Makita 193158-3 1434 14.4-Volt 2.6 Amp Hour NiMH Pod Style Battery

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Makita 193158-3 1434 14-2/5-Volt 2-3/5-Amp Hour NiMH Pod Style Battery

Makita 1931583 description

Revitalize your older 14.4-volt Makita power tools by installing Makita's high output 14.4-volt, 2.6 amp hour, Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery No. 193158-3. The Ni-MH Battery can be recharged hundreds of times with literally no memory affect on the battery's cells. The 193158-3 replaceable battery can be used for all of Makita's 14.4-volt cordless tools and you will soon discover the NI-MH technology will outlast and outwork your older Ni-Cad batteries by 70% or more. When time is money the longer you can use a tool without having to recharge the battery, the more time you will save on every project. --C. Dwight Barnett  

Makita 1931583 specifications

14.4 Volt Battery
14-2/5-Volt Ni-MH pod-style battery
Fits all Makita 14-2/5-Volt cordless tools; no "memory" effect
Rugged plastic exterior; nickel-metal hydride battery runs up to 70-Percent longer than Ni-Cad batte
Includes 1 battery; charger not included
3-year warranty
8 inches
3 inches
7 inches
1.79 pounds
Package Height
3.7 inches
Package Width
7.4 inches
Package Length
7.5 inches
Package Weight
1.8 pounds

Makita 1931583 reviews

14.4 Makita NiMH Battery
The new battery works great, but the old NiCad Makita Charger (Mod.# DC1410), is not compatible with the new NiMH battery. Had to buy a new charger.
Good battery
This battery works better than the ones that came with the drill when I bought it.
Short Life
Two of these batteries came with the new Makita drill I purchased about three years ago. I immediately noticed that they didn't hold a charge for as long as my old 12v Makita batteries. Now, like someone else said, I can only drive five or six screws before the battery goes dead. Both of mine exhibit the same horrible service. I've never left them out in the cold and treated them as instructed. Very disappointed.
Battery Life is Too Short
I bought an extra battery in Feb. of 2007 & it's dead already but was never used that much. The 2 original batteries still work but their charging span is alot less than when new in 2005. I have the 14.4 volt circular saw, drill, impact driver, & flashlight to operate on the same batteries. It's either buy a couple more of these batteries or try a Rigid 18 volt Lithium cordless drill with a lifetime guarantee on the drill & batteries, or a Milwaulkee 18 volt Lithium with a 5 year warranty,(Free replacement on the batteries for 2 years & pro-rated for up to 5 years.)
I hate the 1 year warranty on these batteries. It seems to me that if they were made better; they would have a better warranty on them.
This is my first complaint with any of my Makita tools. At least the tools last! (The original batteries have a sticker with made in Japan written on both of them ; the newest one I bought thats dead must be made in China.)
Makita Battery
This is a great product. It is much cheaper than the big name home stores.
No problems yet...
Batteries arrived wraped in Makitas plastic packaging. Batteries are manufactured in Mexico. My last set of batteries were made in Japan and lasted about 2 years. Only time will tell if these hold up. So far so good.
Fast service, best prices
amazon is the walmart of the internet. Always the lowest prices and great customer service
Poorest Battery Life of any MiMH Battery I've Had
I'm NOT a contractor and use my Makita drill only periodically - no way close to contractor use - but still have gone through a couple batteries in a couple years. Love the power/weight ratio of the tools, but the batteries are lame , esp for NiMH's.
Replacement Battery Pod Works
When I received my 1434 battery and read the packaging (Virgos always read the packaging), my DC1414 battery charger was not listed as one compatible with the 1434 battery. However, Makita assured me it was, so I opened the package, charged the battery, and hoooray! My Makita variable speed leaf blower is working like new.
holds excellent charge
Batteries holding up very strong & have yet to charge them after two weeks of frequent use.A+++++++++++ Made in China (just like makita gun & original battery)
makita 14.4
It's like my impact driver has a new life. Don't pay more than $45 for it though. Other sites have a pair of them for well over $100. At that price you might as well buy the new combo kit.
Cheapest batteries I was able to find, the product was received brand new. Batteries work great will recomend to everybody.
Makita 1434 NiMH Pod Style Battery
This battery charges quickly and provides enough power for my Makita 6233D drill. I did have to upgrade the charger because my original DC1410 charger would not charge the NiMH battery, but only charges the Ni-Cd batteries that came with the drill.
Usually ships in 24 hours

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