DeWalt DW849 12 Amp 7/9-Inch Right Angle Polisher with Electronic Variable Speed

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DEWALT DW849 8.0 Amp 7-Inch/9-Inch Electronic Variable Speed Right Angle Polisher

DeWalt DW849 description

The heavy duty DEWALT DW849 12 amp 7/9 inch right angle polisher performs smoothly and consistently with heat-treated, precision-cut gears and powerful all ball bearing motor. It has a conveniently located variable speed dial which allows the user to set the maximum speed from 1,000 to 3,000 for different materials and full power load support with the electronic module. Easy to service with external brush caps, the DW849 also includes rubber backing pad, nut, side handle, and a one year warranty.  

DeWalt DW849 specifications

Right-Angle Drills
4.9 inches
8.3 inches
19.5 inches
9.85 pounds
Package Height
5 inches
Package Width
8.4 inches
Package Length
19.4 inches
Package Weight
8.8 pounds

DeWalt DW849 reviews

Not what the picture shows
When I seen this add for the sander/grinder with a bag and gloves, I thought what a good deal,BUT after receiving the sander/grinder" thats all I received"!!! If your going to sell something that says promo with other things in the picture,then It should state what your buying!!!!

I'm very displeased!!!!!
Extremely Pleased
I read a lot of customer reviews before selecting this polisher. We used it for our boat. It worked very well, especially with the 3M SuperBuff pads. We are extremely pleased.
Excellent quality
Excellent quality! I used it for buffing out our yacht. Alot of other DIY-ers at our boatyard have complained about the motors burning out on other models they have used. They were most impressed with the DeWalt! It is also lightweight enough to be able to buff for hours (and trust me, we did!)
Dewalt 849 buffer
This is the Sixth Dewalt 849 that I have bought for my detail business, they last forever with very few problems. our oldest one is over 15 yrs old
Dewalt DW849 & Pro Beauty Products
I ordered my Dewalt DW849 high speed polisher from Amazon for only $163 w free shipping - WAY LOWER than all competitors on the net! It's solid & built to last, is variable speed fm 1000-3000 rpm, and works great. Some don't care for the weight but you get used to it -- it doesn't weigh a ton. In my opinion if you are looking for a high speed polisher this is the purchase to make -- it's a proven tool from a respected manufacturer that's been around for years. It's a no-brainer.

I use Pro Car Beauty Products purchased @ a local shop or the net & the products work great. I use the foam waffle pads, #1 Polish, & Cherry Finishing Wax from Pro on most cars & you can't argue with the results. For beginners I would recommend keeping the rpm at 1000 & remember to keep the buffer moving & you should have no problems. And yes, I do use the buffer to wax my cars because Pro's products are great & I'm experienced with the Dewalt. I've read some reviews recommending not to do this but I haven't had any problems or complaints.
easy to handle
I bought this buffer on a recommendation from a detail products distributer. I had no idea which kind to buy for my needs and I must say I'm very pleased with it. I have used it on my boat, and will soon use it on my vehicle. The speed control is easy to adjust and the weight is not heavy at all.
Great for your automotive detailing
I used this product when I was doing automobile detailing for a paintless dent repair company. I have found it to be very reliable and love the variable speed adjust. As per other DeWalt products I've owned, it's very well made and can handle some abuse. Years later I bought one of my own after I left the company.

This is a powerful tool and can get away from someone not used to using it. Also it is a little hefty and will wear on your arms after extended use. I happen to like the weight as it seems to give me a little more control than one that is lightweight and just feels better in my hands.
ive just started painting and old chevelle base coat clear coatlaquer a little wet sanding and this buffer made it look like glass no orange peel whatso ever . minimal swirl marks a $29.95 orbital buffer took them out in one pass.
The Real Deal
This is a great professional grade buffer like the ones we used in autobody school. Plus quick shipping from a reputable dealer. I shopped around a lot and couldn't beat this price. Absolutely satisfied.
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