Hitachi D10YB 4.6 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill

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Hitachi D10YB 4.6 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill

Hitachi D10YB description

* Right angle drill is tough power for odd angle applications * Low profile for easy access in tight spaces * Lightweight and compact for greater ease of use * Small grip circumference, designed for maximum maneuverability * Contractor grade cast aluminum gear housing adds durability and efficiently dissipates heat * Slide switch design with trigger lock for continuous operation * Removable side handle increases operability and control * Preferred for plumbing and electrical applications * Includes handle and chuck key * 3/8" right angle * 3-1/4" head * 3.3 lbs * 4.6 amp motor  

Hitachi D10YB specifications

Right-Angle Drills
Right angle drill with 4.6 Amp motor ideal for tight-corner, plumbing, and electrical applications
Dial-in speed control for 500 to 2,300 RPM with load
Durable cast-aluminum gear housing; slide switch with lock-on trigger
Includes industrial 3/8-inch chuck, chuck key, and removable side handle
Weighs 3.3 pounds; 5-year limited warranty
16 inches
10 inches
10 inches
22.5 pounds
Package Height
4.6 inches
Package Width
5.2 inches
Package Length
13.9 inches
Package Weight
4.45 pounds

Hitachi D10YB reviews

Nice, but............
helpful for 9 of 9 people
I bought the Hitachi mainly based upon price because I don't intend to use this drill on a daily basis. There are some times that only a right-angle drill will do. It is well built and a solid performer but the slide swith is a real bummer! Mostly you will NOT want the drill to run continuously. I whittled away the small catch on the slide (good-bye warranty) and find a much better drilling experience. I now control when the drill runs. But for the switch I would have given it 5 stars.
Powerful drill in a great configuration
I recently added the Hitachi D10YB right angle drill to my toolbox in preparation for a project rebuilding a camper. I've been using it heavily for two days, and have the following observations:

PROs: the drill has strong torque at all speeds. The controls for direction and speed are easy to access. The "paddle" type on/off switch is a lifesaver when you are reaching into tight corners. With the low speed, you can also use this as an electric screwdriver in places you can't get with the standard gear (but be careful - its easy to twist the head right off the screw!) The reversible screw-in handle is very handy, and without the handle on you can get into even tighter corners. The chuck is a key type, and really holds bits and drivers well - round and hex shaft (I haven't had a bit come loose yet); the chuck is guarded just a touch above the top and sides: this means you are less likely to mar your finished surfaces than when trying to lay a big nosed cordless drill with a keyless chuck on its side to squeeze near a ceiling or in a cabinet, AND it means you aren't accidentally loosening the chuck when you bump into a wall while running in reverse.

CONs: the Paddle switch took me a few holes to get used to, but now I love it.

SUMMARY: quiet. Powerful. Feels good in my hand. This one is a real keeper!

Lots of control for precise drilling!!!!
Bought for a friend(I use the Bosch 1132vsr rt angle). I tried it before I gave it to him!!!!Love the side handle-helps put some pressure on the work!!!!Paddle switch much easier to manipulate than the bosch 1132's switch!!!!Speed dial is great for setting the exact speed needed for drilling!!!!
I like it!!!!
I like this drill. I have no problems with it. I friend of mine is always bitching when he uses it. Because of the switch. I believe that his problem is that he turns it up too fast. And if you smack the drill around when you are drilling the holes the switch shuts off. The switch slides up yo turn it on and then you just tap the bottom and it shuts off. I got it for a good price over 2 years ago and I have used it to basically rewire and plumb my entire house. And the plumbing involved running radiant heating tube in the floor. It has gotten A LOT of use and is still going strong.

I would buy it again.
Nice drill. Switch is fine.
Nice compact and professional drill that seems to have the best price. Switch works fine. You can both tap it on/off or you can slide it down and hold it (it will stop if you release). I would certainly recommend this drill assuming I have not problems with it down the line.
I like it
I bought the hitachi drill to replace a no-brand drill that burned out after only a bit of use. I have had it a month, and so far it seems like a very solid, very well made machine. I have not had it long enough to know for sure, but it has the feel of a machine that will last a long time. There has been discussion of the switch on the machine. I have used mine for drilling between stud spaces, where the switch seems to work very well, and as a sander for a lathe. The switch does not work well in this application, it is too hard to keep on, but i have used an arm band (i had one around for "tennis elbow) to "lock" the switch on while sanding. This is easy, fast, does not get in the way, and works fine. I would have preferred some way to lock the switch on for use in sanding, but am OK with the drill as is.
I considered the Milwaukee close quarter drill, but needed a true right angle for some of my drilling. I also considered the Makita, but the Hitachi has a more powerful motor and was less expensive.
Well made, does the job.
This was purchased to drill two holes in a tight spot on an engine. This drill was very compact, and fit well within the tight space. I liked the switch, it was nice not to have to hold it "on" yet still be able to shut it off quickly.

Definitely a good tool.
Exactly what I wanted!
This is a good product.
Absolutely no problem with the switch or anything else.
I have used this drill for driving screws and drilling in tight spaces and I'm very happy with it.
Finish Carpenter's Opin
I bought this Hitachi because of the Amps and reviews from other customers. I had a Dewalt battery operated right angle and it would not handle the number of holes I had to drill. I was continually having to change out the battery or wait for the charge....and yes my batteries were good! I've gotten to drill number of 2 1/2" holes with this unit and it has worked great. I've also had the opportunity to drill a 4" hole with this drill - and again it worked great! If you are looking for a great little right angle drill - the Hitachi D10YB is a great choice.
Excellent drill & I like the switch!
Excellent quality throughout. Others have complained about the switch, but I find it very easy to use. The trigger slides easily into the "on' position, and a simple squeeze pops the catch and it slides back into the off position. For me, this makes a lot more sense than a trigger switch when working in tight quarters.
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