Milwaukee 6394-21 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

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Milwaukee 6394-21 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Milwaukee 6394-21 description

U.S.A. Cordless: No, Blade Diameter (in.): 7 1/4, Amps: 15, Volts: N/A, HP: 3.25, Speed - No Load (RPM): 5,800, Bevel Capacity (deg): 50, Blade Location: Right, Electric Brake: Yes, Blade Included: Yes, Wrench Included: Yes, Battery Included: N/A, Charger Included: N/A, Case Included: Yes  

Milwaukee 6394-21 specifications

Circular Saws
This 7-1/4-inch circular saw features a powerful 15-amp, 5,800 rpm motor with spindle lock and quick
The locking, tilting main handle adjusts for comfort and the brake stop is power-assisted
Has aircraft aluminum shoe and soft-grip handle
Saw includes blade, wrench, and case
13-3/4-inches; 10.6-pounds; 5-year warranty
18.40 pounds
Package Height
10.6 inches
Package Width
14.1 inches
Package Length
17.8 inches
Package Weight
18.2 pounds

Milwaukee 6394-21 reviews

Beware Third Party Purchases
helpful for 1 of 10 people
The one star is not for the tool, it is for the seller Northern Tool, and also for Amazon. I did a great deal of research on this saw, and for the most part it was rated very highly, and I have no reason not to believe that. Milwaukee has a great reputation for there tools. I have used may in the past and they have always been first rate.

I wanted to relay my experience with Amazon and Northern Tool to future customers so they can be better prepared for potential disappointment then I was.

I placed the order through Amazon for this saw, a Bosch jigsaw, and a Bosch jigsaw blade kit on May 23 2008 (the Bosch equipment was sold by Amazon directly). This was the first time I ordered something from Amazon that they themselves did not ship, but I was confident it would not be a big deal due to my experiences dealing with Amazon. Amazon has always fulfilled my order with the correct item and delivered them before the estimated delivery date, and I have always been more than pleased dealing with them. Amazon is always the first place I go to check for stuff I want. I value the reviews and have always found Amazon's pricing unbeatable.

I got the Bosch saw and blade kit on June 3, 2008 as promised, but the Milwaukee saw was not promised until June 16th. I was not pleased that it was going to take so much longer ordering through a third party, but it was the saw I wanted at the price I was willing to pay, so I waited. Well, June 16th came and went with no saw, so I tried contacting Amazon and was referred to contact Northern Tool as they were the actual sellers. This was also a bit disappointing. I was dealing with and paying Amazon for the saw, I would have guessed they would act as the intermediary for any inquiries. I sent Northern Tool and email asking when I could expect the saw. The following day I got an email from NT saying the saw would be backordered until late August 2008. I was irritated that it not only took three weeks to find out it was backordered, but I had to specifically ask in order to get that information. NT did not otherwise notify me of the backorder, let alone that they would miss the estimated delivery date.

I decided to cancel the order rather than wait another two months for a saw I needed. I contacted Amazon using there customer phone service. I will say, I thought it was pretty slick that I could type in my phone number on the computer screen and click on a radio button and my phone rang almost instantly. I was connected to a CSR pretty quick. Neat stuff! However, it was less than pleasurable dealing with the CSR. First off, the person could just barely speak any English. I had to repeat myself over and over before the CSR figured out what I wanted. At that time the CSR apparently was reading a scripted reply to my question. I tried to interject once she mentioned that I needed to contact the sell (Northern Tool) directly to tell her I had not done that, but she just started shouting over me and continued to read the script. Once she was done, I then tried to explain to her that I had not contacted the seller because I order the tool from Amazon and I want to know how the billing will be cancelled. The CSR just started reading the script again. I tried to stop her, but again she shouted over me and finished reading. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. The CSR, after a bit of an argument, told me should would get the supervisor, but it would take a long time for him to come to the phone. I was placed on hold, and there I sat for over 15 minutes before I hung up in disgust.
I sent Amazon a short email stating what happened and asked for someone to contact me personally by phone. Within an hour I received three emails back from Amazon, they contacted Northern Tool and cancelled the order. However, no one ever contacted me personally, and though they did apologize for my trouble and cancel the order, they never apologized for how rudely I was treated by there CSR or stated they would correct the problem.

I am building up my woodworking shop little by little, and in the end, I will spend a great deal of money. With this type of treatment, I don't think I will be doing any more third party purchasing through Amazon. I found the Milwaukee 6390-21, pretty much the same saw without the electric brake or replaceable cord; at Sears for $68 (Sears is discontinuing carrying the 6390-21, it was normally $149). It wasn't a hard decision to step down to the 6390 after what I went through.
questionable durability
At first this saw was great, nice sight lines from both sides, but after 6 months the brake rarely works, had to send it in to be serviced.
Good Saw
This saw is typical of Milwaukee standards. Very well built, convenient features (tilt-lok, tool storage for blade changing) and plenty of power. I opted for the 6394 because I wanted the quick-cord, and electric brake. Much like circulars saws from other manufacturers, the stock blade is not that great. The only issue I had was that the dust goes out rear-right side and I'm left-handed. Overall, it is a great saw and I would recommend it to anyone and actually my father-in-law bought one also and he is left-handed as well.
Solid tool, one of the best
This is a solid built tool. The stock blade is crap so be sure to replace it, but I love everything about this saw. It has lots of power it produces accurate and precise cuts, it feels good to hold and overall performs impressively. For the price, you just can't beat it.
Good saw. Price dropped but Amazon has no more price ganrantee
Well, the saw is very good. I used it to build a cedar fence. It is very steady and powerful. It is fun to use. Unfortunately, the price dropped a day later after I bought it; e-mailed and called Amazon. Was told they will not refund the difference because a new policy in place on Sept 1, 2008. It means to me people have to worry whether price would drop after buyingg anything from Amazon, and likely would delay buying decisions. Please e-mail or call Amazon to complain about this policy.
Great, so far!
I just finished my first project cutting 18 staves for a drum I am makng out of Poplar. The saw cut through it like butter. The bevel angle setting was perfect and resulted in a perfect circle when assembled. The tilt-lock handle is very convenient. Seems to have plenty of power. The worst thing I can say is that compared to other saws that I have had, it seems to shoot sawdust everywhere. I also changed the blade to one with more teeth for a smoother cut, otherwise I am very pleased.
Not made in USA
This might be a good saw, but it is made in China. Amazon says it is made in USA . I will find one made here by a USA company.
Nice Saw
This is my second circular saw. I liked the excellent visibility of the blade while cutting. It was easy to make accurate straight cuts just by watching the blade. It feels solid, powerful, and the blade stops very fast when the power comes off.
First Class Circular Saw !!
Everything I expected came to fruition when I received this saw. It cuts like butter. The adjustable handle is great for old hands like mine. I have been using the same old B&D commercial circular saw for the past 15 years. It gave up the ghost so I had hoped to find something that could compare with it. Having researched I bought the Milwaukee 6394-21. What a great saw. I would expect this saw to out perform my old baby.

Dan, the wood butcher
You get what you pay for..
This is one heck of a saw. I've been through several of the cheaper saws just because I'm a homeowner and really didn't plan on using a saw as much as I do. I could have bought this saw for what I spent on the others and the quality far exceeds the other saws I've owned. This is a quality saw that is top of the line for circular saws. If you need something bigger or better than this one, you'll need to jump up to the worm gear saws that are double or triple the price. One more thing, I'll never own a saw again that doesn't have the blade brake. Use this saw and you'll understand. Get the rip fence while you're here.

A good saw at a fair price, what more could you want?
Poor Quality
I ordered this saw to replace a 25 year old Milwaukee circular saw that has seen better days. After examining the new saw I decided to send it back and continue with the old saw. The new saws depth of cut adjustment system was out of alignment. The parts didn't line up properly. The foot or base of the saw is thin and looks to be easily damaged. The saw has been well reviewed and I was hoping for better quality but I was very disappointed. I was worried that the first time I dropped it it would be damaged.
Usually ships in 24 hours

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