Makita LCT300W 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 3PC Cordless Combo

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Makita LCT300W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-Piece Combo Kit

Makita LCT300W description

  • New combo kit offers best power-to-weight ratio for both driver-drill and impact driver. Also includes a flashlight.
  • 1/2" Driver-Drill delivers 450 in. lbs. of efficient torque in a compact size and weighs only 3.5 lbs.
  • Impact Driver provides 1,280 in. lbs. of maximum torque and weighs only 2.8 lbs.
  • Xenon Rechargeable Flashlight with 4-positon head pivots for greater versatility

Makita LCT300W specifications

Cordless Kit
2-speed 1/2-Inch Driver-Drill (0-400/0-1, 500 RPM) with Makita-built 4-pole motor delivers 450
Variable speed Impact Driver (0-2, 300 RPM) provides 1, 280 in.lbs. of Max Torque in a compact desig
4-Position Flashlight with Xenon bulb runs over 2 hours per charge
Makita Compact Lithium-Ion battery and Energy Star rated 15-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger produces 43
3-year warranty on tools and 1-year warranty on batteries and charger
15 pounds
Package Height
10.8 inches
Package Width
11.8 inches
Package Length
12.2 inches
Package Weight
13.65 pounds

Makita LCT300W reviews

Once again Makita came through with a great product.
This is now my 2nd Makita cordless drill set. My original lasted 8 years of hard use and abuse, including at least 2 falls from the top of a 30ft ladder during a contruction project. This new set sure seems to have the same quality. A testiment to the great brand name of Makita. (Unlike a number of other competitors out there who are chasing the cost/quality game right to the bottom to try to squeeze out every last dime of profit without taking quality enough into account for the dedicated handman or construction guy. Not everyone can affort to baby their toys.) Of course I almost don't need to mention the new Lithium-Ion battery system, great improvement over the old NiCad. If you are shopping for a new drill, don't even consider those models. The new ones weigh about half and twice the power, and a quick charge to boot. Worth the money. This is a very well balance and light weight unit. I look forward to many years of use to come.

Side note...I have a very negative review for Amazon however! They shipped me an open box and used unit. According to the description I ordered a new unit. They did pay for shipping and replaced it free of charge, but again the second unit that arrived was an open box also! Seriously. 2 in a row. I decided to just keep the second one as it did not appear used at least like the first. If this is how Amazon is giving a good price they need to start giving accurate descriptions. While I am very happy with the drill set, I would have like to get exactly what I paid for, an unopened new unit from Makita. I assume they would not be happy knowing this is how Amazon is distributing their products. Bad Amazon, bad.
Makita 3 pack tool kit
Makita manufactures a great drill and driver. However, the battery and flashlight seem to lack compatibility. I received this 3 piece unit and immediately charged the batteries. I put one of the batteries on the flashlight and turned it on. It seemed to work just fine. However a few days later
I turned the light on again. It worked for about 10 seconds and then went out. I tried to problem solve this for quite some time, but to no avail. I thought it might be a bulb problem, or a problem with the switch. I finally called the support center and explained the problem. The call center person had no idea what the problem could be, but told me to send it to the nearest repair center. It cost me 20 bucks to send the light in to the repair center. They sent it back within a few days stating there was no problem. However, they did write a note that said THE LIGHT WAS DESIGNED TO GO OFF IF THE BATTERY VOLTAGE DROPS BELOW A PRE-DETERMINED LEVEL. It would have been nice if the support guy knew this information. Well I put my battery back in the flashlight, and it again went out within 10 seconds. I then put my battery tester on the brand new battery and it showed a voltage of 11 volts. This is after a charge a few days prior with no usage. So I guess the lesson is check your batteries to be sure they are not defective and will hold a full 18v charge. IF not, the flashlight will just go out instead of just getting dim like you would expect.
Awesome Product!
I've had the same Ryobi drill/flash light combo for 14 years, and finally decided to replace it when the second set of batteries I've bought for it wouldn't keep a charge. I LOVE my new Makita set. It's a lot lighter even though it's 18V compared to my old 12V. The batteries charge in a hurry. I can't speak to how long they keep a charge, but I will say that I drilled 8 holes into cement for some 4 inch lag bolts when I was installing a large mount for an LCD TV, and in spite of doing some heavy duty work over around 2 hours, the battery didn't seem to lose any power. The moving parts operate very smoothly. The flash light is super bright. It's more like a spot light.
great tools
This little set has been one of my favorite tools in my tool box. I have found myself using the impact driver more often than the drill. I have used it to drive wood screws, self tapping sheet metal screws, and have a socket adapter and have driven 3/8 bolts into wood to hold home theater projectors. The compact size has allowed me to use the set in places I would normally have had to use a short screw driver and much manual effort. These tools have saved me a great amount of time and have returned their cost to me in time saved and increased productivity.
Makita LCT300W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-Piece Combo Kit
I purchased this kit for installing metal roofs and found it to be the best tools I've ever owned. It is a multi-taskable kit that I can just pick up & go & know it will get the job done. I wear out at the end of the day before it does.
Makita Combo
Outstanding product. Putting up new deck. Old drill/driver just didn't have the power. The new Makita bored about 12 - 6 inch deep 5/8" holes and then put in deck screws the rest of the day. The battery charge cycle is terrific. For the non-Pro, you couldn't ask for more. I got the 3-piece with the light on a whim. I've used the light almost as much as the drill and driver.
Makita LCT300W 18Volt 3 Piece combo kit
It is everything I expected and have used it on many projects so far. The drill and driver have plenty of power and is light weight. The bag makes it convenient to take along with you on a job. The light is good for the areas where you are working that are shadowed or in corners such as under sinks and cabinets. The Lithium-Ion battery lasts long enought to get the job done.
Makita 18v Li-Ion Drill Kit
I purchased the Makita set in Jan-09 and the battery charger would not charge the batteries. I decided to return and purchase the Milwaukee set instead. I'm glad I did. The battery charger on the Milwaukee set works perfectly, plus I have seen Milwaukee outperform other brand names for years. Milwaukee has always been the most reliable and of higher quality. Keep in mind that Milwaukee stands behind their products with a 5-year warranty. The Makita drill-driver is supposed to be the industry leader in terms of power output. However, the Milwaukee is not far behind and has plenty of power for me, a serious DIY person.
Worth the purchase
Well worth the purchase. At first, I bought the package for around the home use. I thought it a good price, even without the flashlight; and until the first time I used it, thought the lights on the drills were more of a gimmick than an actual tool ( I was very wrong and my apologies, this is a great addition).

Recently my brother bought a major remodel; a total scrape down to the studs. And while he has purchased construction grade tools, I found my self using fighting him for the use of my drills; we even used the flash light. The 15 minute charger worked great and we were able to use the Makita for more of the "hard core" tasks, than his tools.

Weight also became a discussion point, as by the end of the day, my wrist was less sore from hanging drywall overhead than my brothers.

Only down side was the plastic casing on the drill does not stand up as well as previous `blue/green' models to scrapes and drops, but overall it was a great purchase. Don't think about it, just buy it.
Best Drill I've ever owned!
I've already given away my old Dewalt drills and look forward to each time I have an excuse to use my Makita cordless drills.I also recently purchased the 10.8 Makita combo kit and feel the same about that purchase as well. My Sears 19.2V series of tools are now certain to now collect dust. These are well made, well designed tools and Makita should be encouraged to push the envelope on other cordless tools as well.
Very impressive drill / driver kit.
I'm a Mikita fan and this drill / driver / flashlight combo kit only serves to confirm why. These compact, light, rugged tools feel solid and ergonomic. In terms of appearance, the drill and driver remind me of track shoes. But, they're also rugged and, do, in fact, stand up on their handles as seen in the photos. I'm not a professional builder; just a do-it-yourselfer, so I can't comment on heavy usage. I just appreciate well-crafted tools and these fit the bill. The carry case is nicely padded and fits the tools nicely. The flashlight is, for me, not of much use, but kind of cool. I DO like the drill's and driver's built-in LED work-lights, which light up whenever you pull their triggers. Very effective, clever designs. I'm very happy with this purchase and Amazon, as always, provides peerless service and shipping.
Good Value
My 9V Makita finally went belly up so I saw this combo kit. At the time it had a rebate for a free third battery. The power of the 18 V over the old 9V is very clear to see but the battery charges in far less time so with the two that come it you should always have power close at hand. I like the hand chuck and there are more setting than I had used in the past. The light I have not used but the driver and the impact driver are both welcome new member to my tool box.

A co-worker recommended this kit though he has the two piece which means no light. I would go with either one.
I wish I'd had one 10 years ago
I don't know how many years impact drivers have been available, but I used my first last year on a Rebuilding Together project where the lead contractor had one. When I think of all the buggered screw heads I have created with my big, high torque drill, I almost weep. The impact driver does the job without fuss, never messes up even stainless steel screw heads (ss is softer than "regular" screws), is light weight, and in general is a joy to use. The 1/2" drill and flashlight were just a bonus for $40. Get one, you won't regret it.
Good Drill Battery life short
Makita LCT300W 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 3PC Cordless Combo I am happy with drills and light. Battery life is short but they are light and charge quickly. Have had about 4 months and working well.
This product ROCKS!
I purchased a month ago instead of replacing batteries on an 8yr old porter cable 14.4V, first I am a professional user...General Contractor for more than ten years. Both in kit are lighter and more powerful than previous PC unit, light is ok..its bright but head seems a bit floppy. Time will tell if it will hold up to rough use, impact kicks A**! I can drive nearly 49 3" spline drive const. screws on single charge. It also takes the larger batteries and will drive about 90 screws. First impact I have owned and definitely the way to drive screws, less operator fatigue and less wear on bits. Batt's charge fast, bag is kinda waste it looks like a lunch bag with no x-tra room. Only wish I would have bought the kit with the radio...that's next on my list. Price was great Amazon delivered price $270 it was best going at the is lower...tomorrow maybe higher? prices keep changing. Great value!
Makita kit
This is an excellent tool. I recharge the battery in a mere 15 minutes and the impact driver is very powerful. I love it!
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