Hitachi DS18DL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Cordless Driver Drill

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Hitachi DS18DL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Cordless Driver Drill

Hitachi DS18DL description

DS18DL, 18V, Cordless, Drill, Powerful & Lightweight, 570 INLBS Of Torque & Weighs Only 4.6 LBS, 4 Stage Speed Selection, Switch Into High/Low Gear On Top & Then Select Fast/Slow Mode With A Thumb Actuated Switch, 3.0AH Lithium-ion Battery, Interchangeable Battery Can Be Used In The New Lithium-ion Ton Tools Or The Current DMR/DVF3 Platform, New Universal Charger, Features An Internal Cooling Fan That Keeps Lithium-ionn Batteries Cool When Charging.  

Hitachi DS18DL specifications

Two 3.0 Ah HXP Lithium Ion batteries for three times the life at half the weight of NiCd or NiMH bat
Lithium Ion batteries can be used in Hitachi 18V DMR and DVF3 tools for even more value
Unique 2-step speed switch lets the user select from 4 speed settings for ultimate control
Convenient 5-position belt hook features an integrated LED work light
560 inches-per-pound of torque to drill and drive through the toughest materials with ease
27 inches
17 inches
6 inches
14.1 pounds
Package Height
4.2 inches
Package Width
15.9 inches
Package Length
17.7 inches
Package Weight
14.2 pounds

Hitachi DS18DL reviews

A Wonderful Drill
helpful for 5 of 5 people
I'm constantly remodeling houses, and bought this drill based on the great reviews from other Amazon buyers. It is a fantastic drill, better than any I've ever used (and I've used many brands). I don't even mind the color of the drill. Highly recommend you buy this if you've got serious work to do and need a reliable, sturdy drill.
The good and the bad.
helpful for 4 of 5 people

Excellent price for this very powerful Lithium-ion drill which gets the the 4 star rating. There are several fine feature, however, there are some serious problems.
Positives: This drill has a very comfortable grip and has plenty of power for even the most difficult job. The chuck is easy to tighten and the bit never loosened while in use. The power was maintained for the duration of a charge. The power level was much greater and the duration of a charge was at least 50%-100% longer than my 18 volt Nic-cad powered Porter-Cable.
Negatives: The drill, even with the variable speed, is very abrupt in stopping and starting which, if you aren't prepared for, can be very uncomfortable for your arthritic wrist. There is a disconcerting thud in the motor when power is removeded abruptly which is also uncomfortable.
The drill is very well balance for active drilling, however, the drill is front heavy and when set on its base it easily tips forward which can damage a fine drill bit.
Although not a real problem, the power loss is suprisingly abrupt and unexpected when the battery runs out. It can leave you with a buried drill bit which will require either removing the drill from the bit or trying to change the battery without bending the bit.

Overall I would rate this drill much better than my Ni-cad Porter Cable for power, bit grip and handle comfort. It is far far inferior to my 14.4 volt DeWalt relative to smoothness of operation. I suspect the new DeWalt Lilthium ion will be a better overall drill, however, much more expensive.
Monster Drill
I purchased this drill and its smaller cousin a while ago. Both sit within easy reach of my woodworking bench. I use the DS18DL for boring holes in hardwood with large forstner bits, as well as general drilling and screw driving tasks in hardwood.

This beast is very fast and very powerful. It is rated at 570 in lbs, and you will need the auxilliary handle when you push the tool that hard! That is enough torque to drive lag screws or bore 3" holes without missing a beat. This is simply the most powerful cordless drill I have ever used. It is very light and easy to handle for a drill of its capability. The batteries have excellent life, and weigh far less than comparable ni-cads.

You will love this tool.

Update at 6 weeks: I just finished using this drill to drive a few hundred 3" wood screws on an outdoor project. I am astonished at the level of performance. I changed the battery only twice during the project. It was just as if I was using a corded drill in terms of power and speed.

I really need to go on a bit about the chuck too. This drill has a genuine Jacobs chuck. Combined with the automatic spindle lock, this high quality chuck is a breeze to tighten and loosen. It is big enough to wrap my entire hand around for serious tightening. This chuck just doesn't slip when tghtened properly.

Again - you will love this tool.
Great drill
This is a fantastic product. use this constantly all around and for a drill with the power and battery life this has, it is pretty lightweight. My father had bought a competing drill for similar money with less power and it is heavier than this one. As soon as he used my Hitachi, he was wishing he had waited. The batteries charge extremely quickly. I don't know why hitachi makes this thing look like a freakish Wally the Green Monster or something out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode and the charger is a little noisy due to an internal fan in the charger. If you don't care about carrying around a green drill with lightning bolts on it, or a little noise coming from your battery charger, I would strongly recommend it.
Defective on delivery
I bought this drill in earlier February based on reviews on line and in Consumer Report. Due to be laid up after an operation, I did not start using the drill until early April. From the beginning neither battery would hold a charge for very long. Based on the manual, I left both batteries on trickle charge for 24 hours. That did not help. I called Amazon and they said it was over 30 days and I would have to deal with the manufacturer. I called Hitachi and the told me I need to take it to a service center. I did, and they said the drill was defective -- either bad brushes or armature. Now I have to send back to factory to have it rebuilt, and I really need the drill to work on the house I am building. Disappointing. This defect should have been caught at the factory..
Amazing power, small package
This drill is really powerful, especially considering it's size. The battery lasts forever! This is probably way more juice than the average homeowner needs, but it's nice to know that it's there in case you need it. Yes, the thing looks like a toy, but wrap your hand around it and you'll be able to tell that this thing was engineered to be comfortable and light- meaning you're more likely to reach for this one than something bulkier.
good drill for the price but chuck slips with small drill bits
I bought this drill kit as at the time it was a lot less money and one of the few lithium ion drills available. It performs well in general and has good power and the batteries hold up well and recharge fairly quickly. It is also lighter in weight than similar cordless drills in its power range - like the new Milwaukee M series 2611 model which I also own and use. I found though that with drill bits smaller than 1/4" that they would slip in the chuck and end up embedded in the wood I was drilling. I have two Milwaukee cordless drills and a Makita cordless and all have keyless chucks that hold even the smallest twist drills when I am boring into any material.

The other aspect of the drill I don't like is its not having a LED light. I have a Makita and a Milwaukee cordless drills and they both have LED lights. When I first bought the Makita I though of the LED light as a nice to have feature. But after it using it on a deck project that went into the early evening I found the LED to make all the difference in the world. I used the drill as my work light to illuminate the screw heads and keep right on working. I have since found the light to be very helpful when doing work in attics and crawl spaces or even inside cabinets where it is not easy to hold a light with the other hand or to even use a headlamp. The LED light is something that should be incorporated into every cordless drill and I will never again consider buying a drill without one.
Hitachi's break
Bought one great power and time, HOWEVER, case broke the first time it was used and now the chuck is stripped out plus it is pricey compared to other drills for around the home.
Great Drill
Lots of power and 1 charge seems like it last for ever. I would recomend to anyone.
The drill is fine
This is quite a drill and is better than any that I've had before. Very powerful and the charger is excellent and not some cheap add-on item. The only complaint is it arrived with the carrying case missing a hinge pin which was easy to ad-hoc fix.
Hitachi Drill
Absolutely the best drill I have ever owned. Feels great works great! I used to have a Dewalt 36v hammerdrill. It was way to bulky and not even close to the same quality. I was leary at first as I had never purchased a Hatichi product, because they look like crap. The reviews were great so I took a chance and it was well rewarded. I am very happy. You will be very pleased with your choice. .
Hitachi drill
Hitachi DS18DL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Cordless Driver Drill
I have purchased this drill DS18DL after first buying the DS 18DFL. I found the DS18DFL not to be as powerful and to last as long as I needed. The DS18DL is much more powerful and last longer than the DS18DFL. I would recommend that the DS18DFL for the handyman and the DS18DL for the professional. If you have to buy only one drill I would pay the difference aad buy the DS18DL.
Outstanding Drill - Power to Spare - WOW
I am not a tradesman or superior handyman. I needed to purchase a drill for some basic home renovations and to try and remove some sticky and rusty screws that have had several coast of paint and were not moveable using a screwdriver. I also needed a replacement for my 20 year old Ryobi cordless drill.

I spend a day researching several manufacturers (Makita, Bosch, Dewalt). I then stumbled onto Hitachi. My main concerns were: battery life, strength/power of the unit, longivity and reliability. I was also keen NOT to purchase a "made in China" product (my unit is made in Japan).

The Hitachi DS 18DL won the contest and on the first try removed all the sticky screws in question!

I am very impressed with this drill. The battery life is excellent and being lithium, the battery does not develop a memory, The Jacobs chuck is great and removing bits is very easy and fast. Likewise, the variable torque and adjustable clutch operates flawlessly providing more than enough power for my requirements (wood and mild metal drilling); the variable torque removed my screws with ease.

The power of this drill is awesome - drilling through floorboards was not a hassle and the drill powered the drill bit with ease. The small LCD light on the drill is also very handy when drilling in recessed areas where it's difficult to see. The weight of the drill makes it very easy to use for long periods of time and the removable side handle makes a huge difference when a bit of pressure is required. The only downside of the drill is the belt hook - I cannot see why this is designed this way, but I neevr use a hook so it's not a problem to me.

I give this drill 10/10 and would buy another Hitachi tool based on the reliability I have experienced with this tool to date. By the way, the colour is not that annoying!

Super Product
This drill delivers everything I wanted: power, long battery life and relatively light weight. I didn't think I would use the low-low setting but it's perfect for driving screws without pre-drilling. With two batteries and a relativley fast charge time, you will run out of energy well before this drill runs out of power.
Hitachi C18DL Cordless Circular Saw Review
This saw is a light and powerful piece of machinery. It is easy to work with and great to be able to use it anywhere - in my attic for example - without the need to stretch a cord from hither to yon. Unfortunately these saws are not sold with batteries and the batteries cost around $100 each. I already had a Hitachi D series Cordless Drill that came with two batteries and so this wasn't a problem. As with all circular saws the blade guard is a pain. The other problem is one with all saws as well - they are made for right-handed folk.
This has to be one of the best working drills I have ever used. I am used to the yellow brand and I always thought that there was no reason to buy anything else, well I was wrong. The drill works well and is light for its size. The led light is handy when working at dusk or in your own shadow. I love the charger and the fan that keeps the battery cool during charging, what a great idea. The chuck is metal not a cheap plastic. My only dissappointment has been the case, it was missing a hinge pin when I received it. It was an easy fix, no big deal. This is a drill for those of you who want products that will work for the 100th project your doing not just the first few. But quality comes with a price but thank god for amazon!
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