Makita LXT202 BHP451 18 Volt Hammer Drill & BTD140 18 Volt Impact Driver Lithium-Ion Combo Kit

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Makita LXT202 18-Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Lithium-Ion Combo Kit

Makita LXT202 description

Includes: LXT 1/2'' hammer driver drill (4 pole motor; 560 in. lbs. of torque) Includes: LXT 1/4'' impact driver (1,280 in. lbs. of torque 0-3200 IPM) Includes 2 batteries 45 minute optimum charger and tool case Battery Ace No. 2169357, battery charger Ace No. 2169340 New and innovative Lithium-ion technology  

Makita LXT202 specifications

Hammer Drills
Cordless Kit
LXT Lithium-Ion battery and optimum charging system produces 280 percent total lifetime work with 2
Hammer drill (BHP451) weighs just 4.9 pounds and has 4-pole maximum torque motor delivers 560 in. lb
Compact impact driver (BTD140) is weighs just 3.3 pounds and delivers 1,280 in./lbs. of torque with
Kit includes hammer drill; impact driver; LXT Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah batteries (2); 45-minute optimum cha
3-year warranty on tools, 1-year warranty on battery
17 pounds
Package Height
5.7 inches
Package Width
14.5 inches
Package Length
18.4 inches
Package Weight
16.4 pounds

Makita LXT202 reviews

Four stars with a heavy heart
I purchased this combo kit just over one year ago. I waited to write a review so that I could address any problems that might come up with it.
I will do as another reviewer and break mine up into a few sections.

The impact driver is the main reason I bought this kit, and I was not disappointed. Driving screws before using this beast was a a chore at best. Using an impact driver makes the task SO much easier. It may not be the most powerful one out there, but I have broken heads off screws and small bolts, so for me, it is rather adequate. While it will drive long deck screws and lag screws without a pilot hole, I drill one anyway to avoid splitting. It is very light, extremely comfortable in the hand, and superbly balanced. Really, Makita hit a home run with this particular tool.

The drill was a bonus for me, since the kit was only a little more expensive than buying either tool separately. It is powerful, and nice to be able to use full half inch shank bits with it. It is heavier than the impact driver, but surprisingly well balanced and ergonomic. The clutch positions are easy to manipulate and are handy for the most part. The switch for different modes (hammer-drill, drill, driver) can stick at times, so a quick pull of the trigger is necessary to free the action (minus one). The hammer-drill function works well and is a lifesaver for small jobs. I have not noticed excessive run-out in the chuck, however, I do not consider cordless drills precision tools. For precise drilling I would use a drill press or an expensive corded drill. I give up precision for convenience with cordless. Loose bits are also not an issue with me, I crank the chuck down then ratchet it home tight.

The batteries are amazing. They deliver seemingly endless power. I am not a contractor, just a serious DIY type. That said, when I use the tools for a project, I don't have to recharge more than once. That is a huge plus for me, even though the project may only be a half a day (though the tools get used constantly). Self discharge is so low that I can pick up the tool a month after last using it, and have more than enough power to drill a few holes and drive several screws. They are also very light. Compared to the boat anchors of NiCd technology, these things are a stark difference. One VERY important note, however. DO NOT run these batteries into the ground! Doing so can drastically reduce the life of the battery pack. Makita does not include a "fail safe" system to automatically shut down the tool when the batteries become critically low (most consumer products using Li-Ion batteries have this). Hitachi tools apparently have this, unfortunately Makita does not (minus two).

The charger is rather delicate looking, and can be a little noisy when in use. The fan is there to keep the batteries cool, so I can live with a bit of annoying whine if my expensive battery will last longer. The lights can be confusing, so make sure to read the manual on how to decipher them.

Miscellaneous things to touch on include the case. It is actually quite well designed, with room for an extra battery pack (which I bought separately). Also, there is enough room for a small drill bit set and driver bits in the case. I utilize this extra space for those items plus a few masonry bits. This gives me a complete kit to drill holes in wood/metal/masonry as well as drive screws all in one easy to carry package. Very convenient. The lights on the tools are more useful than you'll think, especially on the driver. The drill's lights are indeed blocked by the large chuck, as another person pointed out (minus three). The belt clips really come in handy, especially when you're on a ladder. Everything except the battery cells themselves are made in China. The cells are made in Japan, the rest of the tool kit is made and/or assembled in China (minus four).

So with that long review, and my four main points of dissatisfaction, it is with a heavy heart that I give this combo kit four stars. The drill's lights and selector switch I can forgive, but the lack of the battery saving feature (for lack of a better term) and the fact that the whole thing is made in China are unforgivable for me. That notwithstanding, I am overall very satisfied with my purchase and I do not regret my it at all. Make sure to read the owners manuals, two times.
Great kit for a great price
I purchased this about two months ago and have used it all day every day since. The impact gun is very, very light and is actually the tool I use most out of this kit to drive screws. The lights are great when working inside cabinets and such and the belt hooks are great too. It's amazing how long the batteries hold a charge and they recharge very quickly. I was a little worried when I read some reviews about the chuck on the hammer drill not being well made but I have had zero issues with either tool. I would absolutely buy this set again but I don't think I'll have to for a long time.
Makita CombiSet

Very good item and value for money. All you need from a drill set.
Absolutely fabulous - every detail thought out with much engineering expertise. First class quality.
Bad Chuck
I bought the 18v Makita Drill and Driver for a upcoming project. I didn't believe the others that the drills/bits fall out of the drill. I have to remember to re-tighten the chuck often or it falls out. It is a pain. This is my first Makita product and I probably would not buy anything else from them. I will stick with Bosch or Porter/Cable.
Excellent Value
I've owned a variety of cordless tools, the latest being Grizzly 18V, and had learned to live with short battery life and less than impressive power. This kit changes all my perceptions about cordless tools. The drill/driver is powerful, and the impact driver, though small is a dynamo. I used both when building a tree house for my kids. Over the two weekends I worked, I never recharged the battery. Meanwhile I was driving 4-inch lags, 2- inch deck screws, tightening carriage bolts. The impact driver is a bit loud, but is so fast, the noise was secondary to concentrating on the depth I was driving lags. BTW: I tried the impact wrench on my car's lug nuts and it zipped them off and on. The only reason I don't give it a 5-star rating is because tools, while great performers, have a "light-weight" feel to them, like they might not hold up over time with heavy use, but that's just speculation. Since my tools will be largely relegated to my workshop, they will be pretty pampered, so not a major concern. I am very pleased with this kit so far.
Great Tools
After trying all other brand name cordless tools, I was tired of using all of that junk so I purchased these cordless tools and I am very satisfied. I work in many areas of construction and use the tools on a daily basis. They are very comfortable to use and my hand does not get tired. They are very powerful and have a good battery life. These are the best tools that I have ever used in my entire life.
Pro level tools
I recently had to upgrade my drill/driver combo. As a professional Finish carpenter, I need cordless tools that can work all day, and not tire ME out. Have used most brands, and still own a collection of older makita cordless. I used some of my co-workers 18v li-ion and was instantly sold. The impact driver actually seems lighter than my old favorite 12volt!!
Don't get the white combo, spend a little more for the upgrade. I've never said I wish I hadn't spent the extra money for a good quality tool. I've often said I wish I had spent a few dollars more for better tools, but not this time...worth every penny.
Best drill ever
Got this combo for Christmas. One of the best gifts ever. The drill and driver are both dynamite tools. Fantastic charge time, easy to use, I'm impressed.
Bought these for my Dad for Christmas, he loves it, his only comment is that they are too good for him. He has used the impact driver extensively and is amazed at the power in the small device. If I can afford my own, I will buy these some day.
Hard to Find
My boyfriend missed his chance to purchase this kit at The Home Depot. By the time he finally decided 'I must have the impact driver' they had stopped selling this kit. He swears by it and begged and pleaded for me to order it. Aparently its the best drill he's ever owned and he works in the custom sheet metal business. I recommend it. And its a great deal to get them together like this.
This product is great!!! Batteries last a long time & easy to handle. love the light
candy machine
This impact driver is my favorite power tool. I now love to drive screws. I have been working this machine in the heat and grime, it looks beat..... but keeps driving strong. I have not owned another impact diver so cannot make comparisons to others, but I have only good comments for the makita 18 volt impact driver. The drill also is a quality tool. My only complaint is that the battery charger seems a bit slow, and there is no indication of remaining charge on batteries.
Great combo
I'm replacing a 14 volt Milwaukee drill, which has been a great drill for the last 4-5 years, but I can't afford to keep buying batteries for it. I've gone through 5 of them so far, and can buy a new drill with batteries and charger, for a little more then the replacement batteries.

I've had the Makita for about a month now, and have no complaints. It's light weight and powerful. The chuck is just "OK", and not as secure as the Milwaukee, but it's good enough.

The most pleasant surprise has been the screw gun. I sort of thought I needed one of these, but have discovered that I can't live without one. I was inside a dark cabinet the other day, screwing down a counter top, and I thought "a compact impact drill with a light on it is just what I needed". Someone said that the bits fell out - if you use the "insert" style bits that came with the drill, they will, but the "power" style bits can only be removed by pulling on the spring loaded collar.

The lithium-ion batteries don't self discharge either. You can pick up a tool that hasn't been used for awhile, and the battery is still ready to go.
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