Hitachi D10VF 9 Amp 3/8-Inch Drill

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Hitachi D10VF 9 Amp 3/8-Inch Drill

Hitachi D10VF description

All new ergonomic form-fit design w/ rubber comfort grip. Reverse switch and trigger lock for continuous operation. Heavy-duty cast aluminum gear case. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Chuck key and plastic case. SPECIFICATIONS: 9 AMP single phase 120V AC 60 Hz high performance 0-3000 strokes per minute motor. 3/8" drill chuck. Wood capacity is 1" and steel capacity is 3/8". Maximum torque of 139 in/lbs. 1" hole saw.  

Hitachi D10VF specifications

Pistol-Grip Drills
Powerful 9 Amp high performance motor
New ergonomic form-fit design
Conveniently located reverse switch
Trigger lock
Hitachi exclusive 5 year warranty
23 inches
14 inches
5 inches
10 pounds
Package Height
4.6 inches
Package Width
13.6 inches
Package Length
14.9 inches
Package Weight
7.55 pounds

Hitachi D10VF reviews

This is a good drill
I too picked this drill up at Lowe's for a very good price. I don't know if it was mismarked or what, but I only paid $49.99 for this Hitachi D10VF, while Amazon (and everyone else) is asking way more than that!

As for the drill, it is very powerful and has a great chuck. With this much torque, there is no way anything but a good keyed chuck would work - and this one fits the bill. The handle is plastic but the gear box is metal. Overall this tool just feels like good quality and it has performed well on every job I have used it on. Drilling concrete, wood, steel are no problem for this baby.

As for downsides, I feel that this drill is well worth the 50 bucks I paid for it, but I would be a little less enthused if I paid $100. Also, the side handle is not included and I cannot seem to find it for sale anywhere on the web. This is the third Hitachi tool I own and I think they need to work on their parts and accessories availability.

Overall, this is a very good performer and if you shop around it can be had at a very good price.
Hitachi 9Amp 3/8 Drill
I bought this to replace one that was stolen on the job! The crook knew a good tool when he saw one. I hope it gives him many years of service, as I know it will. It is one of the best 3/8" drills I have ever owned, and I know the guy that lifed it from me will agree and enjoy using it...that is if I don't find him first! In any case I would recommend it to anyone that needs a powerful 3/8 hand drill. Evidently a lot of people need one, but it would be nice if they bought their own! Happy drilling you SOB!
Lowe's and the Hitachi's
Just looked over the Hitachi drills at Lowe's last night. The only 3/8" Hitachi corded drill they carry (at the Tigard/Portland, OR store) is the D10VH for about $50. The D10VH looks very similar to the above D10VF - BUT the VH's keyless chuck feels very cheap (lightweight, looseness of the workings) compared with the keyed chucks - it also appears as though the VH's keyless chuck is pressed on the spindle instead of screwed on directly or secured with an internal centered screw as has been customary for some time. (I considered just buying the less expensive VH and upgrading the chuck for $20-$30 but it doesn't appear to be a simple remove and replace - I could be mistaken on the press fit for the VH, but that's the way it appears.)

The VH is a 6 amp, 2500rpm/108 in/lb torque -- the VF is a 9 amp, 3000rpm/139 in/lb torque.
Powerful and ergonomic drill with keyed chuck.
I owned Hitachi D10VH shortly and returned it to Lowes. I purchased this drill from amazon instead. This drill is more powerful, has keyed chuck, which holds drill bits much better than keyless. Build quality is better too.

I have pretty short fingers and not large palm but I can still hold this drill pretty well. My Dewalt screw gun has wider grip and makes it really difficult to hold it.

Rubber on grip of Hitachi drills does not allow drill to slip from palm and it makes drill stick much better to my palm. I cannot say that about my Dewalt screw gun.

Driving screw with this drill requires attention because of high RPM. Torque is not impressive but this is expected from drill offering such a high RPM. However, torque delivered by this drill is still higher than my Dewalt deck screw gun.

This drill is well balanced and a little heavy. Obviously, contractor grade tools require additional weight so that is fine with me.

I wish that this drill had 1/2 keyed chuck. I might remove chuck from my Skill Slugger hammer drill and install it on this Hitachi drill. Clearly inferior Skill drill is not used much.

Next time I would purchase drill with higher torque and lower RPM so I could drill large holes in lumber and could drive screws more easily. Ultimately, I would buy Makita impact driver to drive screws in wood.

EDIT 1: I purchased high torque and low RPM (450 RPM) 1/2" drill from HF tools (Yeah, I know). I use it to drill large diameter holes using Forstner bits. It works fine, is heavy and should last me long time.

EDIT 2: I also purchased Makita impact driver and I enjoy driving screws with this thing (effortless and works so well). If you are a screw guy like me (meaning hardly using nails but screws only), Makita impact driver is a great tool. Not cheap but definitely worth it.
This is the kind of drill your Grandfather would buy.
This is a great drill, tons of power and a fast 3,000 rpm. No, this is not the same drill they sell at Lowe's. We use these in production, drilling hole after hole, never a problem or hesitation. This drill also has a great power to RPM ratio (9 amp/ 3,000 RPM) I can't find another drill,that comes close. I also needed the keyed chuck and it to be corded as these are used for extended periods. Battery units do not last long enough and keyless chucks eventually break. Very nice package.

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