Makita BHP451 LXT 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill-Driver

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Makita BHP451 LXT 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill/Driver

Makita BHP451 description

We've come a long way from sweat and a screwdriver. A hundred years ago, builders would never have envisioned a tool as powerful and efficient as this one. Heck, even 20 years ago. Science has ushered battery technology along, and the LXT Lithium-Ion system that powers this impact driver has a ton of advantages over standard NiMH or NiCad batteries. The Lithium-Ion technology means 1,400 battery life cycles, longer run time, lighter weight, a great reduction in the self-discharge rate and built-in shock-absorbing features to protect your battery.

But perhaps the coolest innovation is what Makita calls its 45-minute Optimum Charger. It actually talks to the batteries it charges throughout the cycle, using a built-in memory chip in the battery and, believe it or not, a CPU chip in the charger itself, which analyzes the data stored in the battery chip to decide on the best charging method at that time.

The hammer drill/ driver itself is fairly compact and lightweight, yet it's packing a powerful 560 in./lbs. of torque. It's got a super speed range of 0 to 300 rpm in low gear, 0 to 600 in mid-range and 0 to 1,700 rpm in top gear. But look at the numbers in hammer mode: up to 4,500 blows per minute in low gear, to 9,000 in mid-range and an astounding 0 to 25,500 in third gear. Wow. Sometimes, you may encounter a little resistance if you're switching directly from low gear to high; if that happens, running the tool in mid-gear for a couple seconds completely alleviates any snag.

Switching from drill to drive mode is done with a simple push of the Shift-Lock™ switch.

We really like the integrated worklight, too: It illuminates as soon as you pull the trigger, and it stays on for 10 seconds or so after you release the trigger, too - a handy little feature.

Makita's always made ergonomically positive tools that feel good in your hand and take the strain off your body, and this one's no exception. The slightly curved grip is so comfortable, and the auxiliary handle gives you a super-secure hold on this powerful tool. It's an absolute pleasure to use and would be a great choice for a contractor, woodworker or exacting DIY-er. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste

What's in the Box
Driver/drill, two LXT Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah batteries, 45-minute optimum charger, screwdriver bits, tool case  

Makita BHP451 specifications

Hammer Drills
Cordless Kit
Ergonomic shape fits like a glove with even pressure and easy control
3-speed design produces 25% faster working speed with more efficiency-inch a wider range of applicat
Shift Lock Driver System quickly shifts from in hammer drill-inch to in driver-inch mode with one to
Compact design at only 9-7/8-inch length and weighs only 4.9-pounds for less operator fatigue
LXT Lithium-Ion battery and optimum charging system produces 280% more lifetime work with 2x more cy
15 inches
6 inches
18 inches
15 pounds
Package Height
5.5 inches
Package Width
15 inches
Package Length
18.5 inches
Package Weight
14.4 pounds

Makita BHP451 reviews

my first drill, and what a power house it is
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This is the first personal drill that I have purchased. I did a lot of research online and scruitinized the different brands and finally settled on this one. I went to home depot to get a good feel and look up close on some of what they offered. Thats when i spotted this baby. I have personally used my father's dewalt 14.4V xrp series drill/driver and got a chance to drill and drive screws with the milwaukee v28 drill. I have read reviews on all the major cordless power hitters including hitachi, panasonic, hilti, milwaukee, bosch, makita, and dewalt.
I was even thinking of buying the 18V makita 8444 mxt nimh power drill because it's spec torque was also 560 inch pounds. This drill looks great and i hope it won't let me down. I have registered it and expect NOT to have to use the 3 year warranty it comes with. It's made in japan so I'm hopeful the quality and durability is just as good as on a honda or toyota. It has arm twisting power in low gear and if you try to hold the chuck still while depressing the trigger you'll burn your skin trying to do so. I did like a dumbass trying to see if i could stop the drill's torque. i hope this helps whomever is looking into buying this drill.
So far everything has worked great.
I have used it around the house and on small projects and still using the same battery. I used it to mix some mortar in a 3 gallon bucket without any problems. It has great power and a long lasting battery compared to most other cordless drills I have used. It is definitely heavy to carry around for bigger jobs and although I appreciate the attempt of giving me a light I wish they would have adjusted it to point on the tip instead of around it, it actually makes it a little more difficult to see the screw head or hole in low light situations.
BAD product for the professional
I run a small construction company in the Chicago area. My DeWalt 18V hammer/driver passed away(6yrs old) and I needed a new drill pronto. I purchased this drill from a local box store about 3 years ago. I use the drill daily on the job. Since I purchased the drill it has been in for service 3 times!!! All 3 times the transmission and the clutch were replaced. B4 Christmas, once again, the transmission burned up. The battery charger sounds like a 747 taking off; I later learned the noise is present due to the charger being defective. The molded case is one of the worst I've seen in 16 yrs in the construction industry. My case is literally held together with duct tape. This tool will probably suffice for the weekend warrior but for a professional it sucks (unless you like to wait 3 weeks out of every year to have it serviced)!! I picked up the new Panasonic 21.6V and must say it is far SUPERIOR to the makita.
Makita BHP451 Hammer Driver Drill
This is the best driver drill I have every used. Outstanding in all functions. Light weight with long battery life.
I love it!
I needed a new drill for a couple of big home renovation projects and bought this based on the review in fine homebuilding. I was also attracted to the fact that lithium-ion batteries are a lot less toxic to manufacture and dispose of. the drill has been fantastic-- even better than i hoped. great power, balance, ease of use, and battery life.
The Bonber
Great tool , couldn't ask for any better. Maybe a tad on the heavy side , but I love it.
great tools lxt 18 volt.
we run a gutter installs all day with this light weight tool ti runs great. scott
Great Drill
Purchased this drill last fall before beginning to replace the aluminum wiring in my 40 year old home. It replace a 15 year old (approx.) 9.6 volt Makita which still worked fine; but it needed new batteries. It seemed a good time to trade up.

The new drill is about 1 pound heavier than my previous drill. Considering that I've moved from 9.6 to 18 volts and added a hammer function this seems to be a quite reasonable tradeoff. While noticeably heavier the new drill seems better balanced than the old drill (stick battery in the handle). I didn't find it tiring to use.

In the past several months I have done a lot of heavy drilling and also drove a lot of dry-wall screws. The drill has all the power I needed to make short work of up to 1" holes often through multiple 2x4's. Since I often moved between drilling and driving screws I liked the ability to make that change quickly without changing the clutch setting.

Someone else commented on chuck run-out and holding power. I didn't experience either of these problems. However, most of my drilling was done with a set of old Craftsman spade bits that had terrible run-out as purchased. My father was a machinist at the time I purchased the bits and re-ground the forged drill flats true to the axis of the bit solving this problem. It also gives me bits that I know run true as a fair test of a chuck. There are a lot of bad bits out there.

My biggest disappointment was the case. The case my drill arrived in was designed to hold both the drill and an impact wrench. It is huge. Since I didn't purchase the impact wrench about 40-50% of the space is wasted. I did buy the Makita 18v flash light. It doesn't seem like it would have taken much creativity to design a case that would hold the drill and either the impact wrench or the light. (Listening out there Makita??) The only other complaint is the lack of adjustability of the light. I did a fair amount of work in dark (overhead) spaces. The light is fine when using the (longer) spade bits. But when I was driving screws with a short Phillips bit the light was no help at all.

Overall this is a great drill and I look forward to using it for a long time.
Good but expected better
Had a plethora of brands and models available from a group of volunteer crew (fathers) over a month-long set-building project for our kids' musical.
I'm an Engineer, and do a lot of projects on the side, but had never invested in a true 'construction' quality drill. My $50 B&D finally stopped holding much of a charge after a year or so of hard use so I took advantage of the opportunity to borrow and use every other drill present.
The friend with his "contractor-quality" Makita was quite proud of the price tag on his new Lithium driver, and I'll admit based solely on the battery tech and ergonomics, and reputation for eventually fixing problems within warranty - which he'll apparently need - I give it a hearty 3-stars.
That's about where it ends, though.
It continually lost grip in the chuck on drill bits and drivers with quick changes.
I tend to work fast once I'm 'in the zone' and had need to rapidly kick into reverse and back into drive, and the Makita transmission kept making grindy noises and not wanting to quickly engage.
Basically, it was frustrating to have a drill that promised so much and turned out to be less than it could be, and felt like it wasn't quite as polished and solid as a professional-level tool should be.

Comparatively, the cheaper B&D's, a Craftsman 18V, and a generic NiCad were all noticeably of a bit less hefty and quality build, but performed about the same as this Makita other than the obvious longer legs of the Lithium battery and extra power from the bigger motor, I'm just not sure the extra $300 is worth it until they do a line redesign. Feels like they rushed things a bit to get out the door with a Lithium model.

*BTW - The clear winner of the bunch during our project was a year-old Panasonic NiMH that just kept on working like a tank, and had a solid grip on any bit, instant response to exactly where you pull the trigger, quick change of direction with no noises or loose feel anywhere. In fact, I need to search for that drill on here and write up a 5-star review for it while I'm online. I am looking forward to seeing what the newer Lithium-Ion power can do for that dependable Panasonic design.
Would not buy another one.............
While not used in a contractor setting, used pretty much daily building decks and such. After two years the transmission/clutch went out. Makita wouldn't warranty as I could not find the original invoice, only the credit card statement from Mastercard. The quality is just not there and with other better alternatives would not buy Makita again.
The best!
I do contracting work and have had many power drills in the past. This one's the best so far.

I had a DeWalt for many years and it was a good drill. But this one had the li-ion batteries and is a little lighter mainly because of the li-ion battery.

Charges fast and I can interchange the batteries with other Makita power tools.

Great purchase.
Usually ships in 6-10 business days

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