Hitachi CM4SB2 11.6 Amp 4-Inch Dry-Cut Masonry Circular Saw

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Hitachi CM4SB2 11.6 Amp 4-Inch Dry-Cut Masonry Circular Saw

Hitachi CM4SB2 description

The CM4SB2 4 Inch Dry-Cut Masonry Saw cuts smoothly through tile, marble, granite, concrete, brick and similar materials. It is the ideal dry-cut saw for professionals who demand a workhorse of a tool at a competitive value.  

Hitachi CM4SB2 specifications

Circular Saws
Dry-cut masonry circular saw with powerful 11.6 Amp motor ideal for cutting through toughest materia
Short base-edge-to-blade distance for easier cutting in tight spaces
Specially sealed armature coil; metal-seated ball bearing design
Includes 4-inch continuous-rim diamond blade for high-performance dry cutting
Measures 8-1/8 inches long; weighs 6-1/5 pounds; 5-year limited warranty
16 inches
10 inches
10 inches
10 pounds
Package Height
7.8 inches
Package Width
9.7 inches
Package Length
10.4 inches
Package Weight
8.5 pounds

Hitachi CM4SB2 reviews

why hate on hitachi tool
this saw is great and so are alot of other hitachi tools alot of people complain and give it a bad name becouse it is not made in the usa but with there great warranty of 5yrs profesional warenty and the durability of hitachi tools are great i've owned dewalt and sure they where great at one time but then they started slacking specialy on the drills the most common thing to go wrong is the bushings and my hitachi tools have outlasted me alot longer than my dewalt tools + they are cheaper in price anyways check it out for yourself you won't regret buying this high perfomance saw its lightweight and fast cutting and the cut aint as rough as the last review says you won't regret it...
The Last Hitachi Tool I Will Ever Buy!!!!
Out of the box this tool comes with the saw, owners manual, warranty card, 2 wrenches for changing the blades, a washer for blade stabilization, and a Hitachi 4" continuous diamond blade.

Here is a summary of my experience with the CM4SB2.

I purchased the CM4SB2 about a year ago because I thought it would be a great saw to cut some CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) and Harditrim with for a project I was going to be working on in the near future. Plus I thought it would be a handy compact tool to have around for all small masonry projects.

When I finally started my project, I made some practice cuts and was initially very pleased with how much power was packed into the compact saw. It could eat right through the sacrificial pieces of CMU and Harditrim. After I practiced for a while I began cutting for the actual project. This is where I started running into problems with the CM4SB2.

First off, you cannot adjust the bevel on this saw. The foot is riveted the the motor housing. Being limited to only 90 degree cuts is fine if it was a 90 degree cut. Either the foot is bent or the blade arbor is not square on my saw because one is very off and I get a crooked cut with deep blade marks every time with no way to fix the problem. I suppose I could try and force the foot into alignment, but would probably break it and then the saw would be completely useless.

Secondly, the foot of the saw is only on the right side of the blade, and it is at some weird measurement (3 and 27/32") from the left side of the blade(I am sure its due to the crookedness of the blade). So its difficult to set marks with a standard speed square to have a nice straight line to set a straight edge. BUT, you don't have to worry about that because you can't set a straight edge anyway because the motor housing stretches so far out and so low(due to the 4" blade) it runs into it every time and screws up the cut.

After those mishaps I gave up on the CM4SB2 and in conclusion would only use it when I need very rough looking cuts that don't need to be straight or square.

I ended up buying a Skil saw made in the good old USA, rip fence for it, and a masonry blade all for half the price of the CM4SB2. That solved my problems.

I have owned several Hitachi tools over the years and have always had something to gripe about because there is always an oddball thing about them. I have a Hitachi television which I love and have bought a couple Hitachi hard drives for my computer and I have been very satisfied with them, but this latest Hitachi power tool purchase was the last straw and I will not purchase another Hitachi power tool again!!
Dry-Cut Masonry Saw
This saw is light, easy to handle and cuts masonry and cobblestone pavers like they were warm butter. It will cut very small pieces very easily. It makes angled cuts to finish landscape work a piece of cake. I'm sure I will find additional uses for this saw in the near future, but it has more than paid for itself with the work I have done just since ordering it.
Great Saw
I've had this saw for a little over a year and it has been used to cut hardibacker composite siding, pavers, block, backerboard, and I even did some concrete slab cutting.

Last week I did some tile work in my kitchen and was even more impressed at how accurate you can be with this saw. The tiles were only 1"x2" and I needed to cut the 1" tiles in half, and I needed about 10' for just that. No issues and a nice smooth cut. And that's with the original blade!

This saw has a lot of power and excellent visibility. And it seems to be built like a tank and I haven't had any issues yet. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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