Milwaukee 0233-20 Magnum 5.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Drill with Keyless Chuck

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Milwaukee 023320 Magnum 5.5-Amp 3/8-Inch Drill with Keyless Chuck

Milwaukee 23320 description

For day in, day out drilling and driving in wood, steel, or plastic, there might not be a better tool than Milwaukee's Magnum hole shooter. The aluminum/magnesium alloy on the gear case cuts down on the tool's weight, and the glass-reinforced nylon handle makes it a bit lighter, too--but let there be no doubt: when it comes to results, this is the same heavy-duty, ridiculously powerful, no-nonsense tool it's always been. The shooter is built with a stacked design--meaning the drill's interior parts stack on top of each other--which makes replacing parts (like a switch) much easier to do as the whole drill doesn't need to be taken apart. The handle is designed so you can hold it two ways--either pistol-grip or with the palm of your hand resting on the top back portion--making the drill an extension of your arm. As a result, you can really get behind it while still easily reaching the trigger with your fingers; the finger slots add comfort. The carbon brushes are easy to access and change. And this model comes with a convenient and reliable all-metal, two-sleeve keyless chuck.

If you're looking for a serious, long-lasting drill, you can't go wrong here. Milwaukee's hole shooter is a very high quality tool that will serve you for years and years and years. --Dori Anvinson  

Milwaukee 23320 specifications

Pistol-Grip Drills
Powerful 5.5 amp motor 0-2800 RPM
Trigger speed control reversing
all ball and roller bearings
Removable brush cartridge system
Limited warranty, 30-day no-risk trial
5 pounds
Package Height
3.1 inches
Package Width
10 inches
Package Length
10.8 inches
Package Weight
4.9 pounds

Milwaukee 23320 reviews

Converted me to the high end
After years of cheap drills, I finally decided to try a nice one. Wow! Not only does this drill do everything I need a 3/8 drill to do, it is so smooth that it is a pleasure to operate, even after two years. The keyless chuck has never slipped; the motor will stall first (but only on ridiculously long drill bits designed for a larger drill). There's no turning back. I wish I would have bought tools like this years ago. They are actually a better value, after you have smoked a few cheaper tools.
Great drill
Nice balance and plenty of power. The cartridge replacement brushes is a nice touch. I bought it to drill pocket holes. I had been using a 14.4 cordless and it just wasn't getting it done. The Milwaukee just sails trough the task.
Works great after some adjustment
I agree with most everyone here that the quality of this drill is top notch. I've used it for drilling metal and hardwood with no problems as yet. I've done a bit of wire wheel grinding too, but keep it to a minimum as I have burned out drills in the past doing that.
I was a bit dissapointed with it out of the box though. Specifically the trigger lock didn't work properly - it wouldn't move low enough to hold the trigger. I had to take apart the drill handle and shave some of the plastic down to get it functioning. Not my idea of a good time. The two cases didn't line up very well which may have had something to do with it. Also, as others have said, the forward / reverse switch is a bit flimsy.
I returned a dewalt to buy this Milwaukee. Didn't much like the dewalt at all - full plastic case, no side handle, plastic chuck, made in china, with questionable details. The few extra bucks for the Milwaukee buys a lot. A case would be nice, but I prefer use that case money for a tool that is designed to not need one.
This is just an excellent tool.
I bought this drill before moving into a new apartment and it has served me very, very well. Even without an impact element, it made easy work of up to 5" of brick and concrete to secure some shelves and, with the cobalt bits I purchased Milwaukee 48-89-0045 13 Piece 1/16-Inch to 1/4-Inch Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment in Metal Index it moves effortlessly through all wood types, plaster, etc. The side grip works well for touch jobs and it really feels and acts like a solid piece of machinery. Highlights: Made in the USA and the serial number is stamped onto a plate that's riveted to the chasis. Now that's a drill.
High quality drill
I purchased this drill for it's 2800 RPM capability. The build quality is very good. The power is amazing for a small lightweight drill. The brush changing system is the easiest design I've seen in a electric hand tool. If you are in the market for a quality drill this is the one to buy.
great drill
i agree with the folks on here who say milwaukee makes the best drills. this one replaces a dewalt i had for several years which finally bit the dusk. compared to that one, i think this is made much better. in this age of cordless tools, it's still worth it to have a quality old fashion corded drill. this is a nice one
My new Milwaukee Drill.
I bought this drill to replace a 3/8 Milwaukee drill I had for around thirty years that disappeared from my shop. The old one served well for the full time though I did need to replace the switch about 15 years ago. This new drill works well and seems to have a reasonable amount of torque, but it just doesn't have the solid feel of the old one. I also do not like the keyless chuck. It just doesn't have the feel of a quality item. They need to go back to Jacobs chucks. It will probably take years to know how the drill actually holds up, but after a couple weeks of using it it just isn't what i would expect from Milwaukee.
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