Milwaukee 0824-24 V18 Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Kit

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Milwaukee 0824-24 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Kit

Milwaukee 0824-24 description

You get the power and durability of Lithium-Ion technology in this durable hammer driver/drill, along with the heavy-duty quality you expect from Milwaukee tools, like a high-power motor, metal chuck and more.  

Milwaukee 0824-24 specifications

Hammer Drills
Cordless Kit
18-volt lithium-ion cordless hammer drill kit; variable speed (0-450 and 0-1,700 rpm)
Easy drill/drive/hammer mode switches; 550-inch-pounds of torque; reversible battery for tight space
All-metal, ratcheting chuck with carbide blades; non-slip, soft-grip handle; plastic housing
Includes hammer drill, 2 18-volt batteries, charger, Phillips bit
10-5/8-inches long; 6.2 pounds; 5-year warranty
18 pounds
Package Height
5.9 inches
Package Width
14.7 inches
Package Length
17.5 inches
Package Weight
16 pounds

Milwaukee 0824-24 reviews

perfect in every way! Yes, it is a little heavy but because it's built!
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I bought this because I've always found I can depend on all my Milwalkee tools and this one beats them all.
I was warned to stay away from the V28 model because of motor failures and when compairing the two they
almost match. Both V18 and V28 batteries are rated at 3.0 amps, this is what counts not having more volts.
Anyway the ratching 1/2 inch chuck is one of the best I used, the steel gear box with all steel gears will out last the cheaper plastic models but it does add to the weight. The best part of this package is the Lithium-Ion battery, they hold charge while sitting so always ready, a meter on the battery tells how much is remaining so you can have an idea were you stand. Also Lith-Ion cells keep almost full power to the end of each charge, you won't find it slowing down slowly getting weaker, it will just crash. 5 year warr. on the cells with a 2 year 1000 charge replacment. A chip is built in to each battery stamping the first charger date, then counts each charge. This way if you have a claim the factory can tell when it went into service and how many times you charged it. What will they think of next?
Fantastic Product
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I have owned Makita cordless drills for years. My most recent model's chuck started slipping and one battery was dead. I began looking at reviews on cordless drills and found the Milwaukee was highly rated and also featured a hammer mode. I decided to give it a try. I have used the new drill quite heavily since I got it a couple weeks ago and its performance blows me away. The keyless chuck is first class all the way. It is simply fantastic. I have not had it long enough to know how well it will hold up over time, but if its fit and finish along with incredible performance are any indication, this baby is a winner from start to finish. I will NEVER own another Makita after using this machine. If you buy one you will be smiling in your sleep.
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Hopefully this drill out performs my last chinese made drill. This drill is advertized as an american made drill. My hitachi lasted 1 year. So far so good with this drill-- a year from now watch for my review-- People do not mind paying good money for quality prouducts, if this one doesn't last I'm gonna send it back broken. Hard to review after 1 month--
The best cordless 18v drill
I am a perfectionist, so selecting a drill was like everything else...a difficult and arduous task. Two years ago I went through the same process when I bought my umpteenth cordless drill. I selected the best DeWalt 18v drill I could find (DC987KA from Lowes). I am an occasional drill user. Sadly, I learned the hard way that NiCad (XRP) batteries are not suitable for such use, which brought me into the drill market again. I will not be buying any more DeWalt products. I have returned or no longer use almost all of my DeWalt products (belt sander, 2 different vacuums, and now an expensive drill). Thanks to the fine folks who leave Amazon feedback, I now know why...DeWalt is owned by Black & Decker. Once a company is bought and absorbed by a bigger company, it loses its soul. Fortunately, it's not that way with Milwaukee (as far as I know)...and it shows. There were many fine choices, but there is one clear winner. This is THE DRILL. Here's why:
1) Lithium-Ion is much better suited to occasional drill users...batteries should last much longer.
2) quality is head and shoulders above all other drills I have owned. The drill has a substantial and solid feel to it. All of the various settings have a good solid click...unlike the DeWalt which had 3 gears but actually using them was often problematic (if the gears weren't lined up just right, I could not change gears...the switch would just jam until I rotated the chuck a bit).
3) the motor sounds cool...way cooler than a drill should
4) the batteries have LED indicators on them...I just press a button and can see how much juice is left in them...awesome!
5) the batteries have rubber on the bottom...nice attention to detail...nice touch!
6) the batteries can be inserted from front or rear...which will come in handy later.
7) I can actually get the screwdriver bit out of the handy on-board clip without using a pry-bar.
8) The case is HUGE. Biggest drill case I've ever seen. Why is that a good thing? I'll tell you why. Others expect you to re-wind the charger cord like the factory does...into an impossibly small bundle, in order to jam it into a case designed for just such a bundle and no you are always fighting with the case. Not so with Milwaukee...they spent the extra 5 cents to add another 1/4 cup of plastic. There is plenty of room in there for me to put the charger in and even the attached cord too! And it gets better! There's even EXTRA SPACE FOR DRILL BITS. Furthermore, the case is super high quality, which is immediately felt with clasps that are better than some metal toolboxes I own. This case will last as long as the drill, if not longer.
9) judging by looks alone, this drill blows the rest away...I love red and this drill has few curves and a lot of straight lines. A lot of work went into aesthetically designing this drill to be visually appealing...heck even the charger looks cool.
I LOVE THIS DRILL. By the way, my other Milwaukee products have not let me down in any way (Hole Hawg, Orbital Sawzall). I won't be able to give you a review on performance because I will forget.
Oh by the first one came with a problem. One of the red buttons on one of the batteries had no spring tension. Returned for exchange. Second one good. Amazon's return procedure is always quick and efficient.
The Best Lithium Ion Hammer Drill Kit
Milwaukee wins hands down with its V18 lithium ion line of tools over the lithium ion tools offered from other manufacturers. The drill while a little on the heavy side, is well balanced and offers huge amounts of torque when needed. The charger will also charge 18 volt NiCads and the case is perfectly molded to fit the tool and accessories. The batteries in this kit have great run time and lighter weight than the older NiCads. In addition, these V18 batteries rated at 3.0 amp/hours are able to fit perfectly and operate older NiCad Milwaukee cordless tools. Another manufacturer has recently offered their version of an 18 volt lithium line of tools. Unfortunately, the amp/hour rating of their new lithiums are only 2.4 amp/hours (the same as their older nicads) and the batteries, while they do fit in the older nicad tools, are undersized and appear rather awkward in the tool. It seems as though the other guys want you to buy a whole new set of cordless tools. I believe the greatest attribute to the Milwaukee V18 line is the fact the batteries can give new life to the older line of Milwaukee tools. Bottom line--buy this drill kit--you won't be disappointed in its performance and features for the price.
buy it
its tough, it lasts all day, its comfortable, i sat i next to my bosses dewalt and it over shadowed his 18v i drill stuff he cant i drive screws he cant and i do on one battery what he needs two for, i can drill concrete as fast as his plug in hammer drill, he needs multiple drills to do what my one drill can do if your looking for a new drill this is the one
Awesome Hammer Drill!!!!!!!!
I researched other hammer drills on Amazon and this was the best rated hands down! I couldn't be happier with the purchase and it has the best chuck I've ever used. I had two Makita's and a Dewalt in the past and there's no comparison. If you're looking for a Lithium Ion hammer or drill driver - Go with a Milwaukee - there's nothing better on the market according to my research.Milwaukee 0824-24 V18 Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Kit
Milwaukee 18 Volt Hammer Drill
Excellent drill. Highly recommended. I have owned several cordless drills and I find this one to be of very high quality.
Very Nice Drill
I bought this for my husband he had a craftsmen drill that I paid alot more for and he gave it away.He is very pleased with this Milwaukee Drill.I recommend this drill to everyone.
Very nice drill
I have only used it twice since I got it, a total of about 45 minutes. It has amazing power and torque. It is a little heavier feeling than I thought it would be, but I will get used to it soon. It is solid feeling and the case is well made. Has very little runout on the chuck and drills smoothly. I would purchase it again.
Milwaukee V18
The drill has alot of power and works great for hammerdrilling. The V18 Lithium Ion batteries are a substantial improvement over the old NiCads. You won't be disappointed by this drill. The only downside is that they are no longer made in the US.
Great drill
As a CATV installer, I've been using cordless drills for years and this is the best drill I've owned so far. The battery life is great and has plenty of power. I'm doing a project now rewiring an apartment complex and I have yet to drain a battery in one day. I recommend this drill very highly for anyone in the CATV/Tele industry.
Milwaukee Power Tools
Good hammer drill/driver. A bit heavy and tall. The battery does slip slightly front-to-back but this doesn't seem to affect operation. It can be reversed and the drill seems better balanced with the battery in the "reverse" position.

It should be noted that Milwaukee Tools is now owned by Techtronic Industries who also own AEG, Ryobi, Stilleto, Homelite, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Vax. They are registered in Hong Kong and their stock is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

According to Techtronic's web site the company is currently undergoing a "Repositioning". They have transfered all Milwaukee cordless tool production to the PRC. Their corded tool production will be transfered to the PRC by the end of 2008 and they will close their two factories here in the USA by the end of 2008. Even their highly rated Sawsalls will be soon made in China.
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