Milwaukee 3107-6 7 Amp 1/2-Inch 7 Amp Right Angle Drill with D-Handle

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Milwaukee 3107-6 7.0 Amp 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill with D-Handle

Milwaukee 3107-6 description

As everyone knows, both plumbing and electrical work require drilling in tight spots. While the Milwaukee Hole Hawg may be the choice for most professional plumbers and electricians, this less-expensive right-angle drill is a solid option to consider for the same applications. Featuring a slim, lightweight design and great versatility, Milwaukee's right-angle drill has a 1/2-inch chuck and three speed ranges and is fully adjustable. The head and handle swivel 360 degrees and can be locked tight in any position, allowing you to fit this drill anywhere this drill could possibly fit. HVAC contractors can use this drill with bits to 4-5/8 inches without a problem. And, if necessary, the right-angle mechanism can be removed and the drill converted to straight D-handle use. If you have major remodel or construction plans, this is a smart drill to consider. --Tim Block  

Milwaukee 3107-6 specifications

Right-Angle Drills
Limited warranty, 30-day no-risk trial
Powerful 7-amp motor
Use with up to 4-5/8-inch selfeed bits
Trigger speed control
Head and handle swivel 360 degrees for easy drilling in tough spots
4.5 inches
22.06 inches
11.33 inches
21 pounds
Package Height
5.8 inches
Package Width
12.4 inches
Package Length
20.9 inches
Package Weight
16.1 pounds

Milwaukee 3107-6 reviews

Awesome Power...
Since using this, I've ditched all my spade bits and replaced them with self-feeding auger bits. This drill has the power to drive them! Changing speeds involves minor dissassembly of the chuck and right angle gearing, but its really not a big deal. I leave mine on high speed and it has handled everything I've used it for nicely.
You want power? This drill has it. Tremendous torque yet not too heavy. Comfortable grip and a very reliable brand.
More Beastly than a T-Rex with Rabies
Don't settle for a lesser corded drill. In fact, don't get any other corded drill (with rare exception for Milwaukee 1680-21 13 amp 1/2-inch Super Hawg Joist and Stud Drill if all you do is use the right angle function and use it for big hole saws). As a remodeler, I could never go back to the regular Milwaukee 0299-20 Magnum 8 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill for electrical and plumbing work. Once you get used to the awesome power, it's impossible to go back. The best thing about a right angle drill is that when using an auger bit or similar, the drill doesn't rip your wrist off when it catches. You can use your whole body to control the drill, which makes for much less tiring work (e.g., when mixing drywall mud). I appreciate using this drill over its bigger brothers because it is much, much lighter. The right angle attachment comes off as well so that you can use it as a regular d-handle drill. The right angle attachment is relatively easy to take off, and it can be switched around to adjust for speed (low and high). The head swivels, and my version came with the quik-lok cord. I also appreciated that this drill is made (mostly, at least) in the USA. The five year warranty is nice, but like with most other Milwaukee tools, I don't expect to use it.
Get this drill.
What a price
Not only is it a Milwaukee tool but a great tool at a great price!
Exceptional tool
If you need to drill through old, full dimension oak floor joist, (very tough job) this thing will do it EASILY. Just put in a self-feeding auger bit, and away you go.

Also, it's perfect for NORMAL jobs like holes for wiring in studs. Can't beat it. Buy it.
real Milwaukee workhorse
I just wish I had had this tool when I built our cabin. Drilling studs for electrical and plumbing with a conventional drill gives you angled holes in most cases which can be troublesome. Like my heavy duty Milwaukee hammer drill, which I did fortunately have at that time, the angle drill is obviously a durable workhorse meant for serious drilling/boring. And you can get those true right angle holes right where you want them in most cases. Add the self-feed bits and you also won't usually have to force feed or muscle it around as much. I found it indispensible when I needed to bore a 2" hole from below through a stud plate and subfloor between 12" floor joists right over a nasty concrete foundation wall. For certain jobs, its simply one of those tools you can hardly do without. I would warn anyone to think ahead and be aware you can get some terrific torque quickly if you get some bit binding while drilling so use some care or you could strain a wrist quickly..or worse if you are in an awkward position as I find myself at times. I really like this powerful tool.
Home-Owner User
We were building a house and we did quite abit ourselves, one thing was the wiring. My puny 14.4v (at the time) cordless was just way underpowered to bore through 2x's one after the other.
I intended to not spend much on tools, but I needed something tougher.
It is a Power-house!
Now that the house is done, I don't use it as often. It has become an occasional use tool, for when the cordless drill (now 18v) won't cut it, or when the job calls for a RA drill. This tool is a very powerful drill that seems well-built.
I intend for it to be my heavy duty drill for many years to come.
Milwaukee right angle drill
Great drill I have had several of these as well as other brands, I am pretty rough with it. The only complaint is after a couple years of use the right angle gears give out.
If you need a 1/2 drill this is the one
If you need a 1/2 drill the versatility of this right angle drill is worth the price. The angled attachment makes if perfect for drilling between studs and other tight places. Take of the right angle attachement and it's a regular 1/2 drill.. perfect for high torque tasks like mixing motar or thin-set. This is a great tool.
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