Makita 18V Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion 6-1/2" Circular Saw BSS610Z, Tool only

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Bare-Tool Makita BSS610Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)

Makita BSS610Z description

Battery and Charger not included  

Makita BSS610Z specifications

Circular Saws
Makita-built motor delivers 3,700 RPM for faster cutting and ripping through wood
Compact, ergonomic design at only 7.1 lbs. for reduced operator fatigue
Includes features such as a built-in L.E.D. light to illuminate the work area, and a built-in dust b
Makita LXT Lithium-Ion battery and Energy Star rated 30-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger produces 430% t
3-year warranty on tool
9 pounds
Package Height
9.8 inches
Package Width
10.9 inches
Package Length
14 inches
Package Weight
7.8 pounds

Makita BSS610Z reviews

Warning - This is a LEFT HANDED tool.
This is a very nice portable saw, for a left-handed person! For that user, I would rate it at 4-5 stars.

Maybe I should be more generous than a 1-star rating since the picture clearly depicts a left-handed saw if you think about how you are going to use it. But come on... we're used to disclaimers on left-handed tools and I don't remember seeing any of the customery warnings on either the website or in the instructions for this saw. What's worse is that Makita doesn't seem to make a right-handed version of a 6 1/2" cordless saw! What is Makita thinking?

My AC powered Makita circular saw is the mirror image of this one, with the blade on the right hand side of the handle. Typically, when I use a circular saw, I place the piece being cut on a surface or set of sawhorses in front of me with the section to be cut off hanging off the right hand side. Then I can hold the workpiece steady with my left hand or knee while the large part of the sole plate of the saw stays on the work that is held to the table. The cut off piece falls away to the right. If you try to use this saw that way, with the saw blade on the left hand side of the handle, only the small sliver of the soleplate to the left of the blade is resting on the stable part of the workpiece. The large portion of the soleplate under the motor is resting on the part of the workpiece that will drop away when the cut is finished. This makes it very hard to control the saw as you finish the cut. In addition to ruining the cut, this useage could be considered dangerous.

Make sure you really want a left-handed saw before buying this one.
Be sure you have the right battery
This saw works very nicely, precision made and well designed. But note this - Makita makes two versions of the 18V lithium batteries, 3 AH and a smaller 1.5 AH version which goes well with light drills and impact wrenches. My previous Makita tools all came with the smaller battery - but turns out the 1.5 will NOT fit this saw, which accepts only the 3 AH version. I didn't know that and neither the Makita website nor manual say anything about it, which is annoying. So I had to buy a new battery for this, which added $65 to the price.
Works well but feels cheap
I've only had the saw for a few days but it's already gotten a lot of use on the jobsite.

Out of the box it felt pretty cheap. The shoe on mine always has a little bit of play and the levers for it are cheesy plastic with snap-rings.

So far it has worked very well, though. Like other Makita Li-Ion tools it is very light. The stock blade is good. Battery life seems to be about the same as the DeWalt.

I have both 1.5 Ah and 3 Ah batteries. My 1.5s do NOT fit. They wouldn't last long enough to be useful anyway.

This saw IS different than the BSS611 (I believe the 611 is a stripped down version they dump into the combo sets). The differences have been noted elsewhere but the major one, for me, is the blade brake which the 611 does not have.

At this point I wouldn't recommend this saw to people who aren't already using Makita Li-Ion batteries. This is based on the tool's flimsy appearance. If it holds up I will update.

Update: After a few months of everyday use I feel pretty comfortable recommending this little saw. I've had no problems at all. Just make sure it's always got a sharp blade.
Professional Carpenter
My 35 year old skill, as were ALL worm drive saws used by true carpenters has the blade on the left. We used to call the saws with the blade on the right home owner 'side winders'. I still don't like leaning over to see the cut. With the blade on the left you can see the cut directly in front of you and your center of gravity is directly behind the cut. Thanks Makita for another great tool.
great saw with lots of balls, battery a little difficult to slide in and out otherwise very good.
Great Cordless Saw
We just finished our review of this Makita Saw and the bottom line, this is a great saw. We cut through some 4x4 with no problem. We took the saw and pushed it very hard through a piece of 3/4" plywood and the saw barely bogged down and we pushed it with a lot of force to get this tool to stop, but couldn't. This saw is extremely light and very easy to work with. We like the fact that this uses the 3.0 A battery. Blade is very easy to change. Bevel is easy to adjust and very accurate for a cordless tool. Overall this is a great saw.
Makita 18V Li-Ion 6 1/2" Circular Saw
Excellent product. Works very well. Vendor was prompt. Couldn't ask for more.
Great saw for most jobs
I buy the LXT tools alone since I have 2 batteries and a charger. Some say the 1.5 batteries dont fit. That is the battery size I have and it works fine for me. Plenty enough charge for me, since one is always on the charger. Great tool, very well built with left view for right handed people.
what a great saw for the money....many nice features, and the light is wonderful. nice thin kerf.
The Bomber
Came as a left handed saw. Was not described as that. However , after I recieved the tool I looked back at the advertisment and it was a picture of a left handed saw . Otherwise , great tool !!~
very nice
this cordless saw outperforms my rigid and hitachi cordless saws. lots of power and very well balanced. this is one of my favorite tools...i abuse it and i cut thru some big nasty material.
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