Makita DA391DWD 3/8-Inch Cordless Angle Drill Kit

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Makita DA391DWD 3/8-Inch Cordless Angle Drill Kit
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Makita DA391DW description

This 9.6V Makita angle drill is ideal for close-quarter drilling or driving. It measures only 4 1/2in. from tip of chuck to the widest portion of the tool body. Plus, its compact, well-balanced and lightweight (2.9 lbs. for easy maneuverability. Variable speed for pinpoint hole positioning. A keyless chuck makes it easy to install bits. Max. Torque (in.-lbs.): 43.4, Volts: 9.6, Speed - No Load (RPM): 800, Chuck Size (in.): 3/8, Keyless Chuck: Yes, Reversible: Yes, Variable Speed: Yes, Side Handle: No, Battery Amp/Hour: 1.3Ah, Battery Included: Yes, (1) 9.6V battery, Charger Included: Yes, Case Included: Yes, Tool Length (in.): 4 1/2, Tool Weight (lbs.): 2.9  

Makita DA391DW specifications

Right-Angle Drills
3/8-inch cordless angle drill kit ideal for close-quarter drilling or driving
Measures only 4-1/2 inches from tip of chuck to widest portion of tool body
Compact, well balanced and light weight (2.9 pounds) for easy maneuverability
Includes battery, charger, keyless chuck, and plastic case
4-1/2 inches long; 1-year manufacturer's warranty
9 pounds
Package Height
4.6 inches
Package Width
12.2 inches
Package Length
16.4 inches
Package Weight
7.4 pounds

Makita DA391DW reviews

B.S. in BA Oklahoma
I purchased this drill because it seemed like a good value since it was supposed to include a Ni-MH battery. Amazons listing is misleading. It ships with a Ni-cd #632007-4. A little disappointed with Amazon but the drill is still a quality product. It is a drill thus it isn't very conducive to driving screws but it can be done with a little care. I've used the drill already and it was up to the task. Not a bad price or product to get you out of a tight spot.
Amazon title misleading, great tool for tight spots
For tasks with limited access, this angle drill works quite well. It fits where my larger cordless tools won't go. However, the kit comes with the older 9.6V 1.3Ah NiCd battery pack (not the 2.6Ah NiMH implied by Amazon's listing title). Kit originally came with the older DC9700 charger that can only handle NiCd battery packs. Very recent versions of this kit come with the newer DC1414T charger that can handle both NiCd and NiMH battery packs. Obviously, the newer kit version is preferred as you can add the higher capacity 2.6Ah NiMH 9.6V batteries and all other Makita packs up to 14.4V. Tool is more of a drill than a drill/driver. Caveat emptor.
Great for delivery and assembly professionals
This is an excellent tool for those of us who repair furniture, set up beds, and other kinds of home furnishings. The shape and design allows it to get into the tight spaces, and the little guy is pretty tough. Whether screwing on drawer pulls, assembling waterbeds, or attaching pier walls, this is the best I have used.

For the person who does a lot of heavy, stationary drilling, I would recommend a heavier, higher voltage drill, but the the professional on the move, this one is tough to beat.
Not sure you can find a better right angle drill for the money
Durability and comfort in hand are remakable, once you use it. The rotation direction is easily changed by thumb of trigger hand.
The torque is exceptional, although the variable speed is sensitive. You'll need to go real light on the trigger to engage at very low speed, such as 50-100 rpms, when putting a lot of torque on a screw, to keep from stripping the bit slot of the screw. Once you get used to it, it's easy to live with.
The charger base and carry case are of excellent build quality.
In summation, you may only need to use it 5-10% of the time on given tasks or jobs, but it will be well worth the cost when you can't quite fit a standard drill into a small space to drill or screw.
An immensely useful 'add-on' would be a small drill jig that keeps the drill square [or at a desired angle] to the work, since when you do require to drill in tight spaces, you probaly won't be able to get your head in close enough to 'eyeball' a square angle of the drill to the surface. Might be able to retrofit something though. Minor issue; drill is still superior to most other brands as well.
use of product

Try working in a tight spot on cabinet hinges. Mikita right angle drill is the one for the job. Works great for me.
Kim's Review
This particular drill has been discontinued by the company selling it. They sent a different drill that they had replaced this item for, and did not inform us about it until they had already shipped it. All in all, not a very good buying experience!!
Customer Service lacking
I ordered this tool from Northern Tool. They sent me the wrong one and then blamed it on Amazon and wanted me to pay for their mistake. This tool is an excellent tool but Northern Tool is not compliant with its customers. This tool is no longer available but Northern Tool won't tell you this until and after they send you the wrong one and want you to pay for their mistake. Great tool lousey vendor!

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