Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

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Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 537820 description

This heavy-duty pistol grip hammer drill can handle the toughest drilling of 1/2in. holes in concrete. Cordless: No, Rated RPM: 0 - 2,500, Amps: 7.5, Solid Bit Capacity (in.): 1/2, Hammering Modes: Rotation Only, Hammering with Rotation, Blows Per Minute (BMP): 0 - 40,000  

Milwaukee 537820 specifications

Hammer Drills
Limited warranty, 30-day no-risk trial
7.50 pounds
Package Height
3.3 inches
Package Width
10.5 inches
Package Length
15.2 inches
Package Weight
7.7 pounds

Milwaukee 537820 reviews

Nice Tool, But Better Options Are Available
I've had this drill for a number of years and always liked the balance and it's good power for the size, but several issues always bothered me. The secondary grip doesn't in place, the plastic depth rod is a joke, the reverse switch is easy to bump during gloved use, no case is provided and it is easy to bump the hammer/drill mode switch during use. Recently mine burned out and the repair estimate was almost as high as the cost of a new one. So, time to go shopping. The similarities between the Bosch and Milwaukee tools makes me think they probably have a common factory origin. Looking at the Bosch hammer drill line I found a very similar tool but which addresses all of the shortcomings of the 5378. My replacement is a Bosch 1199VSRK. It is built a bit more ruggedly than the Milwaukee version, has a metal depth rod, a sturdier secondary handle and comes with a good case. I've seen the 1199VSRK as a reconditioned tool on Amazon for about $80, which is a screaming bargain. Bosch also offers a lower end 1194VSRK which looks very similar to Milwaukee's 5378. The 1194 is almost identical to the 5378 and between them I would choose on price, but the 1199 is the one to get IMO.

Super Drill with a Punch
Have used this drill for about 2 weeks, and love it. It drills through cement like butter (but it's loud - wear ear protection).

I used another hammer drill prior to purchasing this one, and highly recommend a KEYED chuck. The loaner drill had a hand-chuck, and I couldn't get the drill bits tight enough, even though I felt like I was about to break the drill. The keyed chuck is essential for hammer operation.

Wish it had a storage box, but apart from that, this drill is super.
Nice for the Price
I read lots of reviews, but rarely write them. I am a part time remodeler. I have used this hammerdrill for 3 months. It has worked flawlessly for me. I have only used it so far to install tapcons in concrete slabs and in some precast concrete. I have only used it to drill up to 1/4" holes so far and it works great. Hammerdrill function is powerful and smooth. It is a little bulky in tight spots, but always seems to be able to maneuver it to work some how. This drill is longer than some and very powerful. I haven't used the drill function but I am sure it will be good. I have several different brands of tools and Milwaukee makes excellent products-particularly drills. Very strong and durable. A keyed chuck can be a pain, but is really the only way to go for a hammerdrill or any larger drill for boring 1/2" or bigger holes. Highly Recommended.
Absolutely great! Heavy & Solid, pricey? Maybe? But you get what you pay for. I used this thing all day to drill holes in brick/masonry. It never got tired. Hammertime! It didn't crack or break the bricks or crumble the mortar. With the depth adjustment guide, I made consistent depth holes every time, no trial & error. Well worth the money - you can buy a cheaper drill - but you'll be sorry.
Outstanding-so far at least....
Purchased this Model today locally and it did not dissapoint. It ate thru concrete block like I eat thru a Chinese buffet after a full days work. Strong, yet quieter than most, well balanced, and not as heavy as some. Would definitely recommend fo rthe occasional user (like me), have no idea how well it will hold up in the long run. 3 Year warranty was a plus, as Bosch drill of comparable size only had 1 year....
Goes through concrete like butter
Bought this drill for around home projects... first one to anchor new ledger board to concrete foundation for our deck extension. Put 8- 1/2 inch 3inch deep holes in the foundation like a hot knife through butter. What a pleasure, the depth gage worked great too for depth uniformity. Great tool for the job intended.
A Milwaukee Mistake
I have owned this drill for four years. Motor runs fine, plenty of power, the drill chuck which is critical on a hammer drill is junk. Made by ROHM. I will not buy anymore drills with a "Rohm" brand chuck. I also own the model this drill replaced, great drill, I see they have come out with a replacement for this one also Model 5387, looks like it has a good chuck on it. In 2005 Milwaukee was bought out by a chinese company, ITT. They would like you not to know that. If you do a lot of drilling in concrete buy a drill with a SDS chuck on it. Not a "One drill does it all". The SDS chuck alows the bit to hammer while the chuck remains still. Much more efficient not to vibrate the chuck and bit while drilling.
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