Makita 193159-1 1834 18-Volt 2.6 Amp Hour NiMH Pod-Style Battery

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Makita 193159-1 1834 18-Volt 2.6 Amp Hour NiMH Pod-Style Battery

Makita MAK193159-1 description

The Makita 18-Volt 2.6 Ah Ni-MH Pod-Style Battery Pack features longer run longer than standard Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries. It's environmentally friendly, too, and has no "memory effect". Designed to fit all Makita 18-volt cordless tools, the battery also features multi-contact terminals to ensure a tight connection, and a shock-absorbing construction to protect battery cells against dust and vibration.  

Makita MAK193159-1 specifications

18 Volt Battery
Higher capacity 2.6 amp battery for extended battery life in Makita 18-volt Tools
Produces up to 70-percent longer run times than standard Ni-Cd batteries
Fits all Makita 18-volt cordless tools
Multi-contact terminals ensure a tight connection to the power tool even under extreme vibration
Shock-absorbing construction protects battery cells against dust and vibration
8 inches
4 inches
7 inches
2.82 pounds
Package Height
4 inches
Package Width
6.8 inches
Package Length
8.2 inches
Package Weight
2.05 pounds

Makita MAK193159-1 reviews

Makita 193159-1 18 Volt (2.6Ah) Ni-MH Battery
Exactly what I expected. Good price. I will have to get another. Both my old ones failed at the same time. Just wanted to make sure the larger 2.6Ah would work.
Makita for the win!!
What's to say, Makita is a good tool and Amazon has good prices and reliable shipping.

Worth a buy.
It costs less to buy batteries individually, than in a pair...
My old 18V Makita NiMH batteries finally came to the end of their useful lives, as they wouldn't hold a charge (mine were the old 2.2Ah, opposed to the 2.6Ah that's now offered - definite improvement in battery technology). As mentioned by other raters, the batteries will fail over time (the batteries will last about two to three years of regular usage). I did find it very odd that if you purchased the batteries separately, it costs less than purchasing the same batteries in a paired set (Amazon had offered at the time of this review for $106.92 for a set (Makita 194158-6 1834 18-Volt 2.6 Amp Hour NiMH Pod Style Battery, 2 Pack), as opposed to $48.80 each). I found Amazon's pricing for the replacement batteries to amongst the least expensive for these brand new batteries (the free shipping and no sales tax sealed the deal for me).
makita 18 volt battery
The makita line of tools is always at the top of my list when i look for a new tool. I might have to pay a little more up front but they last longer and perform better and that ends up saving me time and makes me more money! Charles Irwin master woodworker and stair installer for titan stairs Las Vegas Nevada.
makita Battery
This is a great product, I just wish that I would have waited a couple of weeks because the price droped.
Good product.
Never thought that the products purchased online, where really very reliable, but I was certainly wrong. This product is every bit as good as any that has been purchase in the retail stores. A great product and I have used it quite a bit already, easily reacharged and ready to go.
Battery Age?
The price of the Makita 18 volt 2.6 amp battery is a great price, but, the age of the battery is my bigest concern. The last two digets of the serial # is the age of the Makita battery. I would insist on knowing the age of the battery befor placing the orders. How do I get this info. before ordering.
Exact replacement
After a failed e-bay purchase of aftermarket Li-on batteries I went back to OEM Ni-MH. These work exactly as they should. I wish the extra juice of the Lithium batteries was there but my original Ni-MH set lasted for very many years so I really can't complain. I noticed after all the problems I had with the ebay Li-on batteries they are no longer being sold so I'm guessing I wasn't alone.
Makita NiMH Battery
Price was very competitive, delivery was fast, and availability was excellent. A good product for a good tool!

Great value
Needed an extra battery for a cordless drill. The cost was less that I could have gotten in a store.
good deal and available
Was glad to find this here. didn't seem to be available locally and if it was would of been much more expensive based on similar battery prices at big box stores etc.
So far,so good.
I bought 2 batteries as replacements for the original batteries that came with the drill at purchase. I got 5 years of good use from the originals. So far, the replacements hold a charge as well as the originals so I'm hoping they last as long. Fit, finish, and quality appear to be as good as the originals.
Delivered promptly - works just fine. Expensive though. Can't do anything about that.
Usually ships in 24 hours

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