Milwaukee 6791-21 Remodelers Kit 6.5 Amp Screwdriver with Assessory Package

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Milwaukee 6791-21 Remodelers Kit 6.5 Amp Screwdriver with Assessory Package

Milwaukee 6791-21 description

Cordless: No, Volts: 120, Rated RPM:0 - 2,500, Amps: 6.5, Variable Speed: Yes, Belt Clip Included: Yes, Case Included: Yes  

Milwaukee 6791-21 specifications

Screw Guns
6.5 amp remodeler's power screwdriver with an included accessory set
Heavy-duty motor produces 0-2,500 rpm for a wide variety of uses and projects
Metal gear and diaphragm; snap action clutch; Quik-Lok double insulated cord
Includes removable belt clip with bit storage, metal carrying case; 10 bit tips and 3-piece socket d
Weighs 11.7 pounds shipped; 5-year manufacturer warranty
10.13 inches
6.88 inches
14 inches
13.5 pounds
Package Height
6.9 inches
Package Width
10.7 inches
Package Length
14.1 inches
Package Weight
12.75 pounds

Milwaukee 6791-21 reviews

Extreme time saver!
helpful for 14 of 15 people
I have been doing a lot of drywalling recently while remodeling my home. For a while I tried to get by using a normal drill to do the screws (nailing drywall is a ridiculous pain). The problem was that I had a terrible time setting the screws to the right depth. I was using a couple of those special drill bits that advertise the ability to help set drywall screws. I learned my lesson. One big problem was I had to use different thicknesses of drywall with different applications.

Then I bought this beauty... Let me say this: If you are drywalling or planning to drywall soon stop reading this review and buy this now! Drywall went from being a necessary pain to being actually a bit fun. First off the screw gun's ability to set screw depth acurately to within 1 /64 of an inch is awesome. A little click to the right or left with the nozzle and you're ready to rock. Next, 6.5 amps of power... wooowww! This thing has the torque and speed to easily power drywall screws through my century old wood framing. My normal drill choked often on this. Thirdly, magnetic tip. You don't realize how nice this is until you are putting up drywall panels on a 10 foot ceiling. You can one hand those screws all over the place within reach of your ladder. Just don't let it make you so lazy you start tipping over your ladder in an attempt to reach that one last place just barely out of reach... Fourthly, rugged steel case. Fifthly, the ability to drive basically any screw anywhere, wood or metal, with all the included bits and attachments. Sixthly, it's Milwaukee. That means built to take whatever you can dish out and a lifetime waranty.

Don't drywall without it!

Need a screw gun?
helpful for 8 of 8 people
Look no farther, this is the gun to buy. I bought this screw gun almost a year ago when I was going to have to drive a LOT of screw. I built 4 large decks this summer and it has saved me time beyond belief. The gun has enough torque to drive 3 inch screws through 2x cedar into pressure treated wood with no problem. The auto depth stop works flawlessly, and I can drive screws 40-50% faster than with a cordless drill. I also recently used it to put down a metal roof and it works great for that too. Before buying this model I had the opportunity to use a Dewalt gun (the kind they carry at the big home stores) and it's no comparison, this one wins hands down. More comfortable to hold and use and has more power for driving the screws.
Made in China
I ordered this screwdriver recently thinking it was at a good price, considering it's a Milwaukee. One of the first things I noticed with the tool was that the aluminum label plate read "made in China." This made me reconsider the value of the price paid. I own a Milwaukee drill that was "made in the USA" and I assumed this tool would be as well. Maybe the quality is just as good, only time will tell. I was, and still am, a little disappointed though about the "made in China" surprise.
Great Screw Gun Comes with Steel Case
Other reviewers have already said how good this tool is. Easy to use, light, balanced, powerful and Milwaukee smooth. They make such good motors for screwdrivers and drills. This gun is a pleasure to use for hours on end.

On Amazon's page, they suggest you add a steel carry case. THIS KIT COMES WITH THAT STEEL CARRY CASE. NO NEED TO ORDER ANOTHER ONE. Just order this kit and you'll have it covered.
34 years later....
I bought my Milwaukee Screwshooter Model #6753-1 in 1975. It has driven tens of thousands of screws (wild guess, probably low, mostly Philips #2) since then into all kinds of materials, from PTL to wallboard. I can fully endorse all the comments re the precise clutch operation, the massive torque, the indestructibility that previous reviews have cited. Mine works today as well as the day I bought it! I have no idea how they do it. Mine was of course "Made in the USA", so I cannot vouch for what Milwaukee achieves these days in terms of reliability, durability, etc., now that they have this tool "Made in China", but I just wanted to offer my own experience and advice to go check this tool out first.
How did I ever do drywall without it?
This is my first drywall screwdriver, and I researched alot of them before I chose the Milwaukee. In the end, it came down to Milwaukee's name, this driver having a hard nose (as opposed to soft plastic) and the torque of an electric tool. I've used it for a couple weeks now and don't know how I managed to hang drywall without it. After taking a few drives to set the depth, I haven't broken the paper once, haven't snapped the head off one screw, and have hung full sheets of drywall by myself without using nails. Now my only concern has been missing the stud.

Now the cons: I have big hands and cannot get the trigger lock engaged with the hand holding the grip. The only way I can get the trigger lock pushed in far enough is to use a finger on my "free" hand. If you have to angle the gun to get screws in tight corners sometimes requires a hand screwdriver to finish them after the gun has driven them as far as it can. And of course since it is electric there's an extension cord that follows you around.

I may consider purchasing a cordless screwdriver in the future to elminate the cords, but this tool is going to be in my arsenal for as long as I'm working.
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