Makita 5090DW 3-3/8-Inch Cordless Circular Saw Kit

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Makita 5090DW 9.6-volt 3-3/8-inch Cordless Circular Saw Kit

Makita 5090DW description

This compact and lightweight unit has a tilting base for bevel cuts up to 45deg . Features an adjustable cutting depth to 55/65in. at 90deg and 45/64in. at 45deg . Cuts tile and glass with optional diamond wheel and water supply kit (sold separately). U.S.A. Cordless: Yes, Blade Diameter (in.): 3 3/8, Volts: 9.6, Bevel Capacity (deg): 45, Cutting Depth at 90deg (in.): 55/65, Cutting Depth at 45deg (in.): 45/64, Blade Location: Right, Spindle Lock: Yes, Arbor Size (in.): 19/32, Blade Included: Yes, Wrench Included: Yes, Battery Included: Yes, (1) 9.6V battery, Charger Included: Yes, Case Included: No  

Makita 5090DW specifications

Circular Saws
Blade lock for easy blade replacements
Comfortable non-slip grip for better control; 1-year warranty
Compact and lightweight (4.0-pounds) for easy handling
Tilting base for bevel cutting up to 45-degrees
Adjustable cutting depth to 55/64-inch at 90-degrees and 45/64-inch 45-degrees
4 pounds
Package Height
5.9 inches
Package Width
6.8 inches
Package Length
13.4 inches
Package Weight
5.45 pounds

Makita 5090DW reviews

Small tool only for small project
I got this tool used. My intension is to use it to trim the window frame to fit my new window. but it turns out that it is too weak for this job. The corded circular saw and chisel are the right tool for my task.

But I found this tool is very useful to cut off the drywall and 1/2" wood for window seal and moldings. It's very light to hold! Yes, it is a bit slow but I can get good cutting edge with proper guide.

I wish it can be more powerful. Wish to see a lithium version (or corded) with higher RPM. I might get rid of it after I finished my windows.

High tork Low Rpm
I am a 11 year carpenter and currently installing high end kitchens (60 to 200K). I Purchased the 5090DW mostly for cutting access panels, outlet holes and other misc. cutouts, especially in tight areas. After using the tool for several weeks I'm mostly pleased. I instanty threw out the blade that came with it and spent $15 on a carbide tipped blade which improved performance considerably but...... The saw has good tork, however rpm is way low. plunge cutting has to be done slow or the saw will kick back. Works well in 1/4" but not so much in 3/4 particle particle board. I would not use it for finish cuts or edges that will be seen, it's chippy even when cutting from the back. A very light duty tool.
great saw
This is a very useful saw. Battery life is good, blade life is good, it gets into places our other saws can't. Light in weight so it is easy to use over shoulder height, as we are cutting soffit boards. Highly recommended for those tight spots where a hand saw just isn't enough
Buy a carbide blade
I bought this because it was the smallest cordless circular saw I could find. The project I bought it for was patching in old damaged siding on my house. It was a bonus that I already had a 9.6v Makita drill because you can never have too many batteries and chargers! The blade that came with it didn't last very long so I bought a carbide tipped blade. What a difference! I was amazed at how much better it cut and how much longer the charge lasted. It also gave a wider cut so there is less chance of binding.
Ditch the stock blade.
Like many others, I originally bought this saw for cutting in close on old work drywall. Battery life sucked with a Low battery after cutting around ONE Patio Door.
I replaced the blade with a Carbide tipped one and now this saws cuts faster and many feet longer through a wide variety of materials.

The only drawback with this saw is the long battery handle. You can't start close to walls or floors when you need the blade on the right. It would be very nice to have the handle rotate to near perpendicular to the foot for this kind of work.

Still, I would give this saw a BUY, especially if you already have other 9.6V Makita items so you don't have many different chargers and batteries that don't fit your other tools.
Broken out of the box. Craftsman better.
When I received this, I first noticed that the blade guard was very sticky. It certainly would not have safely moved out of the way if I were push the saw through wood. The handle on the blade guard is made out of thin sheet metal, so when I tried to use the handle to move the guard, the handle bent very easily. I was already discouraged, but I fired it up, and the blade rotated so slowly, I decided to send the whole thing back. Instead I bought a Craftsman #10872. This is a saw that is similar to the Makita, but it runs off AC, and rotates at 2800 RPM. It is very well put together, and includes a case, laser sight, work light, and carbide blade for $110.
Easy Handling
I am not a user of workshop equipment and found that this saw was made for me. It was easy to handle but powerful enough to cut 1/2 inch material. I would recommend it for anyone who can handle an electric drill. The batteries lasts long enough for multiple uses.

a lot more power than one would think possible
I was very pleasantly surprised by the power and battery life of this trim saw. I have used it on soft woods as a trim saw but also to make openings in 3/8" plywood where I did not feel safe using a full sized circular saw (in case of kickback I did not want to get thrown off the ladder). This saw just keeps going and going. It does take quite a while to recharge the battery when it is drained so a second battery is an important consideration.

I have not found any blades designed for plastic sheet for this size saw but if the blade is put on backwards so the back of the teeth hit the sheet it can work well even with brittle acrylic sheet materials.

I would caution against loaning it out as you will have a hard time getting it back.
Reliable, durable little workhorse...great for its day....and now.
To save reading/typing, I'll echo what M/M Larsen, Martin, and Takahashi all said. I bought mine for the exact reason of M. Larsen....

Additionally, I was in the water intrusion forensics in the mid-90s and saw someone use it on stucco to line out where to break out the stucco. They had multiple batteries and back then, the saw was a wonder.

People have to remember that in the early-mid-90s, 9.6v was state of the art. The saw seems so under powered now, but back then, it was one of the first of its kind. Makita does make a 14.4v unit.

Longevity: I used mine on site over several years and 40 water intrusion forensic jobs...inside and outside (mostly for drywall, though), and I have the original one I bought in 1996. I bought a little tool box for it and have been soooooo happy.

I retro-fitted the masonry water-drip kit and have cut tile, flagstone, brick, maybe thin concrete, and most recently....a granite countertop--all counter to "opinion" I heard today from a Home Depot whiz. Where other saws don't fit, this one does (heads in, not the long tail-end) with much less chance of overcutting--kind of important on one-time-get-it-right cuts.

It isn't good for plunge cutting (not a surprise---other saws are designed for that), and the batteries don't last long if you're doing heavy cutting. But for small, fine cuts...

Foot stomp: like the others said... get a carbide blade. Oh, charge the battery before using it "out of the box."

Handy tool
Bought this as a replacement for one I wore out after many, many years of service. Handy for lots of small jobs, from sheetrock cutouts to shingling sidewalls. Be aware of the kick-back it is pretty strong. All the controls for adjustments are easy to use.
Super little tool!
I'm a 75 year old widow and I still enjoy repairing things around my house. My old circular was just too heavy, so I purchased the cordless circular saw and I just love it. I love not having a cord to worry about or tripping over. this age I sometimes forget those important things that could prove a danger to me. So now my steps (5) are looking good. Thanks Makita. I also used my Makita cordless drill to put in the screws. No strength left for hammering nails into those boards.
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