Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Straight Line Impact Driver Kit

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Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit

Makita TD020DSEW description

Makita Power Tools 7.2V Cordless Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit MAKTD020DSEW

  • Makita Power Tools 7.2V Cordless Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit MAKTD020DSEW
  • Best in Class Engineering!
  • Delivers 170 lbs. of max torq  

Makita TD020DSEW specifications

Makita Lithium-Ion battery and Energy Star rated charger produces 430% total lifetime work with 2.5X
Makita-built motor delivers 177 in.lbs. of Max Torque, with 2,300 RPM and 3,000 IPM
Compact design at only 1.1 lbs. for reduced operator fatigue
Includes features such as a quick release 1/4-inch hex chuck and a built-in L.E.D. light illuminates
3-year warranty on tools; 1-year warranty on batteries and charger
4 pounds
Package Height
3.9 inches
Package Width
9.4 inches
Package Length
12 inches
Package Weight
4.3 pounds

Makita TD020DSEW reviews

Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt
makita compact drill
I like the fact it is compact and light. But it only has one speed and that's fast! It doesn't come with a speed control option. It works nicely as a small compact drill for drilling pilot holes because of the speed but not for fastening screws. Go with the Bosch compact drill that is out on the market now. That is a beautiful tool to have in your hands! It's compact, plenty of power for driving 3" screws with no problem....
hard to use
This powerful little impact driver is quite hard to use. Instead of a trigger, it has buttons for forward and reverse. And it has only one speed: full force. The combination of button and single-speed makes it very hard to control. I find it impossible to start a screw without spinning in the head, and slipping off, and going crooked. And this is with Robertson and star-drive as well as Phillips, and using a screw guide and a magnetic screw holder. The immediate force of the little driver, and maybe the uncentered action of pushing the button sideways, overwhelms all my best screwdriving methods.
fast , powerful
Powerful, and fast, bought one to assemble a full closetmaid system just the right amount of power , yes a clutch would be nice but just pay attention to the trigger speed and it works great , the light was great in back of the cabinets ,anchor bolts were a breeze, everything on one charge . case and charger are cool as well. A must have in the arsenal of tools.
Some Pro-Cons
Pros: Plenty of power, 2 Ion Battiers a plus, size/wght OK, Light a plus,
plenty of accessories w/unit.

Cons: Color, no variable speed, Light has to be turn on manually two(2)times to use, no written charger instructions, trying to register the product over the Internet is a lesson in nonsense.
Pretty good as a screwdriver
This device turns much faster than a typical handheld electric screwdriver when turning force is low. It still suffers from inadequate torque to drive hard to turn screws. There is no torque limiter as is commonly found on battery operated drills. Overall it is lightweight and useful. The included hex based drill bit works well but is a little slow
Good little impact gun for general use
I bought this for its size and swivel handle, while the bosch is shorter, its also about three times more expenseive and heavier. I have a full size impact for most jobs, but this one is small enough to carry around with my basic tool pouch. you're not going to want to use it to continuously drive in 3" deck screws, but it does have enough poser to replace a couple of deck boards with 3" screws.

The only thing that I really didn't like was that the light is completely separate. in tight spaces it is hard to keep the light on and operate the operational lever as well. Why didn't makita put a timed out led like on the full size impacts? the worst part is that you can't even put it into a locked on position. the light for me was totally useless.

I also have issues with the fact that there isn't VSR or at the very least a soft start on this unit. without it you can't really rely on it for finesse work or definitely makes one handed operation more difficult and more frustrating by loosing fasteners.

On my specific unit the switch also kinda sticks when I activate the lever to the CCW position, not sure if it is just with my unit or if others have had this problem.

Other then that, I really do like this little guy and carry it with me all the time. unless I know I will be driving more then a handfull of 3" screws, I will reach or this one first.
Very powerful for a screwdriver but I love iy...
I bought this because I needed a powerful screwdriver and boy was I right. This thing has loads of power. I love the impact power of this screwdriver. I have only charged the battery once since I've had it and I use it every day and so far it's still on the first battery on its first charge. The only down side to this screwdriver is it's no load speed. It's so fast that you really need to start fatheaded screws by hand. Otherwise I love it. It came with 2 batteries; carry case, charger, drill bit and 2 other bits.
Its a good add-on tool but wont cover ALL your needs
Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Straight Line Impact Driver Kit -- Purchased this thinking it was the utlimate power screwdriver but it has its draw backs. It will set screws great with little effort on your part but
1). its one speed so there are no slow start-ups.
2). There is no pistol tigger (its on the side)
3). The other fault with the unit seems to be the battery.
I charged both batteries that came with the unit (thats a plus) because I like to have a hot spare battery but after letting it sit idle for a week - I had NO power in one of the batteries so I had to recharge it.
Whats to like about it..
The bag that holds the unit is great, The LED lite is good but you have to hold it while holding the unit while holding the trigger (get what I mean).. The power to drive on a full charge is great and it came with a small set of screw driver bits.
Powerful and Great Battery Performance!
I bought this as an alternative to my bulky cordless drill, but was surprised at the power this unit has. I hung drywall in a large closet, and it drove the screws to the perfect depth every time. This unit comes with two batteries. When it came time to charge a battery, I was amazed that it was fully charged before I needed it. Great for driving screws, removing tough screws, and drilling in tight spots. It does not have a variable speed control, which makes it difficul and dangerous to use on delicate screws, like electrical boxes/fixtures. The controls are a bit ackward, but you get use to them quickly. Carry case is a nice feature. Great tool!
It works great for its intended use
I purchased the Makita for some production personnel to use at work. After getting the tool and using it to do a machine set up the operators loved it. The supervisor immediately asked me to purchase another.

My main recommendation is to know what you want to use the tool for. If you're looking to use it for more delicate work you might want to try something else. If you're looking to drive medium to large screws into wood or perhaps larger machine screws (5/16" or larger) into tapped holes it will probably work well for you.

One important thing to know is that their is no control over how fast the tool runs. It is either on full-blast or off. It has a lot of torque for it's size but it will certainly not break your wrist. The women that use it on a daily basis are happy with the size / weight of it and have only spoken positively about it.

I had previously purchased a Bosch PS20-2 Litheon. If I wanted to do lighter duty work I would go with something like the Bosch but if I wanted to drive a lot of 2" to 3" screws into wood I would definitely go with the Makita. Again, know what you want to use it for.
My first driver...
Why didn't I buy one sooner!?!?! This one is great; great price for a brand name like Makita, lithium batteries instead of NiCads, lightweight, and built-in flashlight.
Makita cordless screwdriver
This is a great product if you are looking for light to medium duty work. drives screws with ease, convenient for assembling just about anything. The only thing that could be an issue is that there are no torque settings, but again what did you really purchase this for. anything heavy duty you should be using a full size drill. Also, you may have to get use to the trigger placement on the side. The light is a plus, but it doesnt have a always on or off botton or delay to keep it on for 10-15 seconds after you press it. Comes with everything from carry case, extra battery, screwdriver bits (which lock into place), and charger.
Handy sized driver
Received the product earlier than scheduled as has been normal with Amazon. The smaller size is great when there is no room for an 18volt unit. I have found no problem using it and battery life appears adequate even though I haven't had it long enough to judge.
So I'm satisfied with the unit
Makita TD020DSEW
Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Straight Line Impact Driver Kit

A great household tool. Strong and lightweight.
A great find!
My husband bought this for me. We are remodeling contractor and use drills on a regular basis. We always buy Makita tools, some tools are over 25 years old and still working. We like tools with their own carring/storage containers, this case is really great. This drill is small and lightweight, and very powerful (because of the Lithium-Ion battery). We gave it a four star rating for the following reasons. First, it is not variable speed, so when you do not need much power, it delivers too much and strips the screws if you are not careful. Our other Lithiun-Ion tools have a light that turns on when the trigger is pulled. This one has a light, but you have to turn it on seperately. This does not sound like much, but the addition of the light to these tools is incredible, and makes the job much easier when it is lit up infront of you.
Almost perfect
As has been mentioned, this a powerful tool for the size and works well as an impact driver. It is a snap to use and comes with everything you need to get started including driver bits, charger and a nice storage case. The bits are nice enough that I use them with my more powerful LXT drill as well. I actually bought this tool for my wife to use because she wanted a smaller and lighter driver to use in the house.

The biggest drawback is that it doesn't have variable speed. So its either full speed or nothing. That can be a pain if you want a little more control in certain situations, like starting a screw in a tight space. The other small drawback that my wife didn't like is that it looks dingy quickly because of the white exterior. But that doesn't have any effect on the quality of the drill, so its a minor quibble. Overall powerful drill for the size.
A must have
I purchased recently and have been using for numerous home renovations projects. The impact feature, and cool holster, make this one of my favorite tools. Only draw-back is no variable speed. Be careful when driving bolts - so much torque on the impact that I have stripped my fair share.
Fantastic Driver Set
GREAT item, lots of power, it can handle the toughest of jobs, and still have battery power to spare. Long lasting lithium battery. Perfect for odd jobs around the house.
This is not a toy
This is an impact driver, not an ordinary cordless screwdriver. It works like a small rotary hammer.

It is extremely fast and powerful, with no adjustment for torque.

Use only good, impact driver, quality bits or you will break the bits.

Make sure the bit fits the screw, bolt, etc. or you will strip the head off the screw.

If you pre-drill any wood screw holes as the directions state you can avoid splitting the wood.

Screws that may take a long time with typical small cordless screwdrivers, particularly NiCad types, will take only seconds with this unit.

It charges extremely quickly and comes with a spare battery where it would probably be extremely difficult to wear down one battery before the other is fully charged.

It only comes with a basic set of bits, but quality bits are available from Makita stores, Sears, etc.

If you ever use one, you may have a lot of trouble going back to a normal medium priced cordless screwdriver.

The impact style driver is great for coaxing corroded screws nuts and bolts to loosen, particularly if given a shot of PB Blaster or similar first.

I do wish the torque limit was adjustable.
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