DeWalt DW331K Heavy-Duty 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig Saw

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DEWALT DW331K Heavy-Duty 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig Saw

DeWalt DW331K description

Powerful 6.5 Amp motor delivers the cutting power for the most demanding materials. Variable strokes per minute delivers optimal cutting speed for all applications. Blade replacement is fast and easy. 1-year limited warranty Cordless: No, Amps: 6.5, Volts: N/A, Strokes Per Minute (SPM): 500-3,100, Total Orbital Settings: 4, Bevel Cuts: Yes, up to 45deg left or right, Variable Speed: Yes, Trigger Lock: Yes, Dust Blower: Yes, Blade Included: Yes, Battery Included: N/A, Case Included: Yes  

DeWalt DW331K specifications

Jig Saws
Heavy-duty top-handle jigsaw with a powerful 6.5 Amp motor and variable cutting speed of 500 to 3100
Rubberized handle and counterbalance mechanism reduce vibration and lessen user fatigue
Non-marring shoe cover protects surfaces from scratches
Lever-action keyless blade change system makes it easy to quickly change out blades
Includes set of t-shank blades and a heavy-duty kit box
Black, Silver, & Yellow
4.5 inches
14.5 inches
13.5 inches
10 pounds
Package Height
4.6 inches
Package Width
13.3 inches
Package Length
14.2 inches
Package Weight
9.8 pounds

DeWalt DW331K reviews

This tool is for professionals ONLY
I have used many different jig saws and the DW331 is far the best. Reading the reviews of some of the users claiming the blade falls out. I have never once had the blade fall out. I have cut steel, wood, and plastic and the saw just keeps going. I would have to say, it has to be user error, in order words, your too stupid to own this tool and you should return it and explain to the cashier that you are too stupid to operate this tool
What a machine!!
I'm a supervisor in a furniture factory and when this product came to the workshop everyone got amazed, DeWalt tools has been the best quality choice on our factory and the DW331K was no exception, the people call it "The Monster"
Top Notch Saw - Read the Manual!
Just got the DW331K to cut trim for arched doorways. It is an excellent saw. So accurate it seems that I just have to eyeball the line and the saw follows. Feel and balance are perfect. Speed control is very stable and the dust blower is invaluable. The negative reviews below are likely from not using the specified t-blades, not inserting them properly and/or, not using the shoe bevel mechanism properly. As J. Eklund worte in the review below - the bevel shoe locks firmly in/out of detents by sliding it when the lever has been released.
Great Saw
I've had this product about 9 mos, its a great saw and I would recommend it to any serious woodworker. I especially like the way the blades fit into and out of the saw, good design. Plenty of power to do any job, well made construction.
Almost Perfect Jig Saw
My previous Dewalt Jig Saw was stolen so I had to get another... this DW331K is the same power as my prior one, but a different design. I loved my last one so was looking for a direct replacement. However, my last one isn't made (that I could find) anymore, so this one's the most direct replacement I could find. It's far easier to replace the blades than my last one, & easier to adjust angles (though the last one used a lever method for loosening/tightening the plate's angle as well). It's also more efficient in pulling thru the work with blade canted (at angle), with easier blade canting angle adjustment.

I've also had to use the blind cut or whatever it's called (dagger mode as I refer to it) to start thru a piece with no prior hole or place to start the cut. It works like a charm... so much so that I was in actual cutting position before I realized it --- i.e. blade was thru the piece and ready to start the straight cut... no gouges in the surface where I started the blind cut.

The only thing I don't love about it is that the flush cut requires a special blade since the plate doesn't move far enough to rear to get the blade flush with the front face of the saw's body. It comes with the flush cut blade, so I haven't had to go find one yet, but when I do I'll have to hunt on where to find it, and I'm sure pay more than for a normal blade!!!

Other than this shortcoming it's flawless and ease of use, power, control, balance (balance is exceptional) are as perfect as I could ask for.... of course, these things seem to always improve from one generation of tool to the next --- thank goodness for a little competition among tool mfg'ers, huh? An added little plus convenience is that the case holds the saw and it's blades, accessory shoe easily... no fighting to get it into case with the cord, etc.... just a little pet pieve of mine with mfg'ers that make the case fit "perfectly" but don't allow for the casual human being's lack of being "perfect". I don't rank tools by their case so this is just a bonus without tool value add in my opinion.... not something I'm ranking the tool on however.

If it hadn't have been for the special flush cut blade I'd have given this tool a perfect '5' or more.
Another one with blade retention issues
I bought a 331 a couple weeks ago and it worked great for awhile until it started spitting blades while cutting laminate flooring. No matter how I re-installed the blade they still came out. I exchanged it for another 331 thinking it was a defective unit and didn't get 1/4 of an inch cut using the new one and it too spit the blade.
I couldn't believe I was so "stupid" that I couldn't install the blades properly so I called Lowes and the local DeWalt repair center and neither had an answer to the problem. I was using DeWalt blades and tried B+D blades as well with the same result.
It seems no matter how deeply you seat the blade it will pop out even cutting something as low stress as laminate flooring.
I am no dummy and have worked with power tools my entire life as well as having a mechanical engineering background. Looks like the second unit gets returned and I'll have to switch tool colors.
Save your money, buy a Bosch
I'm on my third blade retention clamp now. Dewalt Customer service was no help; the local Dewalt Authorized Repair center told me I should have bought a Bosch!!! I'll never own another "tool-less" blade holder type again!
A great little jigsaw
A great little saw, and does everthing well and easily. But, like most DeWalt products, it's pricey.
Usually ships in 6-10 business days

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