Makita MAC2400 13 4.2-Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor

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Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400 description

* 13 amp, 2-1/2-horsepower, 4.2-gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor with handle
* 4.2 cfm delivered at 90 psi; low 1,720 rpm extends motor life and lowers noise
* Cast-iron pump and roll cage construction
* 1/4-inch brass Makita universal coupler
* 19-3/8 by 18 by 18-3/4 inches; 77 pounds; 1-year warranty

Makita MAC2400 specifications

Oil lubricated: Cooler running pump, minimizes wear
Durable cast iron cylinder reduces wear and increases pump life; removable for easy maintenance
Built-in thermal overload for additional motor protection
Large automotive style industrial air filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency
One-year manufacturer's warranty
18.75 inches
18 inches
20 inches
86 pounds
Package Height
19.5 inches
Package Width
20.3 inches
Package Length
20.4 inches
Package Weight
81 pounds

Makita MAC2400 reviews

Quiet Dependable Well Built
What can I say thats not been said, I've had mine for 3 years, give or take a month or 2, I am a satisfied customer.
Packaging Improved 10-08
Even after reading everyone's helpful reviews,some of which mentioned shipping damage,I decided to roll the dice and order this compressor.I am happy to report that it arrived in fine shape! Judging from descriptions of packaging problems others have given,I'm guessing that Makita has improved their "boxing".The air filter cover was held safely in place by a piece of cardboard,and everything else was fine.Thanks to all of you that took the time to review.
Great compressor
Bought the Makita MAC2400 compressor after my Campbell Hausfield pancake compressor stopped working. This compressor is solidly built and relatively quiet. It's much, much quieter than the pancake. There's a lot of steel and almost no plastic on this product -- that's rare these days. It's heavy -- you definitely wouldn't want to carry this around on a daily basis. I've had it for a couple of weeks and it has been great -- no problem with a framing nailer. Would buy it again.

Great Compressor
I had been hessitant to buy this product because some of the reveiwers indicated theirs having been delivered damaged. Mine arrived perfect! 100%.Oil in the crankcase pluged it in! Worked like a charm. I love it! Its fast and quiet.
Very nice
My Mac2400 arrived without a scratch! Filled her with oil, screwed in the air filter and turned her on for the 30 minute break-in period...WOW...soooo quiet, I still can't believe it. I can understand just how quiet the Mac2400 is as I used to use an oilless pancake type which recently died on me in the middle of a job, what a difference. This Makita screams quality (albeit quietly) I just need to actually use it, although I'm sure this machine will perform!
Excellent little compressor
Great compressor! I bought this to run a paint spray gun to prime and paint 600 square feet of my basement, plus the ceiling (rafters, ductwork and all). After using the compressor all week, I am very impressed.

First, mine was delivered free 2-day via Amazon Prime (FedEx) with no damage (I signed up for the free 1 month trial). Next, the noise: If you have never owned or worked with a compressor, you will find this loud (almost as loud as a vacuum cleaner). But if you have worked with a Craftsman or Porter Cable 3,600 rpm compressor before (which sound like a full-throttle Harley driving by), you will find the MAK2400 is SO nice and quiet. It just purrs. Put it in the next room, run your hose in, turn the radio on to normal volume, and you won't even hear it running.

It charges an empty tank in about 1 to 1.5 minutes, or does the normal 100 to 130 psi recovery in about 18-20 sec. It is a bit of a pain to move, but if you rest the back "tank side" on your waist and grab the handle, it is manageable for a 200 ft haul.

IMPORTANT: the manual states the MAK2400 (and all Makita air compressors) are designed for 50% duty cycle (they should run no more than 30 minutes of a given hour). High-volume tools that approach 4.2 scfm will need to be run in shifts to give the compressor "breaks". For me, this wasn't a problem if I ran my paint spray gun with only center-air delivery (compressor cycled on and off), but if I opened up the shaping air nozzles to "flatten" the paint spray, it kept the compressor running 99% so I had to take breaks.
nice compressor
The compressor works as stated in literature, works well, and is quiet enough, impressively so, a little rattling from the grill but snugging up the screws fixed that. Not something I would want to carry around too often, but a great compressor that can be moved without much problem.
Hey all, I depended upon your reviews and bought this compressor package from and free delivery, everything in one piece...can't beat the price for this amazing unit...I must give it a FIVE STAR rating, my "technical" friends are impressed and they want one! Thanks, Amazon!...oh, the Makita hotline is also very helpful in setting up of the unit which could not be easier. Highly recommended.
Very nice little compressor
I haven't used this very much, but I am impressed with how quiet and solid it is. I had a Porter Cable "Pancake" oil-less unit which I ruined due to overload. I decided to get a more substancial unit.

The only prolem is that its a bit too heavy for me, but managable.I think the unit is well built and is a quality item

fred Wolf
This is my second Mac air compressor, the previous one lasted for 15 years of professional service, it still works but I wanted something a little quieter. This unit is so quiet you can hold a cell phone convesation right beside it while its charging. It was delivered in perfect condition as well.
I bought one thanks to the reviews--and I like it
Here is another vote FOR the Makita MAC2400. Safety, reliability, and loudness were my main concerns when buying my first compressor, and so far I have been quite happy. I bought one of the new Bosch nail guns (the big full head framing nailer) to build a shed and convert a garage, but Bosch is new to this area and the nail guns were available before their new compressors. Not wanting to wait, I looked at many reviews around the web and the many reviews here on Amazon and went with the Makita MAC2400. The compressor is quieter than I expected (even after all the good reviews)--and heavier. The sound level is such that I can easily see having the compressor in the same room with me while working all day. Moving the compressor around is a challenge. I am going to have to get a cart or two-wheeler to move it around or my back and arm will give out. Actually, the weight itself isn't that bad, but you can't bring the handle right up next to your body to make it easier to walk--you have to lean over. I'm sure the materials that are making it heavy are also making it quiet, so I will readily take the weight; I just need a mechanical assist. I don't have a long-term experience yet, but bottom line: I would buy this compressor again tomorrow. One minor quibble: if I did it right, the air filter housing screws on to the compressor such that it presses against a plastic cover and makes the cover bulge a little. I called Makita to make sure I had done it right and they said that from my description I had done it right. I don't expect any problems, but it just doesn't look like it fits quite right.
A great Compressor
We received the compressor in about 10 days and everything was in great shape. We are building a three car garage and the compressor had no problem keeping up with the nail gun. It is very quiet when it is running and is able to refill very quickly. It is very heavy, but we just use lots of hose and leave the unit plugged into the old garage. Thanks for all the great reviews of this product, it helped make the decision easy.
Fully Satisfied Customer!
I read several positive reviews before buying my first Makita at an exceptionally good price. It arrived quickly and worked perfectly after minimal break-in. Just as other reviewers have said, it IS heavy, but it is also solidly built and very quiet. I took the original to a farm property I own near my oldest son. Since he was impressed with its performance, I decided to buy a second one to keep in my main workshop while I left the original unit on the farm. So far I have built a fence and attached redwood siding to a pole barn I am enclosing. The compressors are outstanding. I couldn't be more pleased. Personally, I find the Amazon reviews very helpful so this is my first effort at writing one.
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