DeWalt DW966K-2 14.4-Volt Ni-Cad 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit

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DEWALT DW966K-2 14.4-Volt Ni-Cad 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt DW966K-2 description

All right-angle drill drivers are not the same. Sure, they get the same job done--but it's how easy the tool makes the job that sets the brands apart. This DeWalt model that comes with our highest recommendation. Powered by DeWalt's system of nice, compact 14.4-volt batteries, the tool boasts a tight, thoughtful design. The best feature, we think, is what DeWalt calls its "multi-grip trigger." The trigger is as long as your little finger, and the lower section of handle is textured for a sturdy grip, allowing you to get the tool up into a tight workspace with an extended reach that the other brands don't offer. Another advantage, if you have smaller hands: the easy-to-grip battery is slides on and off easily. Two speed ranges, 0 to 400 and 0-1,250 rpm, offer you lots of applications. The drill is tough enough for the pro and feature-friendly enough for the do-it-yourselfer--we can envision this making quick work of a ducting project at home or on the job. Installing drawer guides in a case piece? No problem with this DeWalt. It can even handle larger bits and fasteners with its 210 inch-pounds of maximum torque. Two batteries, a one-hour charger, and a hard-plastic carrying case round out a great package. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste  

DeWalt DW966K-2 specifications

Right-Angle Drills
Two speed ranges (0-to-400 and 0-to-1,250 RPM) for increased user flexibility
Capable of producing 210 unit-watts for heavy-duty applications
Right angle sealed ball bearing transmission for longer tool life
Weighs 4.4 pounds; backed by a manufacturer's 3-year warranty
Included with drill/driver: one-hour charger, two 14.4-volt compact batteries, and heavy-duty kit bo
4.38 inches
12.63 inches
14.5 inches
9.8 pounds
Package Height
4.3 inches
Package Width
12.5 inches
Package Length
14.4 inches
Package Weight
8.95 pounds

DeWalt DW966K-2 reviews

replacing stolen drill
I generally like the drill for getting into tight spaces. One draw back is the reversing switch is in a very awkward place. When I'm in a tight space and need to reverse direction on the drill I end up removing the entire drill to activate the reverse switch.
14.4 right angle drill, very handy and wished I would have bought many years ago
I highly recommend this drill, it is a great product.
great balance
this drill has a good balance of being lighter than the 18v and powerful enough, to do about as well as the 18v.
DeWalt Right Angle Drill
I have a custom cabinet shop, and I use the right angle drill for tight spaces while building and assembling the cabinet boxes. I can't say enough about the drill. It is fantastic.
Just my 2 cents - not as impressed as with my other DeWalt tools.
First off, I have to say that I own several DeWalt tools and LOVE them! I'm not a pro - I use mine for working around the house and general personal construction projects.
I wanted to get a right-angle drill for getting into hard-to-reach and confined areas (between joists, into corners, back of cabinets, etc.). I figured this would be a great drill to use.
When I received the drill I was disappointed. Granted, these are just my own opinions - but, hey, they're all I have to go on, right?
The drill came right out of the box dirty...not a good first impression. My first thought was that they had sent me a refurbished drill...but after closer inspection I figured it was new, just dirty. It also looked like it had been used (slight scuffing on the chuck and surrounding area).
Also, the drill was way bigger and heavier than I expected. I was suprised by how large it was...but that's probably my fault (I probably could've figured that out by doing more research first). It felt heavier than my full-size 18 volt Craftsman cordless drill. It also didn't fit my hand very well...I found it difficult to apply a good amount of pressure onto the drill bit and work the trigger at the same time with one hand.
In the end I sent it back and purchased the Milwaukee 0375-6 3.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Close Quarter Drill. Granted the milwaukee drill is corded, but it is REALLY nice - Very smooth - Easy to control the variable speed. So I now only have the frustration of dealing with a cord and a keyed chuck...but the drill fits my hand nice and feels easier to use.
Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents on the DeWalt right-angle drill.
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