DeWalt DW960K-2 Heavy-Duty 3/8-Inch 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit

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DEWALT DW960K-2 Heavy-Duty 3/8-Inch 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Right Angle Drill

DeWalt DW960K-2 description

If you own a drill/driver, sooner rather than later you'll find the need for a right angle drill/driver. And once you've used the Dewalt DW960K-2, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one. Using an ordinary drill/driver set at a crazy angle or with a flexible drive shaft or a right angle attachment, you know there is not enough torque to meet most needs. The DW960-K delivers 310 in./lbs. of torque with an easily switched variable speed reversing control that removes a stuck bit in a hurry. It also removes screws, bolts, or nuts in seemingly inaccessible places in a snap. Add to this the convenience of a cordless tool that can be incorporated into any of Dewalt's 18-volt Cordless Tool System. Ideal for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, mechanics, cable installers, remodeling contractors, flooring contractors, masonry and concrete contractors, and more. -- C. Dwight Barnett  

DeWalt DW960K-2 specifications

Right-Angle Drills
Cordless Kit
Low-speed mode delivers 0 to 500 RPM for 310 in./lbs. of torque
High-speed mode delivers 0 to 1,500 PRM for 80 in./lbs. of torque
Unique design and multi-grip trig offer extreme versatility in tight or awkward spaces
3/8-inch chuck is compatible with a wide range of bits for ease of use
Includes one-hour charger, two 18-volt batteries, screwdriver bit, kit box, and 3-year limited warra
12.88 inches
5 inches
18.25 inches
14.25 pounds
Package Height
3.86 inches
Package Width
12.68 inches
Package Length
18.03 inches
Package Weight
11.45 pounds

DeWalt DW960K-2 reviews

Purchased item to use in tight spaces where a standard drill would not go. It works perfect. Highly recommend if you find yourself facing similar problems.
Good to go.
Drives well in tight spaces. Great to get two batteries. Haven't challenged it's power yet. My other 18V Dewalt drill has not disappionted me. The forward and reverse switch is very small and a pain to use for big hands.
Dewalt DW960K-2 Review
This drill was purchased to help in tight areas of cabinet constuction and repair. It has been used numerous times and has proven to be a worthwhile tool. It is easy to use, and reached all but the hardest to reach places. It has ample power and I would reccomend it to anyone who is considering adding a right angle drill to their inventory.
Why is it that everyone that buys a defective tool must write a negitive review? Just pack it up and send it back! You have no more idea what kind of drill you have than a person that has never purchased one.

As far as durability, any tool can be damaged by dropping it. Don't blame the tool.
This tool is very ergonomic. My hands are small and it works great for me.

The low center of gravity makes it very steady while sitting on the battery base; much more so than a regular drill which is nose heavy.
Unlike a convential drill, the trigger is over three inches long, and very easy to activate with any part of you hand.

By grasping the drill just above the base and placing the heel of your hand on the back of the head, you can apply pressure to insure fast and firm application of any bit or driver you choose to use.

The other thing I like about this tool is that it is easy to carry on a belt and fits into ANY tool bag or box that I want to use. The convential drill never sits well in my tool bag and it is hard to find a carrier that feels good to me.
I wrapped a velcro strap around the base of the drill and attached a carabiner to the strap and I can hook it to a belt, a belt loop, or even a button hole of my old bid overalls.
The fact that it is easy to use in tight places is only one of the many reasons that I love this tool.
If you think that it is too expensive, rent one first and see for yourself how great it is to operate.
After a month of using my angle drill, I put my regular drill on the shelf.
Good drill
The drill has a lot of power and works really well in tight spaces. The handle get a little hot when working for a long time, but other than that it works great.
Batteries not as pictured
Buyers beware! The picture of this item shows 2 XRP batteries are included. This item DOES NOT come with XRP batteries - they are the old, standard batteries. If you don't mind the old batteries (40% less power/time), then order this drill. The drill itself performs very well despite the battery confusion.

I called Amazon Tech Support (in India) and was told they would investigate the situation and send me an email with a solution. I waited a week and called them again. The rep looked through the notes and said it had been determined that if I reordered the same item, it would still come with the standard batteries. HOWEVER, after speaking with a supervisor, the tech said they would make a special exception for me. They told me to order the 2-pack of XRP batteries separately, and I would be refunded for the amount of that purchase. Not only that, but I could keep the original batteries that came with the drill. I gave the tech the exact item number of the batteries I was going to order, and he supposedly put it in the notes. I'll believe the refund when it happens, but I did order the batteries and am waiting to see what happens.

An interesting thing happened when I ordered the batteries: the item said free Super Saver Shipping; however, when I checked out it insisted that the cheapest shipping was going to be $26.95 (2nd Day Air to Hawaii). I emailed an inquiry regarding this and was told that things like Tools, Garden Supplies, etc. were not eligible for free shipping to Hawaii. OK, but the original drill and battery combo was, in fact, sent free with Super Saver Shipping. Go figure...

UPDATE: March 31, 2009
I received the XRP batteries that I was told to order and was charged for them plus shipping. I called Amazon again and spoke to someone who sounded like he was actually in the U.S.. After explaining the situation to him, he said I should not have been charged for the new batteries and that he would credit that amount immediately. He also said he would send over a confirming email within 10 minutes. Well, that was 5 days ago and there was no confirming email and no refund to my credit card.

I called again (India, this time) and was told this time that there was no record of any refund being given; however, if I could return the original batteries that came with the drill, they would refund me the entire amount of the drill. Rather than arguing with the rep and confusing things even more, I said OK, and she sent me an RMA and mailing label. I will now return the original batteries and wait to see what happens. I don't have high hopes of anything happening, so I'm calling my credit card company to put a hold on those charges until this all gets settled. What an incredible mess!

UPDATE: April 16, 2009
No refund has shown up on my credit card statement for the batteries. I also had to return two other items that were not what I ordered - clearly their mistake - and I have not received a refund for those either. I put a hold on all credit card payments I made to Amazon for these products until this gets straightened out. These are the first items I ever returned to, and I'm beginning to think their returns department is totally incompetent.
Item pictured is not what you get!
I have many Dewalt tools including several cordless drills and saws. Dewalt has always been a quality name and provides an excellent battery in the 18 Volt series. The right angle drill pictured shows the 18 volt XRP batteries. I ordered this item on two different occasions. The first time the order was sent with two of the lower quality DC9099 18-Volt batteries. I spoke to a representitive from Amazon and another unit was sent that day which was to include the XRP batteries. When the second drill arrived I opened it to find the same thing, the wrong batteries. For some reason the item pictured and the item sent are different. I will say that Amazon gave me a full refund for the purchase but as a business owner I planned on putting this unit in service immediately. Unfortunently I wasted about three weeks (both orders) and still never received the correct drill/battery kit. It is a shame I was really looking forward to using this on a current kitchen cabinet installation project.
Excellent idea/ poor execution
I'm a contractor, so I use my tools all the time and rely on them. Most of my hand tools are Bosch, but they don't have a full size right angle cordless drill, so I purchased the Dewalt. The Dewalt is inferior to Bosch in so many ways. First, the reverse switch is too small and hidden. It's difficult to switch when you're under a cabinet or in a tight space and try with just one hand. Secondly, the chuck is difficult to tighten and again requires two hands. Try a Bosch chuck, and you'll instantly know why the Dewalt chuck is worthless. Third, if it falls, the battery typicall falls out. Hey, no one wants to drop their tools, but it happens. When it does, I just want to pick it up, not reassemble it. So, in a nut shell, I haven't been impressed and only use this when it's absolutely necessary for the space. I'll be selling it soon as I'm getting the new Bosch Lithium drivers. They work great for the occasional tight space with none of the draw backs listed above.
not very heavy duty
This tool never even made it onto the jobsite. Just testing in the workshop proved too much! The chuck spun out of round, and the motor was taxed and stripped trying to run a 3/4 auger. Even a large Irwin speedbore proved too much. I am O.K with a drill not being able to spin a bit-I will back off and try a smaller size. But this tool just seems to strip the gears way too easily. I tried 2 of these, figuring I might have gotten a lemon, but 2 lemons? The gears sound like they are cheaper quality. I think next time I will look at the small Makita corded or perhaps the Hitachi corded or cordless.
Usually ships in 24 hours

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