DeWalt DW257 Heavy-Duty 6.2 Amp Deck/Drywall Screwdriver

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DEWALT DW257 Heavy-Duty 6.2 Amp Deck/Drywall Screwdriver

DeWalt DW257 description

DEWALT deck/drywall screwdriver features a powerful motor and enough torque for a number of heavy-duty industrial applications. Superior ergonomics provide greater user comfort, and durable construction makes the tool work harder and last longer. Ideal for deck building with pressure-treated lumber, steel stud framing up to 14 gauge, fastening drywall to wood or metal studs and driving screws up to 3in. long. Cordless: No, Rated RPM: 0 - 2,500, Torque (in./lbs.): 132, Amps: 6.2, Screw Length (in.): 3, Belt Clip Included: Yes  

DeWalt DW257 specifications

Screw Guns
3.19 inches
12.25 inches
10.19 inches
4.15 pounds
Package Height
2.8 inches
Package Width
10.1 inches
Package Length
12.3 inches
Package Weight
4.45 pounds

DeWalt DW257 reviews

Great tool!
helpful for 9 of 9 people
I purchased the DW257 about a month ago and layed the boots to it immediatley. I intalled a new sub-floor on the already existing 3/4 inch floor. I used 3" floor screws to go into the house floor joists. Worked beautifully, the screws zipped right in. The depth adjuster worked great.

I have alot of drywalling to do as well. I have been using it for the drywall that I am now doing (waited to write this review untill I used it on drywall). Again, the screws zip right in, the depth adjustedment makes this tool dummy proof.

I have read a couple of the reviews above. You certainly have to learn how to hold and balance the tool in your hand for clean fastening (like any other tool). Once you do that... this tool is it!!

good torque but otherwise.......
helpful for 7 of 9 people
I went out and got this for a deck I was putting up. After owning the DeWalt DW 257 for 24 hours and using it to screw down 5/8 pressure treated deck boards to 2X12 joists the thing wrung itself completely in half. Immagine the look on the clerks face when I returned the gear/ clutch assembly in one hand and the body in the other. Needless to say I got a refund and bought something else. While I love my DeWalt framing nailer and a DeWalt/ Emglo compressor I'm now leary of buying yellow....
Don't get this unit
rather get the DW272. I don't know if it was an isolated instance, but I couldn't keep the nose assembly tight. I believe the threads were stripped, and it wouldn't stay tight.

The DW272 has not had the same problem. When I purchased it, my instinct said "plastic isn't durable and it looks like it could be weak at the nose", and well in this case it proved to be true.

I certianly wouldn't rate the DeWalt tools based on the quality of this drill/driver...they make better products, I own many...and will continue to buy them.
Almost good enough....
Bought the DeWalt as an "extra" to help speed up some home decking projects.

This unit has more power than my old, more sturdy Milwaukee, but is probably worse at keeping a consistent depth. You do, of course, get the hang of it and you can work "by feel" to get pretty good results if you just take the adjustable collar off the gun for important flush work.

A bigger problem is that the magnetic bit holder seems too weak for the work. The bit gets twisted into the holder and you can't get it out. When that happens, you just have to buy a $5.00 replacement holder and go on.

I would think this was a problem with the bits themselves, but it has never happened with the other gun and it occurs with or without the depth collar in use and working with the same materials on the same projects.

Perhaps it has something to do with the tolerances being to tight for the DeWalt holder? Whatever the cause, it's the time-consuming trips back to the store for the parts that are the real killer in using the DeWalt.

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