Makita HK1810 5 Amp Variable Speed Power Scraper with 1-3/6-Inch and 2-Inch Scaling Chisels and a Bull Point Chisel

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Makita HK1810 5 Amp Variable Speed Power Scraper with 1-3/6-Inch and 2-Inch Scaling Chisels and a Bull Point Chisel

Makita HK1810 description

Use this scraper to quickly remove tile, clean out mortar or chisel. Powerful 5 Amp motor with variable speed control delivers up to 3500 blows per minute for maximum performance.  

Makita HK1810 specifications

Hammer Drills
5 Amp variable speed power scraper with scaling and bull-point chisels
Designed for comfortable operation when removing tile, cleaning out mortar, or chiseling
Factory grease packed for reduced maintenance; auto brush cut-out system protects motor
Includes 1-3/16-inch scaling chisel; 2-inch scaling chisel; bull point; dust cover; and plastic tool
Measures 12-3/8 inches long, weighs 7 pounds; a 1-year limited warranty
7 pounds
Package Height
5.3 inches
Package Width
12.8 inches
Package Length
18.5 inches
Package Weight
13.6 pounds

Makita HK1810 reviews

Wow - Awesome Tool.
helpful for 10 of 10 people
I had to remove quite a bit of kitchen tile on the counter and the backsplash and this tool did it with ease. I originally budgeted 2 weekends to do this tile removal job, but I finished it all in one afternoon using this tool. I removed all the counter top tile, tons of backsplash tile, tile that was adjacent to a bay window, the sink and the faucets and this tool worked perfectly. It's almost surgical in the way it takes out the tile. I used the bigger of the 2 chisels that came with it and left the speed setting at the default setting. For the initial tile removal, I would work the scraper along the grout lines at about a 45 degree angle and the tool went through mortar like it was butter. I was especially impressed with the way it would chip up the mortar bed/chickenwire that was under the tile. I plugged the tool into a wet/dry vac that would turn on when the tool turned on and I ran the vacuum hose through the handle and zip-tied the end of the vacuum hose to near the chisel. Thus as the scraper generated that really fine dust, it would get sucked up by the vacuum. I figured I vacuumed up about 5 pounds of dust, given how full the vacuum bag was, when I finished. The best part was that my arms weren't totally wiped out from 5 straight hours of running the tool. Granted it's an expensive tool, but if you have to remove tile this beats a sledge hammer and chisel and it's fun to use!
Very Effective Tool
This tool quickly removed a bathroom tile floor and the mortar base underneath. It doesn't require much operator strength to use. It's also able with a more delicate touch to removed just tiles without major damage to the surface beneath. I only gave it 4 stars because once in a while the retaining clip for the chisel would unlock causing the chisel to fall out during use. Not a big issue, but slows you down for a moment.
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