successfully combining technology with durability, these lightweight tools are full of helpful features and provide reliable solutions that tradesmen can utilize for all their construction needs.


Panasonic EY6450GQKW specifications

Battery Type
Battery Voltage
18 Volt
18-volt cordless drill/driver kit designed for professional applications
High-torque drilling capability, lightweight design
All-metal gear system for high performance, durability
Includes 2 rechargeable 3.5Ah Ni-MH batteries
5-4/5-pounds; 10-3/8-inches-inch length; 1-year limited warranty
12.3 pounds
Package Height
4.9 inches
Package Width
14.4 inches
Package Length
18.4 inches
Package Weight
14.8 pounds

Panasonic EY6450GQKW reviews

Panasonic 18 volt drill driver
I bought this drill after extensive research online, and reading many reviews of it and the competition. This drill is superb. It is not as heavy as some have said, it is extremely powerful, and the charge holds and holds! The only snag I have encountered is when picking it up, I sometimes inadvertantly push the forward/reverse button. Except for that, I love this drill and highly recommend it.
I've owned this for a few weeks now and am very happy with it. Highest marks for battery life of course, I work with aluminum and this will put more holes and screws in 1/4 inch stock than any other. Typically lasts a day of fairly steady use on one charge. Also thrilled with the cold weather performance. Doesn't seem to be phased by temps in the single digits unlike NiCad or Lithium and still takes a charge well (my reason for returning my last new "compact tough" was horrible low temp performance). Although there are other brands that claim more torque I can't see how, I buried 4 inch lags in a maple log on day one to test it, which I couldn't do with a corded 3/8 chuck. Also seems tough, taken multiple 3 ft falls onto concrete and a 6 fter into snow, though only time will really tell. Only downside is the weight, especially the battery but I feel it's well worth it. Lack of bit holders (except between batt and drill base?!) is inconvenient but glue ons are available.
Sorry, not impressed as the others
With all the high five's given this product, I feel like the odd man out with my opinion. But anyway, here goes. I purchased this drill solely on the advise of a Consumer Reports article that gave it very high marks. I was very impressed with it's torque and the length of time the batteries held up to heavy use. However, after 6 months the motor flamed out (it actually started smoking) and I had to have it repaired. Panasonic made me jump through a lot of hoops, but I finally got it repaired under the warranty. It was not a good experience. One year later, the trigger switch broke and it cost me $75 plus shipping to have it fixed. One year later, the batteries have now gone bad. Neither will accept a charge. I'm now trying to rationalize buying new batteries for a drill that may well need more repairs.
Smooth Moves
I have owned the 18V Drill/Driver for 2+ years. This summer I also purchased the Hammer/Driver. I had staggered the purchase because I wanted to avoid having different batteries and chargers for different brands. Panasonic earned my purchase. It is a very reliable, dependable and able tool.

It's biggest advantage - It is light weight. I used to own a Porter Cable 19.2V which I LOVED. But it is just too heavy.

What I don't like - there is nowhere to clip bit attachments on the tool itself. I use deck screws a lot and often run into regular screws while working. Having to switch back and forth would be easier if it had a place to keep the bits.

Borrowed it, Used it, Worked like a Tank.
Started out with a ho-hum review of a Makita...and ending here by adding the applaud for this Panasonic.
We had a plethora of brands and models available from a group of volunteer crew (fathers) over a month-long set-building project for our kids' musical.
I'm an Engineer, and do a lot of projects on the side, but had never invested in a true 'construction' quality drill. My $50 B&D finally stopped holding much of a charge after a year or so of hard use so I took advantage of the opportunity to borrow and use every other drill present.
One friend had a Makita that I gave 3 stars. Issues with the chuck losing grip on drill bits and drivers with quick changes.
This Panasonic had a much better ratcheting-kind of action on the chuck that held tight to every drill bit I used.

I tend to work fast once I'm 'in the zone' and had need to rapidly kick into reverse and back into drive, and the Makita transmission kept making grindy noises and not wanting to quickly engage.
This Panasonic had no problem clicking easily back and forth from forward to reverse and the transmission was solid.

This drill felt light and balanced compared to others, and worked exactly how you would expect of a professional-quality drill.

Comparatively, the cheaper B&D's, a Craftsman 18V, and a generic NiCad were all noticeably cheaper built, and this Panasonic ran circles around them. Nearly every man there would always go first for the Panasonic, regardless of which drill he had personally brought to the site, making this the clear winner of the bunch during our project.
And it was about a year-old at the time.

To be honest, there was only one issue I had, and that was the method of having to squeeze both sides of the battery pack release tabs together to get the battery off in order to plug it into the charger. That could have been done in a way that is easier to release, and in looking at the new Panasonic this week (yes, I'm now looking to take the plunge and buy one of these) there is a slide-off engagement on the new ones so they apparently have now fixed that issue.

It works like a tank, and is particularly impressive with high torque at slow speeds, reacting to exactly where you pull the trigger, yet letting go on small screws if you select the appropriate light torque setting for more delicate work.

I am looking forward to seeing what the newer 21.6V Lithium-Ion power can do for this dependable Panasonic design, though for anyone not sure about the potential capacity-loss of lithium cells in hot environments, this NiMH Panasonic is the Beast.
Dependable Tool
Panasonic EY6450GQKW 18-volt NiMH 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

This drill is fast, strong and light. If you need a strong performer and want to have money left, this cannot be beaten.
Sorry, I am also not impressed as the others,
Another odd man out with my opinion. I purchase this product with high hopes. The drill has worked fine but the batteries went bad after about 16 months. Neither battery will accept a charge and now I am stuck trying to rationalize buying another battery. $100 for one battery or $260 for a new drill and two new batteries. Hold on, wait, wait, wait, this time from Harbor Freight. I will buy four plug in drills with extended three year warranty for that price. Then when one burns up I grab an other and exchange the burned up drill when time permits.

I also have a 13 month old Hitachi Impact drill thats batteries are shot. I have over $600 wrapped up in power drills and not a battery that works..

Awesome drill/driver
I purchased this to replace a 10 year old Porter Cable, which was a great drill. The batteries on the PC are starting to go, and replacing them will cost almost as much as a new one. After doing lots of research, I settled on this Panasonic. This drill has phenomenal torque, good balance, and the batteries are very strong and last a long time. I like the removable accessory handle and the 1/2" chuck. It appears very well made, and should last a long time. I have purchased many factory refurbished tools in the past, and they all arrived in near-new condition -- except this one. This came with many scratches and scuff marks, and appears to have seen a few weeks of significant use prior to being returned. I wasn't happy about this, but the drill is so good, and the price was so low, I will try to get over it. Highly recommended.
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