Makita 6825 6.5 Amp Drywall Screw Driver

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Makita 6825 6.5 Amp Drywall Screw Driver

Makita 6825 description

Hang drywall faster with this blazing 6000 RPM driver! A 6.5 Amp motor powers this lightweight machine, producing an extremely high power-to-weight ratio for quick fastening with minimal operator fatigue. Cordless: No, Volts: 115, Rated RPM: 6,000, Amps: 6.5, Variable Speed: Yes, Tool Weight (lbs.): 3.2, Belt Clip Included: Yes  

Makita 6825 specifications

Screw Guns
World's fastest drywall screwdriver
Highest power-to-weight ratio on the market; 6.5 amp
Silent synchronized pin clutch for reduced wear and quiet operation
Retractable belt clip attaches to tool belt and also allows operation in tight areas
Lightweight cast aluminum gear housing for durability
5 pounds
Package Height
3 inches
Package Width
10.9 inches
Package Length
12.1 inches
Package Weight
4.05 pounds

Makita 6825 reviews

For professionals of the trade
helpful for 13 of 13 people
This tool is the greatest. I've been useing screwguns for 20 years and none can compare to this one. They say the clip breaks, none of mine out of 4 screwguns has. Maybe if some people didn't drop it on the ground the clip woulden't break. It will back out screws in reverse if you push to the side A little when you apply pressure. The speed of this screwgun has allowed me to hang approx 15 more 12' sheets per 8 hour day. It pays for itself very quickly at that rate. This product is the best ever made.
well balanced gun
helpful for 5 of 7 people
makita has produced a very comfortable gun to use.I have found it to be quite well ballanced especially when set in the lock on position, so that the trigger finger is on the upper part of the gun. the only draw back is that you have to remove the tip to remove screws. we will have to see how it holds up to the test of time.
Great tool
This tool is a real powerhouse screwgun. I've only been through aboout 15 pounds of screws so far. However, when driving #10-3's into framing lumber or when drivine 1-1/4" 'rock screws, this tool is perfectly happy. The speed takes a little technique to handle, but when it comes, you realize just how much more effecient you become when building. The nose-cap is designed to pop-off for removing screws. I've found this to be very helpful in the unusual case that I have to un-do something. The tool is very durable and it works circles around any battery powered tool. Also, it's lighter than most screwguns so you can handle it all day without problem.
It can break your wrist faster than a Brooklyn bill collector.
I never thought I'd say this, but maybe it has TOO MUCH power for the task? Nahhhhhhhhhhh. It will tear the heads off screws like they're plastic if longer than 1 5/8ths. I used some 3" for something and it kept ripping the heads off if I went full throttle with it. As for the clip, yeah, it stinks. Plastic belt clips are a ridiculous idea. They should be metal, plain and simple. Save the plastic for the B&D tools. Workaround: Get a holster. As for the tips getting chewed up. Yes, if you use standard #2 tips made for a regular screw gun, it will eat them alive! You would need the hardened ones like the Dewalt DW2402. Personally I use the regular ones, and they last me on 1 5/8ths coarse threads. You can get a 25 pack of dewalts for 8 bucks. Bottom line, I like it. If you frequently kill tips when you work, dont get this gun. Your style of work will not mesh well, the gun is too powerful. If tips usually last you pretty long, this is the gun for you.
tool is very powerful, not for the first time user. as in the past, very pleased with Makita product.
Installed Drywall for almost 20 years, this is the best gun PERIOD for wood frame construction.
Damon Medic
Makita 6825 6.5 Amp Drywall Screw Driver is a must-have if you do a lot of drywall hanging. There is nothing more frustrating than having your drywall screws sinking too far into the drywall. This driver will sink screws to the perfect depth every time. This drill will pay for itself in a very short time, especially considering the savings in drywall!!
-Damon Medic
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